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Combat Armor

Characters can wear armor which uses no more than their Strength/5 (round up) in space. Each point of armor removes one die (lowest to highest) from an attacking damage roll. Toughness subtracts from damage.

Combat Armor provides one Armor and uses one slot.

Covert Armor provides one Armor, does not protect the head, looks like normal clothing, and uses one slot. It cannot be enhanced with options.

Armor can be enhanced with the following equipment, each one causing the armor to use one additional slot: Auto-Chems, Combat Reality Display, Enhanced Armor, Hyperspectral Imaging, Optical/Acoustic Camouflage, Paratrooper Kit, and Stealth Surface. All options besides Auto-Chems, Enhanced Armor, and Paratrooper Kit require power to operate.

Power Armor

Light (medium-sized) power armor provides three extra slots and adds d6 damage to unarmed attacks.

Heavy (large-sized) power armor provides six extra slots and adds d8,d4 to unarmed attacks. Heavy Power Armor cannot use human-scale equipment like vehicle controls and takes up 3 passenger spaces in a vehicle.

Power armor is of limited availability and is only available to characters with major corporate backing. Unless otherwise noted, power armor has 72 hours of active power. Armor can be placed in a low-power state when the user is motionless, such as when resting, which uses one-quarter power. Coming out of the low-power state requires a full round of combat. Armor requires a dedicated facility to put on or recharge. Armor power storage is decentralized and requires three hours to recharge, during which the suit must be in the low-power state. Armor can be removed in 5-10 minutes using tools if necessary. Changing a weapon mount requires 5-10 minutes and specialized tools.


Power Armor Equipment
Name Description
Auto-Chems Add 2 to rolls to recover from being Shaken and to Soak rolls.
Combat Reality Display Add 2 to Notice rolls and 1 to the bonus for aiming. You are immune to visual and auditory overloading, as from flash-bangs and similar effects.
Distributed Storage Add 4 space to carrying capacity.
Dog Legs* Increase Pace by 2 and add 2 to Athletics checks to run and jump.
Enhanced Armor* Increase Armor and Toughness by 1.
Fully Isolated An independent breathing system, airtight construction, and a self-sealing undersuit make the wearer impervious to gaseous attacks and make the suit capable of operating below water, at significant depths, and in the vacuum of outer space.
Fusion Battery The battery can discharge once, recharging the suit fully, requiring the normal recharge time.
Hyperspectral Imaging See in the dark, through thin walls (<10T), detect heat signatures, and otherwise gain additional visual information.
Increased Trait Increase 1 trait by 1 die type. If used for increasing Strength or Vigor, does not increase the wearer's ability to wear armor with a higher Armor or Toughness.
Jump Jets* Double the height and distance of all jumps, and halve falling distance when calculating damage from a fall.
Motion Accelerators Add 1 to Fighting rolls and 1 to Parry.
Optical/Acoustic Camouflage* Add 4 to Stealth rolls against targets using visible-light or auditory sensing.
Paratrooper Kit* Allows for safe parachuting and base jumping. Provides a +2 to relevant Athletics checks as compared to a conventional parachute on a non-power-armored individual.
Smartlink Add 1 to Shooting rolls.
Stealth Surface* Add 4 to Stealth rolls against targets using non-visible EM sensors such as radar.
Weapon Mount Mounts specialized versions of any one long-barreled Heavy Weapon or two short-barreled Heavy Weapons.

* Takes up two spots in heavy power armor.