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Genghis Pecan

MA: 9
ST: 2
AG: 4
AV: 7

Combat Skills: Block

Movement Skills: Dodge, Leap

Low-light Vision: skaven naturally have excellent night vision


  • Very Long Legs: enables quick, precise, and lengthy jumping
  • Extra Arm: an extra arm
  • Hidden Pocket: a fur-lined pocket in the torso, suitable for hiding a modestly-sized item
  • Third Eye: a hidden third eye in the lower forehead

Tribe of Wondrous Goats: A set of four goat figurines in a blue silk pouch. Each may be used to summon an obedient and untiring riding mount, though they lack the intelligence to perform independent tasks. Minor injuries may be reversed by re-summoning, though grievous or deadly injury causes the goat to vanish and be unavailable for summoning for a period of one week.

  • The Goat of Traveling: This long-legged brown goat is particularly suited to extended travel, making good time over long distances.
  • The Goat of Traversal: This stocky, grey goat can surmount difficult obstacles.
  • The Goat of Travail: This muscular white goat is built for combat, with wicked horns for goring opponents.
  • The Goat of Terror: This fiendish black goat can be induced to produce an aura of fear, terrifying enemies.

Grabit Beardpuller

MA: 6
ST: 3
AG: 4
AV: 7

Combat Skills: Wrestle, Tackle

Movement Skills: Dodge, Stunty

Special Skills: Right Stuff, Strip Ball

Low-light Vision: goblins naturally have excellent night vision

The Six Fingers of Chaos: Ulsinlis prepared a rosewood box with six rings inside, each of a different precious metal or stone. Once permanently bonded to a particular master by Ulsinlis, each ring may be consumed to produce a different one-time magical effect. Inspired by The Ballad of Sutable the Worthy and the Six Fingers of Chaos, a skaven poem from before the Scourge, likely known to Grabit by one of its stage adaptations.

  • Platinum, Prismatic Spray: Seven shimmering, intertwined, multicolored beams of light spray from your hand. Every mortal creature within sixty feet of you (excluding yourself) is randomly subjected to at least one of seven effects, as determined by the following table (roll 1d8 for each):
    1) They burn to cinders.
    2) They melt.
    3) They electrocute to ash.
    4) They die.
    5) They turn to stone.
    6) They’re driven permanently insane.
    7) They’re banished to another plane of existence.
    8) Two of more of these things happen: roll twice and apply all.
  • Gold, Baleful Polymorph: You permanently transform one mortal within your line of sight into a modestly-sized animal (e.g., a dog, lizard, monkey, toad). The subject of the spell retains some shades of its personality and physicality, subject to the limits of its new form.
  • Silver, Private Sanctum: A large area (e.g., a town or neighborhood) is subtly cut off from all outside it for twenty-four hours. While passage in and out is not obstructed, no mortal sense or magic gleans any information from within it for the duration of the effect, including the existence of this spell.
  • Sapphire, Freedom of Movement: For one hour, no mortal obstacle can obstruct your movement.
  • Ruby, Delayed Blast Fireball: An immovable glowing bead appears within one thousand feet of you at a point of your specification within your line of sight. When created, a delay of no more than five minutes must be declared, at which point it will ignite into an inferno that destroys everything (excepting elves, dragons, and gods) within twenty feet.
  • Emerald, Mass Endurance: You and up to a few dozen other people do not need to worry about the limitations of stamina, hunger, or thirst for one day.

Master Bedroom Orb

  • A light blue bulb of some pliant material, a dark blue ring on one side.
  • Function unknown

Mountaineering Rope

  • A slim piece of rope found hanging from the belt of the mountaineering gear.
  • Function unknown

Riding Belt

  • A brown leather belt, stitched with images of skaven riding various mounts, found with the riding gear.
  • Function unknown

Mistress's Ribbon

  • A length of silk ribbon, embroidered with trumpets and other horns.
  • Function unknown

Mistress’s Gem

  • A quartz gem mounted in gold, found in the mistress's closet.
  • Function unknown

Matriarch's Ring

  • A silver ring with a disc of warpstone set in it.
  • Function unknown

Brother's Playing Cards

  • The face cards are all the same skaven women in different alluring outfits.
  • Function unknown

Karnhage Fleethoof

MA: 6
ST: 5
AG: 2
AV: 9

Combat Skills: Block, Tackle, Grab, Thick Skull

Movement Skills: Sprint, Sure Feet, Break Tackle

Thermovision: like dwarves, centaurs can naturally see in infrared

Armband of Bull's Strength: The wearer gains the mighty blow skill.

Three‑Ringed Necklace: This golden necklace has three interlocking rings hanging from a fine chain. Each ring may be consumed to produce a different one-time magical effect.

  • Protection from Chaos: For the duration of one scene, you can make a 3+ check to ignore any direct mortal magical effect (not including elvish, draconic, or true divine magic). Note that this does not include indirect effects, like a sword wielded by a reanimated skeleton, or a random lightning bolt from a ritually-summoned storm.
  • Hypnotism: For the duration of one scene, you can hold sway over a small group of people (a half dozen or so). You hold their attention against all but the most startling or dire distractions, and your suggestions and requests seem more reasonable, though not to the extent of serious cost to themselves or those close to them.
  • Expeditious Retreat: For the duration of one scene (up to one hour for overland travel), you can run twice as fast and can jump twice as far.

Smash Mogwuht

Gort Healthy
Pack 5
Bonded 5/6
Constructed 2/5

MA: 5
ST: 6
AG: 2
AV: 9

Combat Skills: Block, Mighty Blow, Piling On, Grab, Guard, Thick Skull

Movement Skills: Stand Firm

Special Skills: Bone-head, Throw Team-Mate

Staff of Life: Made of thick oak shod in gold. Rather than the typical preparation required for infusing an ogreish practice into a snotling, the staff may be used to impart or withdraw any known practice on contact.

Primacy Knowledge

Initiate of Life (●): Knowing, Signifying, and Unveiling

Apprentice of Life (●●): Perfecting, Ruling, and Veiling

Initiate of Matter (●): Knowing, Signifying, and Unveiling

Familiar Enhancements

Special: A life mage and their familiar are always aware of each other’s physical condition.

Stimulate Base Life (Life ●●/Covert/Ruling) A snotling is imbued with the uncanny ability to encourage basic living processes. A plant might be encouraged to open its flowers or a person to feel tired, hungry, or irritable.

Current Constructs

{1} Enhance Vision (Life ●●/Covert/Perfecting) The construct enhances the natural eyesight of its wearer for one scene. While it doesn't allow new forms of perception (e.g., infrared), night vision is significantly enhanced as well as clarity both near and far within the natural limits of what its wearer might be capable of. Embodied as a pair of goggles that press wetly against one's eyes, their exterior shape is the form of a flattened pair of snotling hands.

{1} Air Monitor (Matter ●/Sensory/Unveiling) For the duration of one scene, the construct will monitor the air for dangers, whether for an actively harmful poison or toxin, or the absence of an element necessary for life. Embodiment TBD.