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Hey, Genghis, here's some starting ideas for what we can help you with using your new eye. Just let me know which one you're interested in and I should be able to set you up, with a pretty low chance of complications. Or if you have other ideas, let me know those. And I've been told that once you start making progress we can talk about improvements for your other mutations!

Third Eye

We could do dwarf thermal vision—and you’ve already got that good skaven night vision, though we could improve it—but this is what you really want: you always see as if it’s perfect illumination no matter the lighting conditions. No need to ask how it works, it just does!
This is really good distance vision, like elves have, or if you were using a powerful telescope.
Pretty simple: you’ll be able to see ghosts if there are any. Don’t worry, just because you can see them doesn’t mean they can hurt you. And if you get too scared, just close your eye!
We can have your eye grow out on a stalk that you can bend around corners or through holes and such. Sounds kinda gross, but I’m sure it could be useful.
Removable Eye
If the eyestalk isn’t too much for you, this one is even grosser: you can pull the eye out of your head and it’ll walk around on little tentacles, under your control.
True Sight
You see things as they actually are. Basically, invisibility and visual illusions don't work on you, at least not with this eye.
Inner Sight
Now, this one is really neat. You can peep through up to a foot of material, though fine details aren’t always super clear, and if there’s any magical wards you might have to struggle with those, naturally.
Magic Eye
Anything magical—spells, artifacts, etc.—will visibly glow, and you’ll see faint numina where magic was used recently. And since I’ll be able to see it too, you can ask me if you need help figuring it out.

Very Long Legs

Requires progress on promoting basketball.

Acquiring Mutations

Tanas will provide temporary mutations on demand so long as Genghis doesn't sour her relationship with Khorne. Any of the above listed are available, as well as other reasonable player ideas.

When acquiring a temporary mutation, roll 1d6:

  • For an eye mutation, gain a random physical mutation if a 1 is rolled.
  • For a limb mutation, gain a random physical mutation if a 2 is rolled, and a random negative mutation if a 1 is rolled.

For a random physical mutation roll 1d400. For a random negative mutation roll 1d100. Temporary mutations remain available until the bearer next sleeps. Random mutations last 1d6 days. Any of these rolls may be rerolled if a reroll is available.

Khorne on the Brass Throne, 97 AET