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Type Cost Availability Description
Simrig 10,000¥ Restricted A tight-fitting cap contain numerous electrodes allowing playback and limited recording of simsense signals.


Type Cost Availability Description
Stabilization Unit 20,000¥ Restricted An enclosed capsule with carrying handles. Stabilizes a critically wounded person until proper medical care can be applied.
Tranq Patch 200¥ Restricted Designed to anaesthetize patients in preparation for surgery, tranq patches are also used in some circles to sedate unruly prisoners.

Personal Electronics

Type Cost Availability Description
Commlink 100¥ Always A portable universal computation and communications device.
Pocket Secretary 1,000¥ Always A high-end commlik. Includes military-grade encryption, biometric readers, and limited trid recording gear.
Credstick 50-500¥ Always Generic secure data store. Can act as a passport, keyring, credit card, checkbook, wallet, and business card. Cheaper models may be encrypted using passcodes, while more expensive models include biometric readers.
PANICBUTTON™ 1,000¥ Restricted A keychain-sized device providing covert emergency alert and tracking with a chosen security service.
SINRFID (static) 50¥ Restricted An embedded short-range radio identifier for a hard-coded SIN.
SINRFID (reprogrammable) 1,000¥ Controlled An embedded short-range radio identifier for a software-recordable SIN.

Security Devices

Type Cost Availability Description
Biometric Scanners 1,000¥ Restricted Fingerprint scanners, retinal readers, voice and gait analyzers, DNA testers, and more.
Chem Sniffer 10,000-100,000¥ Restricted Detects airborne molecules. Can be set to alert on detection of particular categories of substances, such as explosives or ammunition propellant.
Cybermod Manacles 10,000¥ Restricted Restraints wrists and ankles, with a mechanism to exert agonizing pressure on tendons and bones if cybermods are extended from the restrained area.
Cyberware Scanner 5,000¥ Restricted A sonic/magnetic scanning wand that detects and identifies cyberware.
Full-Body Scanner 3,000,000¥ Restricted An enclosed booth that performs a full-body mapping. Can find even hidden cyberware. Takes about a minute to do a full scan.
Headjammer 5,000¥ Restricted A locking headset that jams transmission and reception for implanted radio devices.
Jackstopper 50¥ Restricted A plastic insert with a quick-bonding epoxy to fill and plug a cyberjack.
MADS 250-2,500¥ Restricted Magnetic Anomaly Detectors are used to detect weapons and concentrations of metal. They come in hand-held wand-type designs and free-standing or architecturally-integrated doorway systems.
Skilltwitchers 1,000¥ Restricted Sends a jamming signal into skillwire implants to disrupt all mental and physical activity.


Type Cost Availability Description
Binoculars 100¥ Always Adjustable zoom up to 50x. Available in both pocket-sized electronic imagers and larger optical devices for magic users.
Field Camera 5,000¥ Always A rugged handheld unit that can function as either a personal imager or a field camera. The optics include an adjustable zoom up to 100x and both light amplification and thermographic modes. Includes a basic microphone, viewfinder, and both wired and wireless rigger access.
Laser Microphone 1,500¥ Restricted An optional attachment for the camera. A laser beam is bounced off a rigid object, like a windowpane, to capture nearby sounds.
Shotgun Microphone 1,000¥ Always An optional attachment for the camera. A dish-shaped directional microphone on a pistol grip, 30 x 8 cm. Solid objects block reception, as well as loud noises outside the line of eavesdropping.
Micro-recorder 2,500¥ Always Can record nearby image, sound, and limited trid for up to a week in a device the size of a quarter.
Bug Scanner 10,000¥ Restricted Detects recording equipment. May be unable to detect sufficiently sophisticated recording setups, but is capable of detecting temporary video and audio devices.
Ultrasound Detector 100¥ Restricted Detects the use of ultrasound, such as used with ultrasonic motion sensor systems and ultrasonic sight. -
Ultrasound Spoofer 20,000¥ Controlled In addition to detecting ultrasound fields, can attempt to spoof the ultrasound sensor. -

Survival Gear

Type Cost Availability Description
Chemsuit 500¥ Always A slick and impermeable set of booted coveralls, hooded poncho, and mittens. The hood is transparent, or mirrored for privacy, and fitted with an air filter. Designer versions are used in major cities on days with hard rain.
Climbing Gear 1,000¥ Always Everything needed to climb, including harnesses, rope, gloves, carabiners, crampons, pitons, and so forth.
Climbing Gear (Stealthed) 10,000¥ Restricted Climbing gear with the pitons and ropes that can be electronically triggered to dissolve to a fine powder.
Grapple Gun 2,000¥ Restricted Can shoot a grappling hook more than 50 meters. Can use stealthed rope.
Micro-Flare Launcher 250¥ Always This pen-size flare launcher can shoot color-adjustable flares more than 200 meters. The flares can illuminate a city block.
Respirator 500¥ Always A small (20 x 10 cm) oxygen cylinder connected to a full or partial face mask provides several hours of air.
Survival Kit 500¥ Always A rugged bag containing basic survival gear.