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The Rochus Braun Report (August 4, 2057)

Rochus braun.png
Personal Details
Full Name Rochus Orwell Braun III
Nickname(s) none
SIN 000001-38bf44-fb5087-eb6086-6b5ac7-9318b2
Born March 6, 2012 (age 45)
Renton, SSAR
Spouse(s) Margaret Alanis Rosaire (married 2038)
Children Rochus Orwell Braun IV (born 2040)
John Francis Braun (born 2042)
Mary Margaret Braun (born 2044)
Parents Rochus Orwell Braun II (born 1991)
Maggie Noelle McKenzie (born 1992)
Education Renraku Educational Primary (Renton, SSAR)
Renraku Educational Secondary (Renton, SSAR)
B.A. in Management, Northwest University (Bellevue, SSAR)
Lone Star Academy (Austin, TX)
Parents both come from serious money. Their personal matrix chat with the other kids, all mid-level Renraku execs, is brutal. Roch is just some bigot cop to them. They’ve got no serious contact, they say he’s all in on Lone Star and his church.
— RaverD
Physical Characteristics
Height 1.65 m (5’5”)
Weight 86 kg (190 pounds)
Metahumanity Type Human
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Dark Brown
Blood Type AB-
Lone Star physical requirements aren’t much at his rank, and he takes advantage of it.
— RaverD
Employer Lone Star Security Services
Title Captain, Crime Suppression Division
Hired June 03, 2037
Salary $337,000 (~87,000¥)
60,000 LSS (~8,000¥)
He’s got a clean record, though he might have come in with enough profile to keep it that way no matter what. Lone Star knows their system leaks.
— RaverD
Address 1015 North 31st St
Renton, SSAR 98056
Geo-coordinates 47.519031, -122.204926
This is a two-story house in a low-crime middle-class neighborhood. Looks like he mostly walks places, except to work, and church once a week in Bellevue.
— RaverD
Contact Info
Phone 1-206-727-2143
Email robraun@lonestar.ucas
Again, no access to internal Lone Star communications.
— RaverD
Visa 4018 1694 4999 4528
CVV4 5726
Expires 4/2060
Chase Ares $502,450.08 (~135,000¥)
Lone Star Scrip ~45,908 (~6,000¥)
I think he’s got another ~200,000¥ hidden in the CAS, but haven’t been able to confirm. I can take another run at that for another 1k¥.
— RaverD
Rochus braun buick park avenue.jpg
Make & Model Buick Park Avenue
Year 2054
Color Pearl White
Registration SSAR
Plate 1738 SGJD
Rarely uses this, GRID only when he does.
— RaverD

The Bull Report (July 6, 2057)

Irene turnbull.png
Personal Details
Full Name Irene Allen Turnbull
Nickname(s) The Bull
SIN 4174fa-9d3571-c51d5a-fd8b9f-1e4f97
Born December 6, 2022 (age 34)
Puyallup, SSAR
Spouse(s) Daniel Y. Vanmeter (2046-2048)
Children None
Parents George Turnbull (2001-2039)
Terry Allen (2004-2039)
Education McAlister Elementary (Puyallup, SSAR)
Knight High (Puyallup, SSAR)
Lone Star Academy (Austin, TX)
Her parents both died the Night of Rage during one of the riots. Couldn't find anything on just how they were involved, bystanders, instigators, or what. The ex works at Sea-Tac, ground crew.
— RaverD
Physical Characteristics
Height 1.73 m (5'8")
Weight 84.1 kg (185.5 pounds)
Metahumanity Type Human
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Blood Type A+
She's a seven-day-a-week weightlifter, either a facility in the basement of her apartment building, or Lone Star's staff gym.
— RaverD
Employer Lone Star Security Services
Title Lieutenant, Crime Suppression Division
Hired June 5, 2041
Salary $232,000 (~60,000¥)
37,500 LSS (~5,000¥)
She spent five years patrolling Puyallup. A few citizen complaints, excessive violence, but nothing that stuck. Then a few of years in anti-terrorism before being recruited into CSD as a lieutenant, where she's been for the last seven.
— RaverD
Address 938 110th Ave NE Apt. 312
Bellevue, SSAR 98004
Geo-coordinates 47.618867, -122.193417
Buncha other Star in this building. Looks like the owner discounts their rent.
— RaverD
Contact Info
Phone 1-296-772-5542
Email iturnbull@lonestar.ucas
She's gonna also have internal corp text/voice/video comms, but you'd need to break heavy ice to use them anyways.
— RaverD
Visa 4929 3458 0114 2984
CVV4 0118
Expires 6/2059
Chase Ares $30,447.04 (~7,600¥)
Lone Star Scrip ~4,174 (~550¥)
Up-to-date scrip amounts are tough to pull from corp servers. And I think I would have found any covert accounts, but you can never be sure.
— RaverD
Irene turnbull land rover.jpg
Make & Model Land Rover Model 2067
Year 2056
Color Midnight Black
Registration SSAR
Plate 7798 ADRX
Her car's got a bit of custom up-armoring she bought with Star scrip. Shouldn't be any mounted weapons, though.
— RaverD
Lone Star Application Psych Summary May 14, 2041
A tendency to binary social identification – leading to openness to in-groups and distrust of out-groups – may make for an excellent recruit if loyalties can be directed to Lone Star and against extra-agency threats. Skill with rapid situational assessment and quick decision-making should prove valuable both in field work and in potential direct-command roles. However, an inherent impulsiveness limits aptitude with long-term planning, such that any rank advancement should retain subordination beneath a more strategic leader to set goals.
Proud of this pull. Found a leak of these from the early 40s on ShadowNet.
— RaverD