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Cess's mother comes from a line tracing itself back to a primacer free of the diaspora mental limitations, her great-grandfather, though only a portion of his descendents inherited his lack of limitation due to them intermingling with ogres who weren't so fortunate. Cess, like her mother, was one lucky enough to inherit this freedom, and was taught what she knew of ogre primacy. When Cess's village was conquered by a band of marauders, she was separated from her family, but expects they are likely dead.

She worked as a war engineer and architect in the far eastern badlands when the army employing her came across the outskirts of Ul’s territory. After an encounter with insects both small and large, identifiable as the products of primacy, she set out to find what she could, which ultimately led her to the trade in fragmented bone and through that Smash.

Has a snotling familiar named Iggy.

MA: 5
ST: 5
AG: 2
AV: 10

Combat Skills: Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Wrestle, Tackle

Movement Skills: Bone-head, Throw Team-Mate, Nerves of Steel, Strong Arm

Primacy Knowledge: Forces (●●●●), Matter (●●●), Space (●), Fate (●), Life (●)

Known Equipment:

  • Dwarven Masterwork Heavy Crossbow
    • An oak and bronze crossbow. Used by dwarves as an emplacement weapon, modified for use as a carried weapon by the particularly strong (5+). Fires yard-long shafts of bronze.
  • Dwarven Lantern
    • An impeccably-made lantern with a complicated mirror and lens system allowing various lighting schemes from all-around illumination to a tightly-focused spotlight. Illuminated by a piece of mithril inscribed with illumination runes.
  • Two Dyres
    • One used as a mount, the other a pack animal. In good health. Named Korf and Karf.
  • Snotlings
    • In a wicker cage that can be strapped to a dyre.
  • Waste Survival Supplies
  • Engineer’s Tools
    • A portable tool set for working with metal, stone, and wood.
  • Bottled Acid
    • Some bottles of acid, thick green glass, in among the engineering supples. Tops threaded, glass on glass. Made from green vitriol (iron sulfate) produced as a waste product in the eastern mines.
  • Jewelry Box.
    • Most of the box is cheap jewelry, made of poorly-worked copper and hunks of quartz and other common rocks, but a few pieces, while also poorly crafted, are made of gold set with thick hunks of diamond and ruby.

Known Snotling Enhancements:

  • Free-Body Diagram (Forces ●/Sensory/Knowing)
  • Map Material (Matter ●/Sensory/Knowing)
  • Internal Compass (Space ●/Sensory/Unveiling)
  • Eye for Danger (Fate ●/Sensory/Unveiling)

She likely has trained Iggy with many others that she declined to share with Smash.

Tikk Headcracker

Recruited from a group of goblin marauders who had stopped by Mercato on their way to the Theran Empire after spending the winter raiding and slaving in the badlands. A blood bowl fanatic who always carries a supply of psychedelic mushrooms in case the situation demands them.

Toadstool of Clear Thought: A brown mushroom with veins of gold. Upon being picked up, it presents its holder with parallel visions of the possible knowledge it could contain, curated based upon their intellectual desires and personal history, then transfers the chosen selection directly into the consumer's mind.

Warductor Metashok

A former Badlands hunter and part-time raider who dedicated himself more fully to blood bowl while living in Maelyrra's domain and playing on her team. Now a member of the Mercato roster. Accompanied the PCs on the trip Bloodthirster led them on into the dreamlands.

Shield of Arrow Catching: An iron buckler etched with a depiction of a skaven fist clutching an arrow. The wearer can make a 3+ check to catch any thrown projectile within their reach (2+ if readied).