Earthdawn (Emergence Era) Ongoing Plots

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Verjigorm's Ritual

Inside Jethur's cave the scouts found evidence that Verjigorm is responsible for the vast wastes nearby, created by enchanted cadavers buried within as part of a ritual to summon help from the metaplan of the Horrors. The scouts discovered that, with help denied, Verjigorm has moved onto a ritual to breach to his home metaplane, which, if successful, would devastate the surrounding area, including Mount Shadow. However, recruiting Ashe and some apprentice mages from Freewater, the scouts track down Verjigorm, channel his power into their own ritual, which they use to bind the Horror into a form that they can fight. The scouts defeat him after a long fight, though the strain of the ritual costs Ashe and the apprentices their lives.

The Dragon Tower

A tower in the distance shows light and flames at night. The runes suggested that a powerful friend dwells within, and they told the truth. Ashe, a powerful spellcaster from a nearby Dragon City ruled by Hestaby agrees to help the scouts contend with Verjigorm.

The Spider's Cave

Along the path to the tower, a massive spider captured Asar, the diplomat's assistant, and pulled him into its cave. The scouts leapt to the rescue, however, and saved him from the charms of Jethura, once a man, since twisted into an inhuman form by the Horror Verjigorm during the Scourge.

The Theran Empire

A sprawling empire is controlled by land and water out of Sapire, the capital city of the Theran Empire. The Therans discovered the techniques behind the wards used to protect the hidden cities, and accumulated great wealth in selling the secret, as well as the sworn allegiance of countless cities and towns. In the time since they've emerged, they've aggressively moved to claim their territory, through the offering of support where possible, and force when necessary.

The Theran Post

After discovering that the empire is running a postal service, another group of scouts arranged to receive mail via the service in Saugha for eventual delivery to Mount Shadow .

Saugha vs the Southern Horde

The scouts agreed to work as mercenaries on behalf of Saugha, a city state along the Neise, a wide river running west towards the sea. Saugha was being attacked by the Southern Horde, a warband of slaver dwarfs. The scouts succeeded in their assault on a dwarfish siege weapon, recovering enchanted weapons and helping secure victory.

The Tabaxi

While the scouts' first encounter with Tabaxi rangers turned violent, their mercy, respect for nature, and open exchange made friends of the kings of the great plains to the west of Mount Shadow.