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Celestia “Memphis” Loris

Part of an Atlanta-area shadowrunner group that gave the runners their first job together. The team's rigger.

Chloe “Tricky” Dale

Part of an Atlanta-area shadowrunner group that gave the runners their first job together. The team’s decker, a waifish teenager.

Hayley “Musk” Giovanni

Part of an Atlanta-area shadowrunner group that gave the runners their first job together. A deer shaman, dressed in leather, human.

Hezekiah “Blaze” Blaise

Part of an Atlanta-area shadowrunner group that gave the runners their first job together. A pyrokinetic flame shaman, flame tattoo on face, flowing top and bottoms decorated with flames, human.

Natalia “Kane” Mauricio

Part of an Atlanta-area shadowrunner group that gave the runners their first job together. A cyber-axe street samurai, troll.

Astral Space

Mauren the Caretaker

A Tanid, a turtle-like metahuman type that has not expressed itself in the Sixth World, Mauren is the Caretaker of the Dragon Enclave, a self-contained astral space housing the astral forms of dragons and draconic memory stones awaiting their awakening. She took full control of the enclave following the defeat of the Frog Sorcerer by the runners in response to his attempt to prematurely merge the enclave into the material metaplane.


Northern Crescent


A great dragon operating out of the Mount Shasta spiritual retreat. Has made contact with Maniac and encouraged him to reach out if he can be of assistance to her.

Teena Turner

Head of an elf go-gang The Ravens with associations with Tír Tairngire and the Harvest Home elf settlement.


Buglands (CZ)

Genevieve Wong

Deceased, an elf summoner and pharma researcher experimenting with horror-inspired time travel.

Paul and Ernetta McFarlane

Pod people. He's a meat cutter. She's a special ed teacher.

Frankie Quick

Pod person, ritualist, black, female, late 40s/early 50s.

Tony and Jo Davila

Pod people.

Truman Shank

An early-30s orc scavenger.

Ward Brown

A teenage orc adventurer trained by Gregory Armtwister.

Ghoul Enclave (CZ)

Aaron Moore

Guardian acolyte to William Lamothe and voluntary convert to ghouldom.

Dennis Barge

Building leader of the Holiday Inn Express, it's former manager. In his early 50s, balding, large guy, friendly, troll.

Jerry B. Berry

A mid-ranking ghoul guardian with dominion over the Holiday Inn Express.

John Weeks

A low-ranking ghoul guardian patrolling undesirable territory. Guardian for Protacio Corcoran's former packmembers.

Melinda Hinman

One of the founding trinity of the ghoul enclave, focused on the internal politics of the ghoul enclave.

Robin Hughes

One of the founding trinity of the ghoul enclave, a popular figure who works to inspire and recruit human members of the community.

Sara Shrewsbury

A dissatisfied occupant of the Holiday Inn Express. Her daughter Lidia was killed by an insect spirit, and she's concerned that her son Barton, 16, may join the ghouls.

Thresa Beckman

Melinda's scribe. Taken from the ghoul enclave with the shadowrunners.

Viola Smith

A practical, hard-working member of the Holiday Inn Express community. Mid 40s.

William Lamothe

One of the founding trinity of the ghoul enclave, focused on the exploration of their transformation into ghouls and the training and expansion of his pack. The first to discover the guardian relationship. Last seen attempting a coup over Melinda and Robin.

Harris Building Neighborhood (CZ)

Eddie Mata

A network engineer at Truman Technologies, dating Nancy Cisno, with whom he periodically shares gossip.

Elbert Bratch

Head of the anarcho-capitalist Harris Building Commune.

Greasy Gail

A network engineer with the Chrome Traders gang.

John Rikard

A guy on the street who gave Saturn static about just being in the Zone to make money.

Josie West

Leader of the Chrome Traders. Rarely leaves the Chrome Hut.

Maggie Walls

Leader of the Chicago Free Matrix network group.

Nancy Cisno

A data clerk-turned-seamstress living in the Kessel building, dating Eddie Mata of Truman Technologies. A bit of a gossip.

Pat Sayre

An elder in the Harris Building, he helped the runners find a temporary home there.


A fighter in the Harris building, under Elbert Bratch.

Theda Miller

Scout leader with a Green 4800 inspired group of sewer-dwelling children.

Lakeside (CZ)

Dr. Caleb Hollowell (Illusion)

Managing Therapist of the Lakeshore Center for Behavioral Health. Well dressed, well mannered, and well liked by his staff, the doctor has kept the Center running through extraordinarily difficult times.

Kathy Griffith

Personal assistant to Kory Leo, and part-time co-manager of the Omni Lakeview Hotel.

Kory Leo

An independent financier residing in a life-support tank in the Chief Executive Suite of the Omni Lakeview Hotel.

Layla Cole (Illusion)

Receptionist at the Lakeshore Center for Behavioral Health.

Sartin Marino

Leader of the Chi-Town Go Boys, who're showing a new enthusiasm in their stewardship of the Omni Lakeview Hotel, with the help of Kathy Griffin.

University Area (CZ)

Cody Anderson

Street illusionist that sold Urni scam shrinking lessons.

Savage Anna

A decker the gang met at the Pink Pit Tavern.

Outside the Wall


A Chicago street dealer near the warehouse district, he helped the runners track down the warehouse that Hawe would be using for their deal.


A Chicago-area drug manufacturer and wanna-be distributor.


Hawe's bodyguard, a well-dressed combat juicer in Chicago.

Red Sonja

A Chicago-area black market smuggler and distributor.


Brent Fuller

A troubleshooter with DocWagon Denver.

Dean Costello

A decker for the Casquilho family.


Operates Duke's, the premier independent body shop in Denver.

Lin Yao

Deceased. Former ranking member of the White Lotus Tried and manager of Klub Karma. Executed by one of her senior enforcers after her failure to secure the Dragon Stone in a successful attempt to save his own life.

Omar Chavez

Sottocapo for the Chavez Mafia family in Denver, reporting directly to the head of the Chavez family in Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Matty Zorn

Bartender at the Five By Five, a literally-underground smuggler bar.

Micheal J. Rosenberry

An internal affairs investigator with DocWagon Denver.

Zhang Wong

A talismonger operating Mystic Curiosities out of the international district of Denver's CAS Sector.

New York City

Randall Thurston III

An old school chum of Nine's, an investment adviser at Goldman Chase. Randall advised Urni that her miniaturization ray development idea was an absurd pipe dream.


Duke Ra Phanuel

Tir Tairngire royalty with significant investments in the Redmond Barrens. His condo in Touristville was robbed by the runners.


Awakened Animals

Tawny the Talis Cat

A talis cat in the Glow City area.

Business Contacts

Janus Koskey

The proprietor of Crusher 495 and a Barrens-area fixer.

Jerry Stout

A member of the Wizards of the Coast hermetic circle on an organic farm in Snohomish, an important contact for Mac.

Ryan Schwartz

A hermetic scholar, albeit one without any actual magical ability, who does side business in magical advising out of a Seattle downtown antiquities import/export business. An insufferable japanophile.

“Shaky” Sheila

A Barrens cyberdoc with a flaky cyberarm controller.


The Piper

A creature escaped from another metaplane that controls the minds of others with its song.

Friends and Family

The Duke of Muscles

A monument to the power of a natural physique and Maniac's nemesis in the Redmond Barrens.


Nine's boyfriend, an ork. Lives with Reggie the Cyberdog in Redmond.

Reggie the Cyberdog

Urni took Reggie from another resident of Ape House. Reggie has been cybernetically enhanced for combat, whether as a guard dog or for cyberanimal fighting is unknown. Reggie is currently living with Mickey.

"Stinky" Joe

A street person in the Redmond Barrens, Urni's friend, rumored to be infected with a relatively mild variant of the HMMV virus.


"Big Sack" Johnson

A Crimson Blazer and fan of the Seattle Screamers.

Gary the Ork

Nine hired Gary to watch the door during a drug deal in Redmond, but he bolted without a word when some gangers crashed the exchange.


A Brain Eater specializing in intrusion software. A regular contact for the runners, whether in the Sprawl or the Matrix.


A Brain Eater specializing in live decking and data extraction. Maniac's contact for building profiles for people of interest.

Humanis Policlub

Harold Falk

A Bellevue minister, running a Humanis Policlub chapter out of his church. Late 40s, slightly greying hair.

Karl Brackhaven

Head of the Seattle chapter of the Humanis Policlub. Uncle of Kenneth Brackhaven, 7th president of the UCAS.

Lone Star

Hampton Lee

A young patrolman with the Sprawl Lone Star bay patrol, formerly working a foot post in the Redmond Barrens. Connected to Humanis Policlub.

Irene Turnbull

The lieutenant of the Seattle Lone Star Crime Suppression Division, with a suspected connection to Humanis Policlub. A powerfully-built woman in her thirties, and a heavy drinker.

John Mendoza

Now deceased, a former Lone Star Corporal overseeing deployments in Redmond.

Kenneth Ferber

Now deceased, a former Lone Star Corporal overseeing deployments in Puyallup.

Rochus Braun

The captain of the Seattle Lone Star Crime Suppression Division. Short and pudgy.

Talia Kingston

Spokesperson for Lone Star SSAR (the Sprawl).


Georgia Davis

A graduate student in Thaumaturgy at the University of Washington, Georgia was rescued by the runners from a research base in Puyallup overtaken by a creature from another metaplane.

Zachary Conklin

The receptionist at the Bellevue art and antiquity showroom Gallery S. Outfitted with a data filter.

The Plastic Jungle

Annabella Linley

Runs the Plastic Jungle water plant. A recent graduate of UC Berkeley in environmental science.

Grady the Troll

A lethargic troll in the Plastic Jungle, serving on the citizens' board for its trust.

Isabella Palazzo

Mama Palazzo's daughter, who helped the runners find her son Rich.

Karl the Monkey

An awakened monkey living in the Plastic Jungle. Dresses in flannel, carries a pistol at all times.

"Mama" Palazzo

A bucolic dwarf in the Plastic Jungle.

Rich Palazzo

Mama Palazzo's son, rescued from some wendigos in the Plastic Jungle by the runners.


Ivar J. Lindstrom

Governor of the Seattle Special Administrative Region.

Jeffrey Gasston

Mayor of Redmond, an independent. Young, inexperienced, and largely ineffective.


Amos "Mac" McAllister

A Scottish distiller turned assassin turned shadowrunner, now living in the Redmond Barrens.


A rigger shadowrunner, formerly of the Salish-Shidhe Council, now living in the Redmond Barrens with Nine.

Michael "Nine" Stanwick

Son of prominent (State Needed) Senator (First Name Needed) Stanwick, Nine is a part-time shadowrunner, part-time chem manufacturer, full-time anarchist.

aka Louis Thumble

Saturn "Urni"

A physical adept with an innate connection to animals, Urni has raised herself from a life on the streets to being a notable Sprawl shadowrunner.

aka Henrietta Klein

Zach "Maniac" McGee

An ex-urban brawler turned street shaman shadowrunner in the Redmond Barrens.

aka Joe Cock



Probably not her real name. Tricked Nine into providing explosives used to assassinate Dunkelzahn. Discovered an attempt to kidnap her from the Berlin UltraMedical, though not the party responsible. Has gone into hiding, location unknown.

Jesus Wheems

International pop star singer-songwriter last seen touring the Native American Nations for inspiration for her songwriting.

Washington, FDC


Deceased, a great dragon, one-time leading independent candidate for President of the UCAS. Blue and silver.

Kara Sullivan

A senior administrator with the Draco Foundation that hired the runners to deliver communications equipment to appropriate parties within the Chicago Containment Zone.

Kenneth Brackhaven

7th president of the UCAS. Nephew of Karl Brackhaven.

Nadja Daviar

Personal assistant, interpreter, and general companion to the great dragon Dunkelzahn. Now head of the Draco Foundation and executor of Dunkelzahn's estate. Elf.