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Real Name: ?

Origin: Salish-Shidhe Outcast
Background: Bodyguard

Class: Archer
Role: Defense

Skills (Kambei)

  • Aptitude Awareness
  • Bodyguard
  • Good Listener
  • Knowledge of Salish-Shidhe Culture
  • Reassuring
  • Rigger (Boat)
  • Rigger (Car)
  • Rigging Highjacker
  • Sprawl Roadway Knowledge
  • Salish-Shidhe Expatriate
  • Trailing

Tricks (Kambei)

  • Find Shortcut
  • Sense Danger
  • Bear Spirit Helps (But at What Cost?) [Fallback]

Complications (Kambei)

  • Bear Spirit Distraction
  • Easily Angered When Challenged

Gear (Kambei)

Combat Mask (???)

  • Encrypted Wireless Audio
    • Subvocal Mic


  • Augmentable Cyberarm (Right)



  • Ares Roadmaster
    • Captain's Chair
    • Cargo Capacity
    • Registration: Private Contractor

Relationships (Kambei)

Ally: a dancer with wired reflexes and a cybernetic snake
Enemy: a pair of dwarves that kidnap people
In Between: The Neon Chrysanthemum, a yakuza with bioluminescent body decorations


Real Name: Amos McAllister

Origin: Scottish Distiller
Background: Ex Vory Assassin

Class: Rogue (Brawler)
Role: Striker

Skills (Mac)

  • Adept Power: Levitate
  • Adept Power: Physical Mask
  • Adept Power: Shadow Walk
  • Amiable Bloke
  • Assassin Matrix Contacts (Contact)
  • Building Infrastructure
  • Connoisseur of Spirits
  • Cultural Mimicry
  • Cyberware Spotting
  • Fingerprint Gathering
  • Lockpicking
  • Safecracking

Tricks (Mac)

  • Case the Joint
  • Master of Disguise
  • Silent Takedown

Complications (Mac)

  • Functional Alcoholic
  • Fear of Heights
  • Guilty Conscious

Gear (Mac)

Combat Mask (featureless, black)

  • Encrypted Wireless Audio
    • Subvocal Mic

Adept Abilities

  • Astral Perception
  • Blind Fighting
  • Improved Hearing
  • Levitate
  • Physical Mask
  • Shadow Walk
  • Temperature Tolerance
  • Traceless Walk
  • Weapon Retrieval


  • Cat's Eyes
  • Ares Dextra right cyberhand
    • Implanted Lockpicks (middle and ring finger)
    • Fingernail Compartment (pinky finger)
    • Fingerprint Remapper (right index)
    • Arm Compartment
    • Climbing Claws
    • Fine Senses
    • Mag Grapple
    • Natural Covering
    • Optical Probe
    • Palm Injector
      • Cartridge: Snake Venom (lethal)
  • Oxygen Reserve Tank
  • Subvocal Mic


  • Safecracking Gear

Matrix Avatar: Default Male

Relationships (Mac)

Ally: Wizards of the Coast
Enemy: Welshie aka The Dragon
Other: Local Vory Operation


Real Name: Zach McGee

Origin: Ork Shaman
Background: Ex Urban Brawler

Class: Warlord
Role: Defender

Skills (Maniac)

  • Astral Perception
  • Electronic Security Devices
  • HVAC Systems
  • Intimidate
  • Motorcycle Driving
  • Motorcycle Repair
  • Nature Stealth
  • Orkish Athleticism
  • Parkour
  • Red Hot Nukes Gang (Contact)
  • Redmond Barrens (Facts)
  • Ritual: Circle of Healing (Bear)
  • Robotics Repair
  • Smooth Moves
  • Summoning (Bear)
  • Working Man Camaraderie

Tricks (Maniac)

  • Didn't You Play for the Screamers?
  • Motorcycle Stunts
  • Trust in Bear [Fallback]

Complications (Maniac)

  • Lost a Step
  • Orkish Brute

Gear (Maniac)

Combat Mask (Dunkelzahn)

  • Encrypted Wireless Audio
    • Subvocal Mic


  • Augmentable Cyberlegs
    • Climbing Spikes
    • Launching Hydraulics
    • Shock Reinforcement
    • obviously artificial, with a "Maniac" nameplate in rubies and dragon crystals
  • Yamatetsu Workman right cyberarm
    • Climbing Claws
    • Implanted Electrical Tools
    • Implanted Mechanical Tools
    • Fine Senses
    • Magnetic Grapples
    • has a conspicuously unnatural segmented brick-red surface
  • Skilljack
    • Knowsoft: "Documentation Procedures for Combined Magical/Technological Experiments"
    • Knowsoft: "Cars of the 1960s"
    • Knowsoft: "Shinto Philosophy"
    • Knowsoft: "Civilian Rotor"
    • Knowsoft: "Military Rotor"
    • Knowsoft: "Chicago Sewer System Maintenance"
    • Linguasoft: Japanese
  • Oxygen Reserve Tank
  • Legerator


  • Astral Perception


  • Cure Disease
  • Detect Truth
  • Hibernate, Bear Version
  • Poltergeist


  • Circle of Healing
  • Ward

Fungal Spore Spray


  • Micro-flare Launcher (flawed: random color)


Matrix Avatar: Himself in Seattle Screamers Gear

Relationships (Maniac)

Ally: The Tae Kwon Do ork
Neutral: Shaky Sheila, a street doc with shaky hands and a veterinary degree
Foe: The Duke of Muscles

Debt (Maniac)

260,000¥ owed to Yakuza Lieutenant "Hungry" Hino, who has shown considerable restraint in recalling the debt.


Real Name: Michael Stanwick

Origin: Senator's Son
Background: Neo-anarchist

Class: Bombardier
Role: Controller

Skills (Nine)

  • Canvassing the Locals
  • Chem Dealer
  • Chemistry
  • Demolitions
  • Fashion Identification
  • Inspiring Rhetoric
  • Mega-Corp Politics
  • Old Boarding School Chums (Contacts)
  • Parkour
  • Revolutionary Allies
  • Spyware Spotting
  • UCAS Politics
  • Upper Crust Etiquette

Tricks (Nine)

  • Controlled Demolitions
  • Political Polygraph
  • Insider Knowledge [Fallback]

Complications (Nine)

  • Scarred Lungs
  • Unchecked Privilege

Gear (Nine)

Combat Mask (IX)

  • Encrypted Wireless Audio
    • Subvocal Mic

Registered SIN


Matrix Avatar: Punk Anarchist Pyro

Relationships (Nine)

Ally: Sinning Jenny, BTL "madam"
Enemy: Augustus Stanwick, brother, UCAS task force
Other: Green 4800, ecoterrorists


Real Name: Saturn

Origin: Abandoned at Young Age
Background: Street Urchin

Class: Buddies
Role: Leader

Skills (Urni)

  • Awakened Animal Empathy
  • Awakened Animal Network
  • Blend into the Streets
  • Casing the Place
  • Fast Talk
  • Great Distractor
  • Maraca Busking
  • Raccoon Gang (Connection)
  • Serpentine Running
  • Spot the Sucker
  • Street Rumors
  • Tuff Talk
  • Urban Scavenging

Tricks (Urni)

  • Basic Animal Command
  • Urban Appraisal
  • TW Scream

Complications (Urni)

  • Hates Elves
  • Technophobe
  • Reckless Optimism

Gear (Urni)

Combat Mask (TW)

  • Encrypted Wireless Audio
    • Subvocal Mic

Adept Abilities

  • Animal Telepathy
  • Gecko Crawl
  • Ritual Meditation


  • Scent Glands


  • Techwrecker (Pricuricu)
    • Human Intelligence
    • Language (English)
  • Greater Armadillo



  • Rowboat

Matrix Avatar: Herself in a Jean Jacket

Relationships (Urni)

Ally: Micky, ork boyfriend
Enemy: Animal Control
Other: Scoot, bandit, gang leader