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Any equipment listed in any Shadowrun sourcebook is generally permissible to purchase.

Strike Rules


Some Skills require tools to use properly. If you don’t have any tools, you can’t attempt the task. If you have makeshift tools only, you may attempt it with Disadvantage. This may depend on the complexity of the task.

Your character starts play with appropriate tools for their starting Skills. These may be lost as a result of Twists. When you learn a new Skill you do not automatically get tools—you must acquire them in play.


Wealth level
0 Penniless
1 Poor
2 Rich
3 Super-rich
Item/cash parcel value
0 5¥ to 100¥
1 100¥ to 2,000¥
2 2,000¥ to 40,000¥
3 40,000¥ to 800,000¥
4 800,000¥+
Buying checks
Roll Cheap Same Level Expensive
6 Success + Bonus Success + Bonus Success
5 Success + Bonus Success Success + Cost
4 Success Success + Cost Success + 2 Costs
3 Success Success + 2 Costs Twist
2 Success + Cost Twist Twist + Flaw
1 Success + 2 Costs Twist + Flaw Twist + Flaw

If you try to buy something two levels or more below yours, you can. You do not need to roll. You cannot use your Wealth to buy something two or more levels above yours. If you want to make that sort of purchase, you need to get a loan, find a wealthy patron, or take further measures to be able to do so. To purchase anything else, use the above table to determine the results. Items below your Wealth are labeled “cheap” and items above your Wealth are labeled “expensive.”

There is a Condition that typically goes with Wealth: Short. When you’re Short, you act as though you were one Wealth tier lower. When you get two Costs, one of them is always a Flaw, while the other is either that you are Short or that you owe someone a Favor. The GM will decide which.

Often when you roll a Twist, the GM will ask you if you would rather do without the item in question, or “break the bank” to pay for it. A worse Condition happens when you “break the bank”: being Broke. It’s the same as being Short, but is much harder to recover from. Being Broke does not mean you have no money at all, just much less than you were used to having.

If you get the Short Condition twice, nothing changes. Simply note it down. The third time, however, automatically “breaks the bank” and Short upgrades to Broke. Later on, if you manage to get Short and Broke at the same time, they combine to cause you to treat your Wealth as two levels below normal. Multiple instances of Broke compound too. Effectively, being Broke is the same as a permanent reduction in your Wealth, but with the opportunity to work your way out of it. This is rough, but unlike other Conditions, the GM cannot simply give it to you. You choose it or else earn it by getting three Shorts.

You recover from being Short by working your job and being frugal for a week, or any equivalent way of making money. You can also recover by spending a cash parcel (see below) equal to the Wealth tier you are recovering to. To recover from Broke you need to work your job and live frugally for a year or equivalent, or spend a cash parcel one level above the one you are recovering to.

Tactical Combat

Augmentation is a core theme of Shadowrun. People in the game do whatever it takes to give themselves an edge. As such, as part of the translation of the setting to Strike, it is assumed that the tactical combat ability of a player character, if they're equipped and ready to fight, will be possible to detect given a reasonable examination. This may be represented by different forms of augmentation of the player's choice: cyberware (e.g., smart link, move-by-wire), bioware (e.g., orthoskin, synaptic accelerator), adept ability (e.g., improved ability, improved reflexes), or magic sustained by focus (e.g., armor, increased reflexes). But some form of augmentation should be chosen and available to discuss when a question of, for example, sneaking, combat ready, into a secure area is proposed.

Shadowrun Equipment

An Always available item can be purchased, owned, and transported by anyone. A check to find such an item will only be required in unusual circumstances, such as trying to find a fresh-baked baguette at midnight in the barrens.

A Restricted availability item requires either a valid SIN or the use of the black market to purchase. These items are not strongly regulated, but are sufficiently restricted that they can't legally be bought with cash. A roll is likely required to find these items on the black market, but with Twists and Costs representing not necessarily a failure to find the item, but a cost, delay, flaw, increase in price, or other negative consequence. Restrictions on possession are unlikely to be enforced unless secondary to other legal or security interaction.

A Controlled item is highly restricted and requires licenses, permits, or other credentials attached to a valid SIN for purchase, possession, and transport. A basic fake SIN is insufficient to buy these items, and a roll is almost certainly required to find them on the black market, likely at disadvantage. Open possession of such items in a high-security area is likely to draw one or more of personal and electronic attention.


Personal Electronics

Type Cost Availability Description
Commlink 0-1 Always A portable universal computation and communications device. More expensive models may include military-grade encryption, biometric readers, and limited trid recording gear.
Credstick 0 -1 Always Generic secure data store. Can act as a passport, keyring, credit card, checkbook, wallet, and business card. Cheaper models may be encrypted using passcodes, while more expensive models include biometric readers.
PANICBUTTON™ 1 Restricted A keychain-sized device providing covert emergency alert and tracking with a chosen security service.
SINRFID (static) 0 Restricted An embedded short-range radio identifier for a hard-coded SIN.
SINRFID (reprogrammable) 1 Controlled An embedded short-range radio identifier for a software-recordable SIN.


Type Cost Availability Description
Binoculars 0 Always Allows the user to view objects at a distance.
Laser Microphone 2 Restricted Used to pull sound off a rigid object, like a windowpane.
Micro-Recorder 1 Restricted Can record nearby image, sound, and limited trid for up to a week in a device the size of a quarter.
Shotgun Microphone 2 Restricted Used to listen in on distant conversations.
Telescopic Video Gear 1 Restricted Can record high-quality video from a significant distance.

Security Devices

Type Cost Availability Description
Biometric Scanners 1 Restricted Fingerprint scanners, retinal readers, voice and gait analyzers, DNA testers, and more.
Chem Sniffer 2-3 Restricted Detects airborne molecules. Can be set to alert on detection of particular categories of substances, such as explosives or ammunition propellant.
Cybermod Manacles 2 Restricted Restraints wrists and ankles, with a mechanism to exert agonizing pressure on tendons and bones if cybermods are extended from the restrained area.
Cyberware Scanner 2 Restricted A sonic/magnetic scanning wand that detects and identifies cyberware.
Full-Body Scanner 4 Restricted An enclosed booth that performs a full-body mapping. Can find even hidden cyberware. Takes about a minute to do a full scan.
Headjammer 2 Restricted A locking headset that jams transmission and reception for implanted radio devices.
Jackstopper 0 Restricted A plastic insert with a quick-bonding epoxy to fill and plug a cyberjack.
MADS 2 Restricted Magnetic Anomaly Detectors are used to detect weapons and concentrations of metal. They come in hand-held wand-type designs and free-standing or architecturally-integrated doorway systems.
Skilltwitchers 1 Restricted Sends a jamming signal into skillwire implants to disrupt all mental and physical activity.

Covert Operations Gear

Type Cost Availability Description
Bug Scanner 2 Restricted Detects recording equipment. May be unable to detect sufficiently sophisticated recording setups, but is capable of detecting temporary video and audio devices.
EM Tool 2 Restricted A general-purpose tool for analyzing and interacting with electromagnetic signals.
Subvocal Mic 0 Restricted Allows the wearer to record sound subvocally, making them harder to hear.
Ultrasound Detector 0 Restricted Detects the use of ultrasound, such as used with ultrasonic motion sensor systems and ultrasonic sight.
Ultrasound Spoofer 2 Controlled In addition to detecting ultrasound fields, can attempt to spoof the ultrasound sensor.
Voice Mask 1 Controlled Distorts the pitch and timbre of the user's voice so as to make it unrecognizable. Worn around the throat.

Survival Gear

Type Cost Availability Description
Chemsuit 1 Always A slick and impermeable set of booted coveralls, hooded poncho, and mittens. The hood is transparent, or mirrored for privacy, and fitted with an air filter. Designer versions are used in major cities on days with hard rain.
Climbing Gear 1 Always Everything need to climb, including harnesses, rope, gloves, carabiners, crampons, pitons, and so forth.
Climbing Gear (Stealthed) 1 Restricted Climbing gear with the pitons and ropes that can be electronically triggered to dissolve to a fine powder.
Grapple Gun 1 Restricted Can shoot a grappling hook more than 50 meters. Can use stealthed rope.
Micro-Flare Launcher 0 Always This pen-size flare launcher can shoot color-adjustable flares more than 200 meters. The flares can illuminate a city block.
Respirator 1 Always A small (20 x 10 cm) oxygen cylinder connected to a full or partial face mask provides several hours of air.
Survival Kit 1 Always A rugged bag containing basic survival gear.


Characters are assumed to start the game with standard weapons without downsides appropriate to their skills and combat build. Characters can buy special weapons that have advantages (e.g., narrative benefits, mechanical benefits, combat benefits) and/or flaws.

Example downsides:

  • Flaws: heavy, cumbersome, inconvenient
  • Breakable (destroyed one-sixth of times used)
Type Cost Availability Description
Melee 1 Restricted Melee weapons designed for combat, but without any particular traits or bonuses.
Ranged 2 Restricted Ranged weapons designed for combat, but without any particular traits or bonuses.
Monofilament whip 2 Controlled Terrifying. Deadly. Iconic. Uses the monofilament whip skill, which can be used for intimidation prior to a fight, given an appropriate combat build. Enemies Taken Out with a monofilament whip are dead.
Ranger Arms SM–5 3 Controlled A legendary assassin's weapon. Extreme range, sound suppressor, imaging scope, Smartlink, and its plasticeramic construction disassembles for storage in a briefcase that can pass through most security checkpoints, even including a light physical examination.


Type Cost Availability Description
Simrig 2 Restricted A tight-fitting cap contain numerous electrodes allowing playback and limited recording of simsense signals.


Medical Services

Type Cost Availability Description
Genetic Cleansing 3 Restricted Repairs damage to the patient's genetic code, such as may occur from toxic or radioactive exposure. Requires a month spent in a medically-induced coma.
Hospitalization 2 Restricted For treatment of serious injuries.
Leónization 4 Restricted Repairs the genetic, cellular, and broad physical effects of aging. Returns the affected to the physical prime of youth. If performed more than an individual's maximum number of times (generally three to seven, and unpredictable for a given person), the subject irrevocably dies during the procedure. Requires three months spent in a medically-induced coma.
Total Rebuild 4 Restricted A vat-grown body to replace a total loss. Growing the replacement requires three months, but this can be performed in advance and the body kept in stasis. Even so, regrowing nerve connections between the vat body and the brain requires an additional week. Most likely to be an option where the patient has a black box. Replacement of unrecovered or destroyed cyberware not included in price.


A DocWagon contract requires the filing of tissue samples (held in a secure vault staffed by bonded guards, spiders, and mages) and comes with a biomonitor RFID tag implant or wristband that can be activated to call for help and then to serve as a homing beacon for DocWagon armed ambulances and fast-response choppers in the area. Rupture of the band will also alert DocWagon representatives. Registration with DocWagon replaces the normal identity check for restricted items, which has made them a popular service with shadowrunners, along with their armed response coverage in areas most emergency services won't go to.

Type Cost Availability Description
DocWagon Basic Contract 2 Special Upon receiving a call from a contract-holder, DocWagon franchises guarantee arrival of an armed trauma team in less than ten minutes, or else the emergency medical care is free. DocWagon does not respond to calls on extraterritorial government or corporate property without permission from the controlling authority.
    High-Threat Response 3 - Where hostiles need to be cleared for extraction.
    Hospitalization 2 - For treatment of serious injuries.
    Total Rebuild 4 - A vat-grown replacement body for recovery from irreparable damage to the body. May be used to rehost a recovered black box. Replacement of unrecovered or destroyed cyberware not included.
DocWagon Gold Contract 3 Special As a basic contract, but costs for hospitalization are included. Also includes one free high-threat response per year.
DocWagon Platinum Contract 4 Special As a gold contract, but costs for high-threat response are included. Also includes one free rebuild a year.


Type Cost Availability Description
Fake SIN 2 Restricted A SIN valid to a metahuman, that hasn't been blown yet. Good enough to pass a casual identity check, such as might be used to access lightly-secured facilities or during a routine police stop. Must be paired with a SINRFID to be of practical value.
Registered SIN 4 Controlled A SIN identifying you as a citizen of somewhere that someone actually gives a shit about, with a biometric profile you can actually pass. Until blown, sufficient to travel internationally, purchase equipment listed as restricted, enter highly-secured publicly-accessible facilities, and pass a thorough police stop.


Having cyberware or bioware installed causes a major physical injury that typically requires a few days, up to a week for major augmentations, given proper medical care, which care is not generally factored into the price.


Type Cost Availability Description
Bioears 2 Restricted Excellent hearing that extends above and below the normal human range.
Bioeyes 2 Restricted 20/10 vision that works well – and reflects back light – in low light, similar to a cat or elf's eyes. These come in a variety of cosmetic options.
Biogills 2 Restricted Allows breathing in fresh and salt water.
Clean Metabolism 2 Restricted Alters the exocrine glands, liver, and pancreas, and installs tailored bacteria to the intestines. Most of the more embarrassing and unpleasant effects of the digestive system are eliminated. Users rarely develop body odor, belch, or pass gas. Even the person's sweat and bodily waste are sanitzed. Popular among high-society players.
Dietware 2 Restricted Controls the absorption of calories to allow for weight loss or maintenance without dieting.
Digestive Expansion 3 Restricted A modified gastro-intestinal tract allows for the productive consumption of almost anything organic, though low-quality food sources (e.g., grass and leaves) may require massive consumption and long periods of low-activity.
Engineered Scent 2 Restricted The exocrine sweat glands are modified to produce a desired body smell, with many collaborations between bioware providers and perfume brands.
Enhanced Immune System 3 Restricted Augmented white blood cells can fight off any known mundane disease. Five to ten years of updates can be expected.
Hair Growth 2 Restricted Grow hair or fur of any color or type anywhere on the body.
Oral Secretion Sacks 3 Controlled Select one (multiple if taken multiple times) compound to slowly generate for oral excretion on command, to which you are immune: a narcoleptic, a neurotoxin, an intoxicant, a hallucinogen, or other as appropriate.
Scent Glands 3 Restricted Can be used to release pheromones tailored to the manipulation of a particular group of non-metahuman animals, selected at the time they are implanted (e.g., mammals, birds, reptiles, insects). May be selected multiple times for different groups.
Tailored Pheromones 3 Controlled Can be used to release pheromones tailored to the manipulation of metahumans.


Type Cost Availability Description
Bone Lacing 2 Restricted The bones are laced with a reinforced mesh and cannot be broken except by incredible force.
Cranial Bomb 1 Controlled Just enough explosive power to guarantee painless suicide. Used with DNI-only access by high-level operators to have a final way out of a torture scenario or implanted for radio activation to ensure the loyalty of key or unreliable employees.
Cyberarm 2 Restricted A strong, untiring grip with inductive data reception and transmission and position sensors for virtual controls. Degree of replacement (partial hand, full hand, forearm, or whole arm; individual or both) may be specified so long as consistent with any additional augmentations selected.
    Arm Compartment 2 Restricted A long, thin compartment hidden within the forearm or bicep. Very difficult to distinguish from an ordinary cyberarm without a medical-quality scan or major disassembly.
    Climbing Claws 1 Restricted Extrude tough, unsharpened claws that provide some of the benefit of climbing gear.
    Fine Senses 2 Restricted Read printed text by touch, feel the wear patterns on a security keypad, accurately measure temperature and weight, and perform similar detailed measurements of touched or held objects.
    Fingernail Compartment 1 Restricted A micro-compartment hidden beneath a fingernail, large enough for a data chip or other tiny item. Impossible to distinguish from an ordinary cyberarm without a medical-quality scan or major disassembly.
    Fingerprint Remapper 3 Controlled Randomize fingerprints or set them to a recorded pattern.
    Fingertip Datajack 1 Restricted A datajack hidden within the fingertip.
    Fingertip Injector 1 Restricted A needle injector hidden within the fingertip that can be loaded (two minutes) with any chemical, poison, toxin, or other appropriate compound.
    Flex Hands 2 Controlled Memory plastic is used for the structural elements of the replacement hands – or to replace existing bones – allowing deformation of the hands, such as to escape restraints.
    Gyroscopic Stabilization 2 Restricted A counterweight levers out from the bicep to balance the hand and forearm against any penalties from an uneven surface or mount.
    Implanted Electrical Tools 2 Restricted Tools implanted in the fingers for fine-scale electrical work (e.g., cutting and stripping wires, soldering, testing voltage and current).
    Implanted Lockpicks 1 Controlled Tools implanted in the fingers for picking mechanical locks.
    Implanted Mechanical Tools 2 Restricted Tools implanted in the fingers for fine-scale mechanical work (e.g., fine screwdrivers, drills, pries, tweezers).
    Implanted Weapon 2 Controlled A weapon is implanted in the forearm. Specify at the time of selection. Popular options include collapsing swords, stun batons, monofilament whips, and pistol-caliber slugthrowers. Very difficult to distinguish from an ordinary cyberarm without a medical-quality scan or major disassembly and cannot be disarmed.
    Magnetic Grapples 2 Restricted The limb can hold metal to itself, or cling to a metal surface.
    Prybar 2 Restricted Massive force can be slowly expended in prying something apart.
    Natural Covering 1 Restricted The arm passes for natural on casual observation.
    Telescoping 2 Restricted The cyberarm can extend by several feet, but is clumsy to use when this is done.
Cyberears 2 Restricted Peak human hearing ability with built-in audio recording and playback. One or both ears replaced as preferred so long as consistent with any additional augmentations selected.
    Enhanced Auditory Processing 2 Restricted Audio processing circuits can execute audio-adjustment software to allow for the filtering of repetitive background noises, the suppression of disorienting sounds, and other basic audio tasks. Typically only used with dual-ear replacement.
    Enhanced Microphones 1 Restricted Enhanced microphones with increased frequency range and sensitivity.
    Parabolics 2 Restricted The ear can shift in shape to become a parabolic microphone, allowing the detection of sounds at extreme ranges while blocking out other noise.
    Spatial Positioning Sensors 2 Restricted Additional implanted sensors around the dome of the head allow the precise location of the source of perceived sounds.
Cybereye 2 Restricted 20/10 vision with built-in image capture and display. One or both eyes replaced as preferred so long as consistent with any additional augmentations selected.
    Cosmetic Modification 1 Restricted The color of the iris may be changed on demand.
    Enhanced Optical Processing 1 Restricted Video processing circuits can execute image-adjustment software to provide additional functionality. Typically only used with dual-eye replacement.
    Eye Gun 2 Controlled A micro-dart gun implanted in the eye, able to deliver various compounds at short ranges.
    Laser Designator 2 Restricted A laser designated implanted in the eye, enabling the painting of a target with a look.
    Low-Light Sensors 1 Restricted Enhanced sensors function well even in low-light conditions.
    Microscopic Vision 2 Restricted Optical lenses enhance vision as if looking through a magnifying glass or microscope.
    Retinal Display 3 Controlled The retinas function as displays and can be assigned a visible pattern, such as might be used to fool a retinal scanner.
    Telescopic Vision 2 Restricted Optical lenses enhance vision as if looking through a powerful pair of binoculars.
    Thermographic Vision 1 Restricted Enhanced sensors and visual processing allow the distinct perception of infrared light.
    Tool Laser 2 Restricted A low-power laser that can cut thin objects and can create small welds.
Cyberlegs 2 Restricted The legs never fall asleep, the owner can sleep standing up (if both replaced), and the soles of the feet provide inductive data reception and transmission. Degree of replacement (partial foot, full foot, calf, or whole leg; individual or both) may be specified so long as consistent with any additional augmentations selected.
    Climbing Claws 1 Restricted Extrude tough, unsharpened claws that provide some of the benefit of climbing gear.
    Hidden Holster 2 Restricted A hidden compartment with an articulated grasper big enough to hold a pistol, collapsable melee weapon, or a grenade. Difficult to distinguish from an ordinary cyberleg without a medical-quality scan or major disassembly.
    Launching Hydraulics 2 Restricted Hydraulics in the legs can power jumps a dozen yards high and dozens of yards long.
    Leg Compartment 2 Restricted A large compartment hidden within the thigh or calf. Very difficult to distinguish from an ordinary cyberleg without a medical-quality scan or major disassembly.
    Magnetic Grapples 2 Restricted The limb can hold metal to itself, or cling to a metal surface.
    Prybody 2 Restricted Requires cyberarm prybar. The whole body can prybar, including lifting massively heavy objects off the ground.
    Natural Covering 1 Restricted The leg passes for natural on casual observation.
    Shock Reinforcement 2 Restricted Reinforcement of the skeletal frame allow the survival of arbitrarily-long falls with a proper landing, with increasing difficulty for longer falls.
    Tremorsense 3 Restricted Sensors of the soles of the foot can detect anything moving that is in contact with the ground in the general vicinity.
Cybernose 2 Restricted Perform chemical analysis of gaseous compounds.
Cybertongue 2 Restricted Perform chemical analysis of liquid and solid compounds.
Data Filter 2 Restricted Can be activated to prevent the formation of long-term memories.
Datajack 1 Always Provides an external link for an implanted DNI and relevant implanted devices.
Datajack (Induction) 2 Restricted The datajack terminates beneath the skin, masking the presence of the datajack. A connected jack cable requires an magnetic induction adapter to work with the induction datajack.
Face Lifts 4 Restricted Buried inflatable sacks allowing broad readjustment of the face. They don't offer sufficient control to imitate a specific face, but can be used to defeat face-recognition software.
Head Rig 3 Restricted An implanted control rig. Wireless link required for wireless access; datajack required for wired access.
Health Monitor 1 Always Sensors implanted throughout the body provide real-time feedback of health status, with customizable alerts.
Laser Rangefinder 3 Restricted An optical band around the rim of the head provides 360° distance perception in the immediate area.
Motion Remapper 4 Controlled Micro-controllers implanted throughout the body subtly change one's movement profile to prevent gait or other motion analysis or to match a recorded pattern.
Mouth Gun 2 Controlled A micro-dart gun implanted in the mouth, able to deliver various compounds at short ranges.
Optical Sensor 2 Restricted An additional optical sensor implanted in the body.
Oxygen Reserve Tank 2 Restricted An implanted tank of air supplies sufficient oxygen for a few hours. Refills through breathing over the course of a day, with an optional external rapid-refill port.
Personal Black Box 4 Restricted The skull is massively reinforced and armored, the brain is laced with a shock-absorbing web, and a hibernation suspension system is implanted at the back of the head. The brain will survive for several days after a normally fatal injury or accident, though the rest of the body may die. A configurable radio beacon can be set to alert a rescuer, such as DocWagon with a suitable contract.
Reality Check 1 Restricted An implanted coded chip with protected DNI access. Can be used to verify whether one is unknowingly experiencing full-immersion simsense.
Skilljack 2 Restricted Can slot knowsofts, which provide a simulacrum of expert knowledge in a particular area. Linquasofts can provide fluency in a particular language. Characters may make skill checks as a trained skill based on a slotted knowsoft.
Skull-deck 3 Restricted An implanted deck. Wireless link required for wireless access; datajack required for wired access.
Sleep Regulator 3 Restricted Sleep requirements are halved in both duration and frequency, what little sleep that is needed can be achieved on demand, recovery from sleep is nearly instantaneous, and other appropriate functions.
Tooth Compartment 1 Restricted A hollow tooth, openable, and optionally breakable, with a tiny storage compartment inside.
Voice Mask 2 Controlled Distorts the pitch and timbre of the user's voice so as to make it unrecognizable.
Voice Remodulator 3 Controlled Dynamically codeable voice remodulation. Modifies tone and pitch, but not pronunciation, word choice, or other verbal elements of impersonation.
Wireless Link 1 Always DNI access to wireless telecommunications and for relevant connected devices.

Skilljack Chips

Requires a skilljack to be installed. Skilljack chips may be switched with a minute's effort, but only one skilljack chip may be installed at a time.

Type Cost Availability Description
Knowsoft 1 Always Provides expert knowledge in a particular area. Knowsofts cannot be used to gain active skills, but instead provide highly-specific expertise in a well-defined area: "Bookkeeping Procedures for General Partnerships," "Veterinary Pathology for Bovines," "Feng Shui for Mixed-Use Highrises." Requires an empty skilljack to be slotted into.
Linguasoft 1 Always Speak, read, write, and generally understand a particular language. People familiar with linguasofts may be able to detect when they are in use through recognizable patterns of intonation, word choice, accent, etc. Requires an empty skilljack to be slotted into.
Yamatetsu Polyglot 2 Always A linguasoft providing basic facility with every major world language. You won't speak Tagalog or understand an engineering textbook written in French, but it'll be the exceedingly rare person you won't be able to engage with at a basic level in some language. Requires an empty skilljack to be slotted into.

Cybereye EOP Software

This software is for use with a Cybereye with an Enhanced Optical Processing (EOP) module installed. Multiple pieces of software may be installed, but only one can be actively running at any particular time. The software listed below are examples and other reasonable types of software may be purchased.

Type Cost Availability Description
Face Recognition 1 Always Can be configured with a limited set of faces to watch for and notify the user if recognized.
Flash Suppression 1 Always Avoid the disorientation of bright flashes of light.
Language Translation 1 Always Automatically translates visible text in major languages into the user's preferred language. May function poorly with complicated, idiomatic, technical, or nuanced language.


Due to strict regulations on the use and teaching of magic, all spells, rituals, and adept powers have the controlled availability. Costs are for legal, private tutoring from an experienced teacher. Learning a new spell or ability may require at least a week or two of practice.


Combat Spells

Combat spells should be selected to correspond to the tactical combat build of a player using spellcasting as the description for the direct-damage attacks of their character. Additional types of spells that are compatible with the tactical combat build may be purchased for use in achieving different effects when enemies are taken out, or for use outside of tactical combat. Note that mana-type combat spells do not harm machines, only creatures with an aura (living creatures, spirits, etc.); however, they may be used in astral combat while astrally projecting, so find some use with spellcasters. Unless specified, characters are assumed to be using physical and lethal type combat spells.

Damage Type Touch / Bolt / Ball Spell Names Cost Description
Physical, Lethal Shatter / Powerbolt / Powerball 4 Magical energy beats and breaks physical creatures. Enemies that are taken out are killed or destroyed.
Physical, Stunning Punch / Clout / Blast 4 Magical energy bruises physical creatures. Enemies that are taken out are unconscious or disabled.
Mana, Stunning Knockout / Stunbolt / Stunball 4 Magical energy disorients and stuns physical creatures. Enemies that are taken out are unconscious.
Mana, Lethal Death Touch / Manabolt / Manaball 4 Magical energy corrupts and disrupts living and magical creatures. Enemies that are taken out are dead.
Physical, Acid Acid Touch / Acid Stream / Toxic Wave 4 Acid-type damage eats away at physical creatures. Enemies that are taken out are killed or destroyed.
Physical, Electric Static Shock / Lightning Bolt / Ball Lightning 4 Electric-type damage can stun living creatures while destroying machines. Living enemies that are taken out may be unconscious or dead, while machines are destroyed.
Physical, Fire Flaming Hands / Flamethrower / Fireball 4 Fire-type damage can burn physical creatures. Enemies that are taken out are killed or destroyed.

Detection Spells

Detection spells give the subject a new or augmented sense or perception for as long as they are sustained. Detection spells may be cast on oneself or on another voluntary subject touched.

Name Cost Description
Analyze Device 3 The examination of a mundane device or piece of equipment reveals information related to its purpose and operation. Opposed by the object's resistance (natural objects as if untrained, low-tech objects as if trained, high-tech objects as if specialized).
Analyze Magic Device 3 The examination of a magical object reveals information related to its purpose and operation. Opposed by the object's power.
Analyze Truth 3 Attempts to directly sense dishonesty in a targeted live speaker. Opposed by the person being examined.
Animal [Sense] 3 Share a single sense, chosen when the spell is learned, of a non-sentient, non-paranormal animal. The subject uses the sense in place of his own, experiencing whatever the animal is experiencing via that sense. The spell is resisted by the animal, not by the target of the animal's sense. The animal must be within line of sight.
Astral Window 3 Create a window through an astral barrier on the astral plane.
Catalog 3 The subject can compile a comprehensive, itemized list of all the non-living items within fifty meters using automatic writing. Descriptions are general and items the subject would not recognize on sight are listed as "unknown."
Clairaudience 3 Hear from a remote sensor instead. The sensor may travel up to fifty meters away. Unopposed.
Clairvoyance 3 View from a remote sensor instead. The sensor may travel up to fifty meters away. Unopposed.
Combat Sense 4 Detect a violent encounter within fifty meters moments before it happens, allowing you to avoid being taken by surprise.
Detect Enemies 4 Attempts to detect living creatures within fifty meters with hostile intent to the spellcaster. Opposed by those with hostile intent.
Detect Enemies, Extended 4 Detect enemies, as above, at ten times the range in return for being Winded after casting.
Detect Individual 3 Detect a known individual if within fifty meters. Opposed by the known individual.
Detect Life 3 Detect living beings within fifty meters. Opposed by the living creatures, particularly those who are strong willed.
Detect Life, Extended 3 Detect life, as above, at ten times the range in return for being Winded after casting.
Detect [Life Form] 2 Detect a particular form of life if within fifty meters. The form of life must be specified at the time the spell is learned. Opposed by the life form to be detected.
Detect [Life Form], Extended 2 Detect [life form], as above, at ten times the range in return for being Winded after casting.
Detect Magic 3 Detect active magic (spells, foci, wards, magical lodges, alchemical preparations, active rituals, and spirits) within fifty meters. Opposed by the caster or other source.
Detect Magic, Extended 3 Detect magic, as above, at ten times the range in return for being Winded after casting.
Detect [Object] 2 Detect a particular type of object. The type of object must be specified at the time the spell is learned. Opposed by the object's resistance (natural objects as if untrained, low-tech objects as if trained, high-tech objects as if specialized, the object's power if magical).
Diagnose 3 Detect the general health and any illnesses, injuries, or other medical problems of a target.
Eyes of the Pack 3 The subject can use the sight of any voluntary metahuman targets within fifty meters. The subject can switch between targets at will.
Night Vision 3 Gain low-light vision.
Translate 3 Sets up a low-level telepathic connection between a subject and voluntary target, allowing them to understand each other's speech as if the subject spoke the target's native language.

Health Spells

Healing spells may be cast on oneself or another target touched.

Name Cost Description
Alleviate Allergy 2 Block the effects of an allergy on the target as long as the spell is sustained.
Awaken 2 A touched subject is immediately awake and alert.
Cause Allergy 2 A target within LOS is subject to a specific allergy.
Cripple Limb 2 A touched limb is disabled as long as the spell is sustained.
Cure Disease 3 Treat a disease.
Decrease [Attribute] 3 A specified attribute – agility, logic, charisma, etc. – is impaired.
Detox 3 Counteract a poison, toxin, drug, or similar. Does not repair any damage already done.
Heal 3 Applies appropriate treatment to enable the healing of any physical injury.
Healthy Glow 2 Performs a cosmetic rejuvenation – brightening eyes and hair, removing dead skin, and promoting general well-being. The effects wear off after a few days.
Hibernate 2 The target, if willing or unconscious, enters a form of suspended animation. They may persist for up to a month on a day's worth of air, and without food or water.
Intoxication 2 A target within LOS becomes inebriated as long as the spell is sustained.
Oxygenate 3 The target doesn't need to breath.
Stabilize 3 As long as the spell is sustained a living target will not die.

Illusion Spells

Mana illusions only affect living and magical targets, excluding machines. Physical illusions create real light, sound, and other forces, but only function against physical targets, excluding spirits. Note that while spirits will perceive mana illusions while manifested in the material plane, anything astrally perceiving, as astrally-natured beings continuously are, will likely notice the existence of an illusion spell in the astral plane.

Name Mana / Physical Cost Description
Agony Mana 2 A target within LOS is wracked with pain.
Bugs Mana 2 A target within LOS perceives themselves as being swarmed with bugs.
Camouflage Mana 3 A person, small group, or object up to the size of a small truck blend with their background so long as their remain unmoving.
Physical Camouflage Physical 3 A person, small group, or object up to the size of a small truck blend with their background so long as they remain unmoving. You are left Winded.
Chaff Physical 2 A non-living target within LOS is battered with a storm of input.
Chaos Physical 2 A target within LOS is bombarded with chaotic light and noise. You are left Winded.
Confusion Mana 2 A target within LOS is buffeted with abstract imagery.
Dream Mana 2 Craft a sleeping target's dreams.
Entertainment Mana 3 Creates an obviously-unreal illusory performance for targets within LOS.
Trid Entertainment Physical 3 Creates an obviously-unreal illusory performance within LOS. You are left Winded.
Foreboding Mana 2 One or more targets within LOS feel a subtle feeling of imminent danger, fear, and unease.
Invisibility Mana 4 A touched target goes unseen.
Physical Invisibility Physical 4 A touched target is rendered invisible. You are left Winded.
Mask Mana 4 A touched target appears as someone else.
Physical Mask Physical 4 Applies an illusory appearance to a touched target. You are left Winded.
Phantasm Mana 3 The perception of an object or creature under the caster's control can be imposed on those within LOS.
Physical Phantasm Physical 3 Creates the illusion of an object or creature within LOS. You are left Winded.
Hush Mana 3 Prevents one or more targets within LOS from being heard.
Silence Physical 3 Dampens sound in an area. You are left Winded.
Stealth Physical 3 A touched target no longer makes sound. You are left Winded.
Stink Mana 2 One or more targets within LOS perceive a sickening smell.
Vehicle Mask Physical 4 As physical mask, but for vehicles. You are left Winded.

Manipulation Spells

Name Cost Description
Animate 2 Animates an object weighing less than 25 lb. within LOS.
Alter Memory 4 A living target gains a single memory, which is likely to fade with time.
Alter Temperature 2 Alter the local temperature, though not to a dangerous degree.
Clean [Element] 2 Clear all impurities from a ten cubic meter volume of an element (i.e., air, earth, water), specified at the time the spell is learned.
Compel Action 4 A living target thoughtlessly performs a minor action.
Compel Thought 4 A simple idea occurs to the target.
Compel Truth 4 The target cannot knowingly lie.
Control Fire 3 Control up to ten cubic meters of natural flame within LOS.
Create Food 3 Create a meal for a small group out of thin air.
Fashion 3 Re-tailors a set of clothes according to cut, color, and fit. The total weight and area of clothing remains unchanged.
Fix 4 Repairs damage to a non-living materials, including machines. Can only repair broken items when all pieces are present. Can only be used once to repair any particular set of damage.
Fling 2 Flings a small object.
Gecko Crawl 3 A touched target can crawl slowly along any surface, though slick surfaces will be challenging.
Ice Sheet 2 Creates a sheet of ice across a touched area.
Ignite 2 A touched target ignites if flammable.
Levitate 3 Lift an object or person weighing no more than 500 lb.
Light 1 Creates a mobile personal light similar to a lantern. Can float freely or be attached to a person. Requires modest concentrate to move if free-floating, but can be left in a stationary position while performing other tasks.
Lock 3 A door, portal, closure, or other similar object is telekinetically held closed while the spell is sustained.
Magic Fingers 3 Use skills as with weak remote hands.
Makeover 3 Performs a complete makeover for a voluntary subject, including cosmetics and hair.
Mana Barrier 3 Impedes astral perception and passage, including spells.
Mind Probe 4 Probe an unwilling subject's mind within fifty meters. Opposed by the person being probed. Significant success is required to read more than surface thoughts. Hidden thoughts and long-buried memories require time as well as significant success in probing. You are left Winded.
Mindlink 3 Exchange mental impressions with a willing target so long as the target remains within fifty meters.
Physical Barrier 3 Impeded physical perception and passage.
Poltergeist 1 Creates a distracting, spooky, but not particularly damaging or horrifying whirling chaos.
Shadow 3 Creates a globe of darkness.
Shape Earth 3 Up to ten cubic meters of earth can be moved and shaped.
Shapechange 4 A voluntary target is temporarily shifted to the form of a normal critter chosen by the caster. The critter must weigh about the same as the target. Clothing and equipment are not transformed, while cyberware is subsumed into the animal form.
Shape Water 3 Up to ten cubic meters of water can be moved and shaped.
Sterilize 2 Kills all bacteria and other microorganisms, as well as removing organic material (e.g., skin flakes, stray hairs, spilled blood), in a targeted area. Cannot be used on multicellular organisms.
Suggestion 4 Implants a minor compulsion in a target's mind for a few minutes.


Rituals can be performed by any spellcaster. Multiple spellcasters can participate in the casting of a ritual. Only the leader of the ritual must be trained in the performance of the ritual.

Name Cost Description
Circle of Healing 3 This ritual is used to cast a healing magic on a number of targets at once. . Even though it’s called a circle, it creates a sphere around the anchor that has a one meter radius, doubling with each supporting ritual participant. This ritual takes most of a day to complete. The circle lasts for a week.
Circle of Protection 3 The circle of protection is a small astral and physical barrier. Even though it’s called a circle, it creates a sphere around the anchor that has a one meter radius, doubling with each supporting ritual participant. The circle acts as a combination of the physical barrier and mana barrier spells. The mana barrier is dual-natured. The ward lasts for a few hours. Anyone or anything within the barrier is protected from outside physical objects and magical attacks. If something crosses the barrier from the inside, then the ward ends. This ritual takes several hours to perform.
Curse 4 Allows an illusion spell to be cast on a subject through a material link rather than a mystic link from observing the subject. A Curse can be used on any target, whether within visual range of the leader or not, provided there is a link to the target. If the spell applies to multiple targets, such as in a mass spell, then the ritual must have a link to each of the targets. The link is used as part of the offering and is effectively destroyed during the ritual. For the duration of the ritual, a link is present between the target and the ritual group while the spell portion is sustained. Once the ritual has been completed, the ritual can be sustained by any of the original participants, such as by taking shifts. It is possible to spot the link and use it to track back to the ritual team’s physical location. This ritual requires most of a day to complete.
Homunculus 3 The magician can bind a spark of intelligence into an inanimate form, creating a homunculus. The homunculus has a physical form but isn’t very bright. It understands any language its creators (leader and participants) speak and has a modicum of a personality that reflects those of its creators. You need an inanimate object to animate for the ritual. Despite the fact that their name means “little man,” the homunculus doesn’t need to be humanoid in shape— animal statuettes are pretty common among shamans, and don’t underestimate the usefulness of an animated extension cord. It can be at most 50 kilograms in mass, and it gains a limited amount of flexibility (the same as the Animate spell) for the duration of the ritual. Whatever you use, the object’s Object Resistance contributes to the opposition to the ritual, which is why you don’t see many homunculus commlinks. The homunculus obeys the leader’s commands as much as possible within the limitations of its physical capabilities. Commanding a homunculus is not like commanding a spirit. A spirit is intuitive and intelligent; a homunculus just follows orders and becomes frustrated when the task becomes impossible. A homunculus lasts for a month. This ritual takes most of a day to perform.
Prodigal Spell 4 This ritual allows you to cast any Combat spell at a distant target that is out of line of sight of your ritual team. The Combat spell can be either direct or indirect. Direct combat spells travel to the target in astral space. Indirect combat spells travel to the target in physical space, requiring a clear (but not necessarily straight) path in the physical world between the ritual team and target in order for the spell to reach its destination—the spell flies from the foundation to the target, dodging any obstacles in its path. This ritual requires most of a day to perform.
Remote Sensing 4 This ritual allows you to cast any Detection spell with an even greater range. The range of the spell is doubled for each participant in the ritual. The spell’s subject must be present in the foundation during the ritual but may then take his new sense outside the foundation while the ritual participants sustain it for him. All of the participants of the ritual perceive the same thing the subject perceives through the spell. If the spell has a target (like when you use a Mind Link or a Mind Probe spell in the ritual), you’ll need a spotter to have eyes on the target. This ritual takes most of a day to perform. Afterward, if any of the participants stops sustaining the ritual, it ends.
Renascence 3 This ritual sustains and maintains an area manipulation spell for a time. The area of the spell is a sphere with a five to ten meter radius. The spell persists for as long after the ritual is completed as spent performing the ritual.
Ward 2 The ward is a basic ritual, taught to many magicians. It creates a an astral barrier. The ward may encompass a volume of up to two-hundred fifty cubic meters times the number of participants. This ritual requires most of a day to complete. The ward lasts for a month.
Watcher 3 Watchers are like spirits, but in actuality are entities born from the ritual leader’s own mind rather than the meta-planes. They are a creation of mana, woven with the personalities of the ritual participants. A watcher can speak any language its creators (which includes the leader and participants) can speak. A watcher is bound only to the leader of the ritual and follows his orders. A watcher lasts for a day, during which it can perform only simple tasks. The leader can dismiss a watcher at will. Watchers cannot be banished or counterspelled. This ritual takes only a few minutes to perform.

Adept Abilities

Adept abilities can only be learned by adepts. Adepts cannot cast spells.

Name Cost Description
Animal Empathy 4 You can intuitively and emotionally connect with animals, allowing a limited form of communication.
Astral Perception 2 Your mind can bridge the gap between the physical and astral realms and see into the astral plane.
Blind Fighting 2 You don't need to be able to see to engage someone in melee.
Body Control 2 You can resist the effects of toxins, drugs, and intoxicants.
Combat Sense 4 You can detect a violent encounter within fifty meters moments before it happens, allowing you to avoid being taken by surprise.
Direction Sense 1 You can always tell what direction is north and your general height above or below sea level.
Disguise 4 You can appear as someone else, real or imagined.
Empathic Sense 3 You can sense the feelings of someone you can see.
Flexibility 3 Your limbs are unusually limber, able to twist and bend more than a normal person's. You can slip out of ropes, handcuffs, and other bindings, and squeeze through small openings and passages that would be difficult for a normal person to fit through (e.g., transoms, ventilation ducts).
Freefall 3 You can fall up to four stories without taking falling damage.
Gecko Crawl 2 You can crawl slowly along any surface, though slick surfaces will be challenging.
Human Scale 1 You can figure out the weight of an object down to the gram if you are able to lift or carry the object.
Improved Hearing 1 You can hear high and low frequency sounds.
Improved Scent 1 You can identify scents as well as a bloodhound.
Improved Tactile 1 Your fingers are sensitive to imperfections on the surface of an object, allowing you to notice something as subtle the indentation of writing on a piece of paper (even paper on a pad beneath the sheet that was actually written on).
Improved Taste 1 You can recognize the contents of food or drink by taste alone.
Killing Hands 4 You can use your bare hands as full melee weapons in combat.
Kinesics 3 You have complete control over your body’s nonverbal and subconscious communication and social cues, which may be used in social situations. Further, you can subtly change your movement profile to prevent gait or other motion analysis or to match a studied subject.
Leap 2 You can make incredible jumps over long distances: a dozen yards high and dozens of yards long.
Light Body 4 You can fly yourself slowly through the air, or move an object weighing no more than 25 lb.
Low-light Vision 1 You can see normally in low light.
Natural Immunity 2 You are immune to all mundane diseases.
Perfect Pitch 1 You can recognize a musical tone either from hearing it or even feeling the vibration frequency. This doesn’t mean that you’re a good singer, just that you can recognize when you’re off key.
Ritual Meditation 2 You can contribute to ritual casting.
Shadow Walk 4 You can render yourself invisible to both living creatures and machines.
Smashing Blow 3 With a single strike you can open a doorway through a non-reinforced interior wall.
Suspended State 2 You can enter into a still, meditative state in which your requirements for food, water, and air are significantly reduced, as is your rate of bleeding, if any.
Temperature Tolerance 2 You can endure extreme temperatures as if wearing high-level protective gear.
Thermographic Vision 1 You can see in infrared.
Traceless Walk 3 You can move over surfaces—even snow, sand, or thin paper—without leaving visible traces. You make no noise through contact with the floor (though movement may still cause other sounds), giving you advantage to moving silently. You don’t trip ground-vibration or pressure sensors. You can’t walk across liquid surfaces—you’re magical, not miraculous—but you can walk across deep snow without sinking. You can still be tracked by non-visual cues such as scent, or by visible disturbances marking a trail on something other than the surface you walk on, such as bent branches in the woods.
Undetectable 4 You are invisible to Detection spells.
Voice Control 3 You get an amazing level of control over the properties of your voice. You can change your voice’s pitch, modulation and tone at will, as well as increase your volume. You can mask your voice, imitate sounds within the normal range of metahuman vocalization (no infrasound or ultrasound), and mimic the voices of others.
Wall Running 2 You can run up or along walls or other vertical surfaces a limited distance, up to half-a-dozen meters. If you want to run up longer distances, you’ll need steps, ledges, or somewhere you can stop and then use this power again.
Weapon Retrieval 3 You can recall a thrown weapon back to your hand from within 50 meters.


Initiations be learned by any magic user.

Name Cost Description
Astral Perception 2 Your mind can bridge the gap between the physical and astral realms and see into the astral plane.
Astral Projection 4 You can embody your consciousness in an astral form and leave your corporeal body. Your astral form takes on your residual self image: the mental projection of your astral self. A projecting mage can travel around the astral plane at great speeds unimpeded by material objects such as walls, doors, and burly goons (unless they are dual-natured). Your body is in a coma-like state while your astral body is out in the aether. Your mind and body are still connected, so any damage taken to body or mind is felt by both. You’re using astral perception the entire time you’re projecting, so you can see the auras of living things. Auras alone don’t give you the mystic link you need to target spells. As the saying goes, what’s cast in astral space stays in astral space, and ditto for physical space.
Divining 4 You can gain insight into future events concerning a specific subject. You must assense the subject or posses a material link to it. You then use a divination skill (e.g., astrology, dowsing, dreaming, sortilege, haruspicy) to attempt to foretell the future. Information about the future tends to be vague, to reflect only possible futures, and to be subject to change.
Flexible Signature 4 You can alter your astral signature, so as to attempt to cast spells under a false or forged signature.
Masking 4 You can change the appearance of your aura and astral form. You can attempt to appear mundane, of higher or lower magical power, or of a different type (e.g., astrally appear as a spirit).


Fixed and Semi-Mobile

Type Cost Availability Similar Models
Ares Sentinel "P" Series Drone 2 Controlled Actechnology Patroller, Éireann-Tír Geatóir, Prometheus Guardian
The Sentinel "P" Series is a semi-mobile, fixed-circuit perimeter patrol drone, a nasty surprise in a secured area. Able to move anywhere its monorail track leads, the Sentinel has a mini-turret and is encased in heavy armor. Designed to stand on its own and deter any potential intruders, the Sentinel serves clients who prefer not to hire hordes of security personnel.


Type Cost Availability Similar Models
Aztechnology GCR-23C Crawler II 2 Restricted Renraku Ninja, Ares Tracker "Q" Series, Mitsuhama Fox Crawler
The GCR-23C is a small drone designed to operate as a remote snooper in rough rural or urban terrain. Tracks allow the Crawler to slowly but surely traverse rough grand, including stairs, allowing the 23C access to place that other drones might not be able to reach. As a note, the GCR's tracks are somewhat noisy and may cause some problems on a mission where stealth is required. The GCR can operate in surveillance mode for 24 hours, and can plug itself into most standard power outlets.
Aztechnology Hedgehog Signal Interceptor 3 Controlled Celebrian Audiodrone, ATT Listener 700
Need a recon platoon the size of a breadbasket? The Hedgehog drone identifies opposing command, control, communications, and intelligence (C3I) transmitters. It uses the Aztech GCR-23C Crawler as a base, adding cool rigger emulation and decryption gadgets. An indispensable tool for finding out everything you're not supposed to know.
Cotröen Brouilllard Smoke Generator 2 Always Renraku Evening Mist, Ares 327RC
The Brouillard drone produces a continuous, wide-area smoke screen. Whether you're needing a little extra cover or trying to add a little mystery to your stage show, you can now create that dramatic smoke-filled effect with eaes. Smoke has historically been an important strategy element in any confronation and this drone makes it simple and easy to control. Bring a little confusion to that next firefight, or a little mystique to your hidden lair.
Ferret RPD-VI Perimeter Drone 2 Always Transys Janus Crawler, GM-Nissan Boarderpatrol
The Ferret is a reliable, low-maintenance perimeter-security drone that has considerable storage capacity for its size. Depending on the nature of the drone's route, it could contain anything from medical tools, rescue equipment, to weapons. The Ferret is a common utility at most megacorporate buildings.
FMC-Stonebrooke TADS Salamander 2 Always Ares Scout, Aztechnology GCR-65S, Éireann-Tír Fear Faíre
The TADS (Target Acquisition and Designation System) Salamander is a tracked drone that uses BattleTac FDDM firmware to identify and mark targets for other vehicles to engage. Though the Salamander is not armed and dangerous by itself, once you've been spotted by it you're probably in immediate danger of getting shot, blown up, or otherwise having your hoop kicked in short order. The additional speed of the FMC makes it a popular security choice for discerning companies.
Gaz-Niki GNRD-71 BIS Snooper 2 Always Yamatetsu Watcher 4890, Transys Tyr
The Snooper security drone can traverse even the most difficult terrain. It has six independently supported balloon wheels that enable it to handle off-road recon with amazing video clarity. Don't get carried away, however, with its amazing top speed. Even the newest rigger knows that balloon tires at top speed can turn a bump in the road into a launching pad, and while the Gaz makes a great crawler, it also makes a poor UAV.
GM-Nissan Doberman 2 Restricted Yamatetsu Barghest, Aztechnology FWC-72K Chimera, ATT Soldat
The Doberman is a perimeter-patrol drone equipped with an external fixed firmpoint, heavy armor, and sensors good enough for daytime or nighttime operation.
Integrated Weapons System DLK MK 6 Utility Machine 2 Always Yamatetsu Handyman, ATT Arbeiter, Ares All-Purpose "R" Series
This versatile multi-purpose drone is used for maintenance and repair work. The MK-6 has a huge load capacity and can be used for floor delivery and other industrial applications. It's like a mobile garage.
MCT Hachiman 3 Controlled none known
The Hachiman is MCT's state-of-the-art security drone and is used exclusively in "killing zones" and ultra-hot locales under MCT's control. They have not sold this drone outside their corporation. This crawler's sophisticated robotic brain allows it to use its armor and weapons to protect its turf from intruders but not harm authorized personnel. The Hachiman features a humanoid "head" and "torso" sculpted to resemble a samurai.
Mesametric Kodiak Construction System 3 Restricted Yamatetsu Hardhat, Ares Builder "B" Series, CAT Heavyweight
The marketplace debut from Mesametric, the Kodiak is built to take the place of a small group of builders and their equipment. Equipped with a dozer blade, excavating shovel, and multiple arms mounted with tools and graspers, this all-in-one drone can perform advanced construction work with a skilled operator and can independently construct single-story prefab units given unit-specific software.
Saab-Thyssen Bloodhound 2 Always ATT Geiger, GM-Nissan Hazard SM50
The Bloodhound is a HAZMAT (hazardous materials) drone designed to identify, survey, and mark areas contaminated by radiation, biological hazards, or chemical contamination. A Saab gasoline engine powers this very vertsatile drone. It can go into just about any trouble spot, including amphibious environments.
Steel Lynx Ground Combat Drone 3 Controlled Éireann-Tír Gaiscíoch, ATT Drache
The Steel Lynx is a hardened ground-combat machine designed to clear out even the most defensible position. Where the Doberman is used for defensive security duty, the Lynx is meant for a more offensive role. It is big and fast and can be stuffed with ammunition, essentially becoming a remote-control tank.


Type Cost Availability Similar Models
Renraku Arachnoid Mini-drone 2 Always Ares Scorpion, Yamatetsu Stealth
This seventeen centimeter drone is rugged and versatile enough to go anywhere. The Arachnoid looks like a spider and can squeeze into anywhere a spider can fit, making it perfect for low-profile operations.
Shiawase Kanmushi Mechanical Crawler 2 Always ATT Spinne, Éireann-Tír Luch
The ten-centimeter Kanmushi drone is ideal for penetrating closely confined areas. With a sturdy quad-leg design that can cross the most difficult terrain, it has been de rigeur in surveillance circles for years. The only drawback to the design is its price tag, but the best never comes cheap.
Toyota MK-Guyver Search & Rescue Robot 3 Always GM-Nissan St. Bernard, Mitsuhama Cricket
This large walker is a search and rescue specialist. The MK-Guyver drone can adjust its programming to respond to new and unexpected circumstances, a feature that has garnered much praise. Its mechanical arms and diesel engine are able to handle almost any situation, moving Toyota to the forefront of the robotics mass market.


Type Cost Availability Similar Models
Aerodesign Systems Condor LDSD-41 II 2 Always Ares Cloudship, Renraku Buzzer
Lighter-than air, solar-powered, sensor-transparent, and nearly light transparent, this Aerodesign Systems reconnaissance blimp can autonomously hover indefinitely to perform surveillance over a target area about the size of a few city blocks.


Type Cost Availability Similar Models
Microskimmer II 2 Always ATT Schiffer, Éireann-Tír Airgead Beo
The Microskimmer ACV drone can carry a full suite of standard sensors in a chassis roughly the size and shape of an aerodynamic garbage can lid. Hand-launched, this second-generation Microskimmer rapidly flies a few feet off the ground to quickly perform a superficial mapping of a moderately-sized area. It is quiet, durable, and capable of maintaining high speeds, though not low ones. Its airtight design keeps bad environmental elements from affectings its equipment, including allowing the system to work on water. The Microskimmer operates on ethane power with an auxiliary electric battery engine.

Fixed Wing

Type Cost Availability Similar Models
Liebre Surveillance/Pursuit RPV 3 Restricted Mitsuhama Silent Wind, Ares Rover 9230
This large drone has jet engine power in a lightweight package, giving it amazing speed. This fixed-wing drone features advanced sensors for superior surveillance capability. Unlike most surveillance drones, however, the Liebra can also handle pursuit duties. This dual-function makes the Liebra, while not cheap, one of the more popular UAVs on the market.
FMC-Stonebrooke TADS Firebird 3 Restricted Éireann-Tír Finscéal, Ares Sniper "P" Series
The TADS (target-acquisition and -designation system) Firebird is a UAV drone that uses BattleTac FDDM firmware to identify and mark targets for other vehicles to engage. Twice as dangerous as its crawling cousin, the FMC-Stonebrook Salamander, the Firebird's speed and agility make it even harder to shake. A winner of Popular Robotics' Reader's Choice award.
GM-Nissan Spotter 2 Restricted Yamatetsu SK275, Lockheed Optic-X
The Spotter has been the standard among lookout drones for many years because of its affordable price and folding wings for easy transport. This winged stealth craft carries equipment similar to the gear carried by more specialized surveillance drones, but at a fraction of the cost. This feature alone makes it a stable among local security forces.
GTE-Ford Retrans Unit 2 Restricted ATT Verbindung, Fed-Boeing Courier
The mobile retransmission unit (more commonly known as a "retrans unit") extends a remote-control network's effective area by intercepting and retransmitting signals from a remote-control deck. This handy drone can effectively double the remote-control network's area, making it a lifesaver when you are at the limits of your transmission area. A must-have for any professional needing to cover a lot of ground.
Pratt & Whitney Sundowner Aerial Sprayer 2 Restricted Cessna Mini-duster, Yamatetsu ChemCarrier
The Sundowner allows chemical dispersement over a wide area, just like its larger "crop dustin'" cousins. This unmanned aircraft features a sprayer system that is used to release chemicals from the air. Whether for crowd control or HAZMAT duties, this drone can be just what you need.

Rotary Wing

Type Cost Availability Similar Models
Éireann-Tír Prospero 2 Restricted ATT nacht Eule, Lockheed Kestrel
This inexpensive drone makes a great entry-level recon rotary drone. Its low load capacity limits the amount of customization that can be done, but for the price there is none better. An ideal drone to flesh out a spotty security system.
Heli-max 250Si 1 Always Blade Nano QX, Traxxas Aton+
Available from countless manufacturers, these low-range flying eyes aren't hard to spot and can't stay in the air for more than an hour, but they sure are cheap.
Lone Star Strato-9 Surveillance Drone 2 Controlled Knight Errant Peep-a-lot, Ares Inquisitor
Surveillance with a kick. The Strato-9 is a high-speed, high-altitude rotor drone with an exceptionally acute sensor suite. Surveillance isn't the whole of its capabilities, however. In order to give it that Lone Star kick, the drone is typically equipped with a medium machine gun as well as other crowd control gadgets.
MCT-Nissan Roto-Drone 2 Restricted Yamatetsu Watchdog, Renraku Elemental
The Roto-drone is a simple, no-nonsense rotor-ring drone design. It is common throughout the UCAS in both professional and amateur circles, making it one of the most recognizable designs on the market. The Roto-drone is highly customizable, with many third-party companies providing modification kits and accessories.

Vectored Thrust

Type Cost Availability Similar Models
Aeroquip "Redball Express" Long-Range Resupply Drone 3 Controlled ATT Karawane, Ares Air-Supply
This UAV's powerful get engines allow it to haul goods across difficult terrain with minimal fuss. The Redball is a large drone designed for transporting supplies and equipment. With the ability to blast over heavy traffic and get the goods you need, this drone can be a lifesaver.
Ares Guardian Drone 3 Controlled Renraku Senty, ATT Wacht
This vectored-thrust drone is small enough for indoor use, yet sturdy enough for outdoor applications. This flexibility is one of the many virtues of the Ares design, turning the Guardian into a mainstay of rigger-based security systems. While some critics have claimed that the Guardian is underpowered and difficult to control, its ability to provide controlled small-arms fire in any situation can't be underestimated.
Cyberspace Designs Dalmatian 2 Controlled Éireann-Tír Ulchabhán, Ares Sergeant
The Dalmatian is an inexpensive drone that is widely used across the security industry. It features a unique, limited hover capability that offsets its relatively weak acceleration speed, but the affordable price encourages many to ignore any shortcomings. Cyberspace Designs has long been a leader in providing inexpensive yet serviceable drones to the market, and their "True Breed" series promises to continue that trend.
Cyberspace Designs Wolfhound 3 Controlled Yamatetsu White Stag, Wuxing Azure Cloud
The Wolfhound reconnaissance UAV drone employs an improved robotic pilot system programmed with detection-avoidance maneuvers. Its incredible speed and acceleration allow it to get in and out of trouble in a hurry. All in all, this drone has again shown that Cyberspace is at the top of its game.


Type Cost Availability Similar Models
Ares Arms Sentry II 3 Controlled Éireann-Tír Leasrí, ATT Bewaffnete
The Sentry II is an immobile (but portable) automated weapons stand that can be used with any standard remote control network, or as part of a BattleTac IVIS drone system. The Sentry is heavily armed and dangerous, as well as having its own generator so that a power outage will not affect it.

Special Vendors

These are sellers that have special goods or services, or goods or services at particularly low prices, available to the runners thanks to connections that the runners have built and maintained. Goods and services sold be these sellers don't have availability (e.g., controlled or restricted) limitations. In general, prices are listed for purchases for personal use, not bunk resale.

The Brain Eaters

Forged Credentials
Type Cost Description
Fake SIN 1 A SIN valid to a metahuman, that hasn't been blown yet. Good enough to pass a casual identity check, such as might be used to access lightly-secured facilities or during a routine police stop. Must be paired with a SINRFID to be of practical value.
Fake Vehicle Registration 1 A VIN valid to a vehicle, that hasn't been blown yet. Good enough to pass a casual check, such as might be used to access lightly-secured facilities or during a routine police stop.
Registered SIN 3 A SIN identifying you as a citizen of somewhere that someone actually gives a shit about, with a biometric profile you can actually pass. Until blown, sufficient to travel internationally, purchase equipment listed as restricted, enter highly-secured publicly-accessible facilities, and pass a thorough police stop.
Valid Vehicle Registration 3 A VIN that's as good as real.

One-shot Operational Utilities
Type Cost Description
Camo 3 Removes one or more subjects from a surveillance system.
Crash 2 Take a whole security system down as if the power went out.
Defuse 2 Prevent the enactment of self-erasure security methods on a system.
Doorstop 2 Keeps a system from engaging a physical security lockdown.
Encrypt 2 Encrypts the data of a system with a specified key to prevent the owner from accessing it.
Evaluate 2 Searches a system for valuable paydata.
Mirrors 2 Loops a surveillance system.
Purge 1 Destroy all the data on a system.
Redecorate 3 Provides complete domination over a system to an external controller.
Sniffer 2 Extracts data based on predefined parameters.
Snooper 2 Allows remote monitoring of the system.
Swerve 2 A local security system neither alerts nor suspiciously falls silent to an external monitor.
Triangulation 1 Allows for a system to be located externally in the Matrix.
Validate 2 Inserts one or more security credentials for one or more security systems.

These one-shot utilities require physical or otherwise privileged access to a system to operate.

The Plastic Jungles

Type Cost Description
Basic Lifestyle - The runners can always find basic food and accommodation in the Plastic Jungles.
Basic Healthcare - The runners can always find low-quality healthcare from Mama Palazzo.

The Red Hot Nukes

Type Cost Description
Stolen Vehicles 1 A stolen restricted-availability cost-2 subcompact, sedan, or van.
Stolen Vehicles 2 A stolen restricted-availability cost-2 chopper, SUV, or medium transport.

Stolen vehicles do not come with VINs good enough to pass even a basic check.

The Wizards of the Coast

Type Cost Description
Watcher Trap 2 A one-use fetish that makes it easier to subdue a watcher spirit.