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Shadowrunner Masks

Covers and protects the face. Assumed for PCs. Assumed in Tactical Combat.

Type Cost Availability Description Game Benefit
Voice Mask 100¥ Restricted Noticeably distorts the pitch and timbre of the user's voice so as to make it unrecognizable. -
Encrypted Wireless Audio 500¥ Always Unbreakable mid-range (hundreds of meters) encrypted audio communication between preconfigured masks. -
Cellular Uplink 1,000¥ Always Encrypted audio over a cellular connection. Cellular service may not always be available or covert. -
Long-Range Audio 1,000¥ Always Range is extended to a 20 km -
Subvocal Mic 100¥ Restricted Allows the wearer to record speech subvocally, making them almost impossible to hear. -
Stun Suppression 5,000¥ Always Eye and ear filters protect against police/military stun grenades. Immune to stun grenades.
Enhanced Hearing 10,000¥ Restricted An integrated microphone system, allowing the detection of sounds at extreme ranges while blocking out other noise. Solid objects block reception, as well as loud noises outside the line of eavesdropping. -
Low-light Sensors 10,000¥ Restricted Light amplification and thermographic imaging. Cannot be used for spellcasting. Avoids Disadvantage for seeing in all but pitch-black conditions.
Telescoping Optics 10,000¥ Restricted Adjustable zoom telescopic vision. Gain "Telescopic Vision" skill.



Characters are assumed to start the game with weapons appropriate to their skills and combat build. Characters can buy special weapons that have advantages (e.g., narrative benefits, mechanical benefits, combat benefits) and/or flaws.

Type Cost Availability Description Game Benefit
Ares Predator 30,000¥ Controlled The premier heavy pistol. A menacing weapon popular among mercenaries and corporate security. Price includes two-week reflex-implantation training. Gain the Tactical Combat Power "Last Stand".
Last Stand Encounter / Reaction Ranged 10 As Basic Damage
Trigger: Reduced to 0 or less HP by a non-adjacent character
Special: Attack the character that took you out
Effect: 2 Damage
Monofilament Whip 50,000¥ Controlled Terrifying. Deadly. Iconic. Price includes two-week reflex-implantation training. Gain the Tactical Combat Power "Monofilament Whip".
Monofilament Whip Encounter Melee 2 As Basic Plus One Damage
Special: Cannot be used to attack adjacent targets
Special: This attack cannot benefit from Advantage or similar
Effect: 3 Damage
Effect on 5+: Target is Vulnerable 2 (until end of encounter)
Effect on 1: Attacker takes 3 Damage and is Vulnerable 2 (until end of encounter)
Ranger Arms SM–3 30,000¥ Controlled A legendary assassin's weapon. Powerful, silent, with an onboard VI. Breaks down into ordinary-looking plasticeramic parts. Price includes two-week weapon training. Gain the Trick "Assassinate": kill an unsuspecting target at extreme range.