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Formerly a trading post at the junction where the Neise River joins the Great Ocean founded by orc traders from Mountain's Reach looking to expand their routes to the sea, Mercato has grown to a bustling city in its own right. While city politics is dominated by the wealthy orc merchant houses, the city population is increasingly filled with the other badlands peoples as well as those arriving from the west in a time of growing exploration, interconnection, and trade.

With the city's wealth and power rising, the newly-selected merchant prince Kurduuumm Kurank claimed his office on a platform of bringing Mercato out from the shadow of Mountain's Reach to engage in diplomacy of its own, and has wrangled the corresponding funding for the blood bowl team necessary to his ambitions.

Kurduuumm Kurank

The charismatic young merchant grew his family's fortune with a full embrace of the metahuman population of Mercato, expanding the Orcidas clothing brand to include products for centaurs, dwarves, skaven, ogres, and even a line of athletic shoes for snotlings. Having leveraged his newfound fame into politics, he's promised to bring the same sort of forward thinking to his administration.

Morga Tagzuk

A talented offensive assistant coach with the Mountain's Reach blood bowl team, Morga was recruited by the newly-selected Kurduuumm to build and lead Mercato's squad. Dedicated to proving herself, she's reaching out to retired players she thinks still have some more games in them, current members of the Mountain's Reach team she might be able to poach, and raw talent in Mercato and the badlands in general that with the potential to be shaped into a blood bowl player.

Common Calendar

The dwarven calendar has largely been adopted for tracking time. It is divided into twelve thirty-day months:

  • Strassa
  • Veltom
  • Charassa
  • Rua
  • Mawag
  • Gahmil
  • Raquas
  • Sollus
  • Riag
  • Teayu
  • Borrum
  • Doddul

The People of the World

Race Patron Elf-voice Enclave Home City Enclave Language
Centaur Khorne Gennermain Iranna Mountain Ka-Sahan (Lost) Khazalid
Dwarf Earthroot Riellair World's End Mountain Silverhome Khazalid
Goblin, Hobgoblin, and Troll Alamaise Maelyrra Mountains of Mourn none Potwor
Halflings none none Iverna none Therian
Human Vestrivan and Vasdenjas Illelis and Illanmaen Sky Point Thera Therian
Ogre and Snotling Usun Iyralbeth The Great Maw Ul Or’zat
Orc Mountainshadow Gaessandror Dark Tooth Mountain Mountain’s Reach Or’zat
Skaven Rathorn Ulsinlis Skavenblight Kavzar Kish
T'skrang Aban Lanulthir The Mist Swamp Niall (telapathic)