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Tactical Combat Level 7
Animal Hair Gathering
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Ares Proteus OM-14 Flying Boat
Sarina "Shiba" Kōmura

Current Job

The group has network security information that could be used to aid a run on Solar Cybernetics, based on Denver. Shiba has used it to design a job to steal corporate data: the team will cause chaos with covert contractors for Solar Cybernetics in the California Free State, prompting an emergency data-dump protocol, which Shiba will siphon off for black-market resale.

Character Interests

Maniac will be watching Urni for signs of corruption by the horrors.

The group would like to know more of what comes from the Draco Foundation's investigation of Dunkelzahn's Dragon Stone.

Maniac has asked Dr. Oden about the group's experience with the dragon's astral enclave.

The runners have found evidence of activity by insect spirits in the assassination of General Yeats near Bug City. They made a deal with Red Sonja, a Chicago-area decker, to gain her assistance in entering the Containment Zone. Having now escaped, they are investigating an investment group controlling a set of businesses linked to the insect spirit activity. They are having Shiba investigate Mitsutaka Mizutani, an upper-class Seattleite that owns a number of area businesses, including Gallery S and the building in which it resides.

The group wants to know more about the people who run Gallery S. They've taken computers from the gallery that they can use to track them down. They've asked Shiba to search the ShadowNet for a crack that could let them access the encrypted contents of the computers.

Nine is looking for Erim, who has disappeared after tricking him into participating in the assassination of Dunkelzahn. One of his old school buddies tracked down someone who his sources say knew her, a thief in prison in Denver. The thief provided DNA samples of her and three associates. Nine used this information to determine that she is a regular patient at Berlin UltraMedical, and arranged for her to be kidnapped and interrogated when she shows up for a scheduled bioware implantation. Unluckily, Erim learned of the plot beforehand—though not that Nine was behind it—and has gone into hiding.

Maniac wants to find out more about Lone Star's possible involvement in Dunkelzahn's assassination.

The group is considering what to do about Dr. Leach's likely return to his unnatural experiments.

Bug City

The group copied technical data for the trans-dimensional energy generator and is considering providing it to a trustworthy partner interested in strengthening the barrier between dimensions if they can find one online.

Favors Collected

“Shaky” Sheila owes Nine a favor for helping her avoid buying bad medical chems.

The Yakuza running The Wet Tooth owe Kambei a favor for him helping defend the brothel the night Dunkelzahn was assassinated.

Favors Owed

Maniac owes bear a favor for helping stabilize Sarah Poole, the insect spirit host mother, during her surgery.


Hestaby has taken notice of Maniac.

The Draco Foundation benefited from upfront and unpaid discussions regards the horrors and conditions in the Chicago Containment Zone.

The world knows that the shadowrunners known as Maniac, Mac, Urni, and Nine rescued five people from the Chicago Containment Zone in accordance with Dunkelzahn's will.

The decker Sarina "Shiba" Kōmura owes her freedom from the CCZ to the runners.

The runners rescued Georgia Davis, University of Washington thaumaturgy grad student, from the control of the Piper.

Mac helped the Brain Eaters defend Sundowners the night of Dunkelzahn's death.

Maniac helped the Red Hot Nukes take a truck protected by Lone Star.

The runners helped the Brain Eaters take territory near Glow City from the Rusted Stilettos.

The runners are backing the support system for the Plastic Jungle and are therefore developing significant influence therein.

Renraku and the Sprawl yakuza have a photo of Kambei and Maniac in a yakuza vehicle during the kidnapping of a Renraku executive.

Possible Jobs