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Shadowrun Random Atmosphere Generator

Scene Elements

The following should be considered:

  1. objects to take cover behind
  2. something somebody can make a called shot at (a street lamp, a camera)
  3. something someone could hack (a maglock, a camera, a car's alarm system)
  4. something that can be looted (a safe containing a prototype defended by explosives, a computer with valuable data on it)
  5. think in three dimensions and include heights and depths

Corporate Locale

  1. weird sculpture art in free standing glass display case
  2. cubicles
  3. conference room table
  4. vending machine
  5. aquarium 
  6. desks
  7. elevator bank
  8. office with glass walls
  9. 33rd floor windows facing street below
  10. coffee mug
  11. fridge and microwave
  12. water dispenser
  13. vid screen
  14. narrow corridor
  15. maintenance corridor with freight elevator
  16. staircase
  17. conference call is going on
  18. computer monitors
  19. rolling office chairs
  20. large rolling white boards (or high tech equivalent)
  21. HVAC vents
  22. support columns
  23. restrooms 
  24. dozens of cardboard boxes
  25. janitor's closet (cleaning supplies, etc#)
  26. sterile overhead lighting
  27. office plants
  28. civilian staff (could be night staff, normal staff, cleaning crew, depending)
  29. civilian staff on bring your child to work day (imagine an extraction with this as a surprise)
  30. boring corporate wall art and plaques for bullshit
  31. glass table
  32. storage room with broken office chairs
  33. server room
  34. boiler room
  35. roof access
  36. fountain with fish
  37. water fountain
  38. cameras
  39. trip lasers
  40. panic button
  41. safe room
  42. escalator
  43. ping pong table (or future sport)
  44. helipad / drone launch
  45. filing cabinets
  46. first aid kit on wall
  47. fire alarm
  48. fire extinguisher
  49. sprinkler system
  50. exit signs
  51. thermostat
  52. printer / xerox machine
  53. good old fashioned electric fence
  54. biomonitors on guards that alert central security
  55. influence mines that can be temporarily disarmed by radio
  56. Phased-array radar installation, one big eye in a region
  57. standing desks

Urban Locale

  1. bus shelter
  2. fire hydrant
  3. soy dog kiosk
  4. vending machine
  5. trees with xmas lights
  6. sewer grate
  7. street lights
  8. drug house
  9. alley entrance
  10. fire escape
  11. city bus
  12. abandoned car
  13. bike rack with locked bikes
  14. mailbox
  15. dumpster
  16. 7/11
  17. food truck
  18. public Matrix jack
  19. addicts watching on stoop
  20. children playing in street
  21. serious potholes
  22. trashcan fire
  23. market stalls
  24. bridge over road
  25. bridge over river
  26. garbage couch
  27. piles of trash on curb
  28. block party / street festival
  29. outdoor concert
  30. horde of pigeons
  31. noodle food cart
  32. stray cat
  33. a crime in progress (could go a lot of different ways with this--might make sense to have individual entries)
  34. skate/hoverboarders
  35. a parking lot
  36. ribbon cutting ceremony
  37. an animal control van
  38. a chain link fence
  39. construction porta potty
  40. stop sign (or other signs as well)
  41. fountain
  42. statue of someone important
  43. food truck
  44. bill board advertisement (someone could climb up there maybe)
  45. row of motorcycles parked outside a building
  46. Neon signs
  47. an Elven tenement

Interesting Data

  1. Coordinates of storage facilities, safe houses, off the grid corporate retreats
  2. Personnel files—addresses, SINs, family members, etc.
  3. Access codes to other facilities
  4. R&D (product designs or scientific / magical research)
  5. Prototype schematics—could take to fabricator and get created or sell to rival or black market
  6. Strategic goals – move aggressively into biomedical research, etc.
  7. Political contributions
  8. Investments
  9. Security protocols / schedules
  10. Archived emails
  11. Black ops
  12. User IDs and passwords
  13. Administrator IDs and passwords
  14. Property owned worldwide
  15. Financial allocations – 20% increase to budget of artifact recovery and analysis division—did they find something big?
  16. Account numbers and payroll
  17. Legal stuff (out of court settlements, internal memos, etc)
  18. Blackmail or newsworthy leak—executive scandal
  19. Purchasing orders (Renraku ordered 10,000 gas masks—why? What do they have planned?)
  20. Headhunting files—prominent figures currently working for other organizations
  21. Personality evaluations of executives and managers
  22. Profit projections
  23. Promising start-ups for buyouts / takeovers
  24. Succession plans (which executives can’t be on same flights)
  25. Organizational charts (reveal shell companies, subsidiaries, and hierarchies)
  26. Dirty laundry for blackmail/intimidation of potential defectors
  27. Blueprints of corporate HQ / facilities
  28. Red hot data—AI research, blood magic, bug spirit exploration, dragon secrets, cyber zombies, etc.
  29. Executive itineraries and travel plans--flights, hotel and restaurant reservations, etc.
  30. Real demographic information on Mr. Johnsons and other deniable assets
  31. Lost tech research from before the Crash, promising developments in AI/Weapons/Communications/Robotics/Teleportation experiments
  32. Codes to an advanced orbital laser launched in the 1980s that most people have forgotten about
  33. Data on early experiments to replicate goblinization on primates and other animals, using irradiation, carcinogens, mutagens, etc. and the often horrific results
  34. Chimeric gene splicing experiments that resulted in awakened creatures
  35. Emergency protocols, evacuation plans for where personnel will escape to in the event of a disaster
  36. Documentation long thought lost that pinpoints locations of abandoned military chemical plants and nuclear waste disposal sites
  37. Location of a non-corp affiliated delta clinic under observation, located in South America or Africa
  38. DNA of extinct species, experiments to bring them back (could be Jurassic Parky or something else)
  39. Genome maps for engineered viruses
  40. Tailored war code viruses, extremely against Corporate Court regulations and laws
  41. Learn of a large shareholder with immune disease, kept in tank, appears only via Matrix, horrific looking body
  42. Biological computers, sections of metahuman brains in vats of electrolytes
  43. Early experiments to reverse goblinization
  44. Records of inner city clinic, sterilizing metahumans who come in for treatment, research into bioweapons that only affect metahumans, inducing mutations in Awakened births
  45. Nuclear ballistic submarine lost with all hands on deck in the Crash
  46. Details of the ultrarich who live on Zurich Orbital space station
  47. Serum that causes goblinization or insanity or death
  48. Details of drilling mine shafts into geological faults all over the earth and carving magical runes into the shifting plates, why?
  49. Address of a megafixer for governments and megacorps, brokers 12 and 15 figure deals
  50. Virus stored in vault beneath medical complex abandoned in 2021 riots, home to squatters and runners now, holds supposed cure to goblinization and who knows what else
  51. Access codes to Fuchi Industrial Electronics Tower 5
  52. An antidote formula labeled DDE2
  53. Mages working for the military, advanced research
  54. Theory that VITAS purged humanity of some trait prior to UGE, that some other metahuman race might have come about, research into DNA of VITAS victims, startling conclusions
  55. Experiments involving binding a fire elemental into a metahuman, a la the Human Torch
  56. Location of warehouse full of experimental BTLs, abandoned in disaster
  57. Schematics of prototype VTOL with spirit bound to engine which gets painfully drained when in use
  58. Proprietary Simsense compression algorithms
  59. Inventory of a bank's safe deposit boxes for insurance purposes
  60. Guest list to exclusive club debut of musician's first tour date
  61. Guest registry of a luxury hotel
  62. Membership of a controversial policlub like Humanis
  63. Magical research into ancient Japanese ninja traditions, spells that let you walk on water or pass through a solid wall
  64. Strike team orders
  65. Partial passcodes stored across multiple systems
  66. A scrambled virus packet the Yakuza are after
  67. Experiments on prisoners in an Omega-class max security prison
  68. Mitsuhama Research Unit 12
  69. A powerful free spirit's true name
  70. Plans for a tonal generator, emotional effect of harmonics on animals and humans
  71. Experimental rifle designed to hurt spirits
  72. Experiments with bug spirits to use their natural competition against other types of bugs to get them to attack other bug spirits
  73. Contact information for Dr. Sarah Knorr, a skilled surgeon that'll take cash under the table. She installs cyberware for $15,000¥, reducing the severity of the resulting injury to moderate.

Environmental Miss Effect Ideas


  1. Aquarium shatters, spilling water, broken glass, and fish (difficult terrain?)
  2. Glass walls shattered, spilling broken glass
  3. Fire extinguisher hit by bullet—would it burst?
  4. Sprinkler system set off, fire alarm triggered
  5. Fire starts from electronics being hit
  6. Table / filing cabinet / Xerox machine / fridge / etc gets knocked over, landing on someone potentially or changing cover opportunities
  7. Overhead lights destroyed
  8. Panic Alarm triggered, locking down floor
  9. Insane cyber zombie assassin with area cranial bomb set to detonate on death bursts onto scene
  10. Floor gets airsealed, making it run on recycled air or so gas can be pumped in


  1. "Innocent" bystander hit
  2. Car alarm goes off
  3. Street light shot out
  4. Car's fuel tank hit, begins to smoke, will blow up
  5. Bus shelter spills shattered glass
  6. Telephone (equivalent) pole knocked down
  7. City Watch camera hit by stray bullet
  8. Fire hydrant depressurized, water geyser
  9. Stray bullet breaks store front window, sets off Lone Star alarm
  10. Insane cyber zombie assassin with area cranial bomb set to detonate on death bursts onto scene

Challenge Elements


  1. woman pushing baby stroller
  2. child chasing ball
  3. jack-knifed truck blocking both lanes
  4. escaped dog with leash, owner chasing after
  5. Troll Parade (cause it's trolling the players) 
  6. Political rally 
  7. Block party
  8. Cop sees you whizzing by and joins the chase
  9. train tracks with a train coming
  10. drawbridge 
  11. upcoming tunnel will limit options
  12. road being resurfaced
  13. patch of ice / oil
  14. very steep incline or decline
  15. gangers take pot shots as you speed by
  16. news drone is catching up, publicity would probably be very bad
  17. bridge to nowhere situation
  18. school bus on side of road, driver in street fixing tire, kids on bus
  19. inclement weather event, flooded road, earthquake, severe wind, etc#
  20. have to veer off road onto golf course or park trail
  21. someone drops onto roof of car (could be friend, foe, or neutral)
  22. no brakes!
  23. snake in car wakes up
  24. baby on board
  25. animal control van--dogs pour out
  26. bad part of town
  27. one way street
  28. construction
  29. driver less car hacking
  30. swarm of bee-sized robots
  31. smoke/fog
  32. someone's making sounds from the trunk
  33. interrupting a wedding
  34. dogs shouldn't drive


  1. Other team shows up (with same target / specifically to defend target from PCs / after unrelated target)
  2. Power goes out due to grid overload from other activities or intense storm. Elevators and doors lock.
  3. Civilian enters picture on unrelated task—left something at her desk, or riding bicycle around corner
  4. Appropriate animal enters scene—devil rats in city, escaped experimental animal in corporate facility
  5. They knew we were coming!
  6. Hallucinogenic gas billows up from sewers or out of vents (could be some toxic mage stunt in sewers or leak of experimental toxin in a corp facility)
  7. Ice elemental cooling server room goes berserk
  8. Hoop snakes!
  9. Bad Intel, more opposition than described, or better armed, or paranormal
  10. Aztechnology Leopard and Jaguar Guard, Renraku Red Samurai, Ares FireLight, etc.--Elite opposition
  11. Target recently hit by other team so on high alert
  12. Mr. Johnson's Plans don't mention the newly installed gun turrets, what else might he not have mentioned?
  13. Flesh eating beetles lying dormant in the corpses they're to retrieve from the morgue
  14. Angry spirit in the vault along with the prototype
  15. Target has bodyguards from a highly reputable private security firm
  16. Elevators stop going to certain floors due to alarm
  17. Found 'cursed' item, it infects those who handle it



  1. Neighborhood dogs are all being driven crazy by the sonar squeals of awakened bats every dusk
  2. Bandit (awakened raccoon with opposable thumbs) broke into parked car and stole something shiny and valuable
  3. Blood kite breeding season in community park, hyper-aggressive birds go for the eyes
  4. Fideal jellyfish, some sort of bioengineering project, several in warehouse who get fed bodies to get clean used cyberware, since their enzymes won't digest it
  5. An incubus in a dockside warehouse
  6. Ritual cannibalism in hmhvv infected trolls
  7. Pack of Gabriel hounds preying on slum dwellers and squatters
  8. Lesser thunderbirds causing lightning storms, EMP pulsing electronics
  9. Loup garou attack in tunnels underneath city
  10. Guy wants motorcycle back that was swallowed by a mega shark
  11. Animal parts wanted for totems and enchanting: unicorn horn, manticore teeth, leatherback shell, sabertooth cat fangs, golden boar tusks, imperial eagle feather, griffin heart, feather from a feathered dragon
  12. Because gargoyle skin calcifies on death, researchers want to capture a living one for vivisection and research
  13. Nomad possession of a non-threatening creature
  14. Caustic saliva of a novopossum weaponized
  15. Piasma (awakened bear) guarding facility behind fence
  16. Rockworms eating through old concrete infrastructure and buildings
  17. Stonebinders, pests that need exterminated, spit petrifies
  18. Talis cat is killing squatters, people terrified of violent serial killer
  19. Toxic spirits encountered in sewers or old chemical plant
  20. Hijack truck, supposed to be electronics but turns out to be seafood (bad intel)
  21. Wendigo with coven of secret cannibals in slum
  22. Steal or get someone's retinal pattern on cybereye for infiltration
  23. Cybered up animals, experiments or guards
  24. Heart of a griffin or similar talisman in safe
  25. Awakened alligator in sewers
  26. Large three eyed flying snake killing guard dogs at industrial site, inhabitants of neighborhood will defend it
  27. Runner being pursued by angry spirit he had wronged
  28. Some slummer who won a trillion nuyen in the lottery
  29. Room 3067 on the 78th floor of the Renraku Arcology
  30. Kilometers of burrowing beaver tunnels along the coast
  31. A cybered-up Centaur toting an assault rifle
  32. Dog asp barks and whines to sound like hurt dog, in order to lure someone close, then attacks
  33. Bounty for the heads of Fenrir Wolves
  34. Foulmart musk in diffuser cannons as antipersonnel spray, stink lasts for weeks, even if you burn your clothes
  35. Nimue's salamanders soaking up all magic, live in lobby fountain
  36. Old Awakened otter with patchy fur left, dependent on pollution, summons Toxic spirit
  37. Infected crested barbarians (awakened apes) escaped or liberated from lab, need to be taken out before they introduce horrible virus
  38. Steel crate, metal alloy casing difficult to open, taken from run, but what's inside?
  39. Old man very sick, needs runners to steal cure, other Corp blackmailing with small doses, just enough to keep him alive
  40. Fantasy Urban Brawl enthusiasts
  41. Bounties for people who've crossed corps, a coyote Shaman, an elf decker, a chipped up vet sniper, a troll rigger, a British street sam dandy with a cyber arm and cyber leg, always wears sunglasses, always eating a banana, always wears red, gambler who won too much
  42. Steal or get someone's retinal pattern on cybereye for infiltration
  43. Storm dolphins work together to attack oil rig, electrical and biomagnetic manipulation affect navigational instruments
  44. Knight Errant internal surveillance system
  45. Corrupt Lone Star cop
  46. Honest Lone Star cop
  47. Smoke grenades
  48. Undersea research facilities
  49. Cerberus Hound guards a dragon's mini horde
  50. Nosferatu doctor has clinic with dozens on life-support, slowly draining them of life
  51. Exotic collector wants a black pegasus
  52. Shipment of Quicksilver Mongoose civet, very hard to farm because the Mongooses must eat venomous snakes
  53. Free trading some powdered stuff by boat
  54. Awakened scorpions with deadly venom controlled by corps with chemical triggers
  55. Stone Toad secretion desired for organic high
  56. Island with compound defended by ultrasonics to keep Stymphalian Herons away
  57. Volleying Porcupines who spray and shoot quills
  58. A studio creating EXTREME Better-Than-Life (BTL) chips and simsense torture
  59. Extract target from noisy ejector-cram 'music' show
  60. Tooth compartment holds micro homing beacon
  61. Dude with cranial bomb protecting data, corp to set off cortex bomb if courier compromised
  62. Rewarded with access time in the Nexus for significant service to Shadowland
  63. Awakened urban bunnies whose powerful legs let them leap onto the tops of buildings to pillage rooftop gardens
  64. Delicious liqueur smuggled out of Tir, premium organic fruits and vegetables, artworks, sculptures and paintings
  65. Need to place a bug on a satellite before it launches
  66. A Tir Paladin out on an errand
  67. Free someone from corporate or government prison, serving life, a legendary runner? Or someone with needed info
  68. Knock out a power plant to make a mission easier
  69. Forged paintings
  70. Explosives (obviously)
  71. A dragon memory crystal, containing some ancient lore from the 4th or even 2nd world, accessible only through dragonspeech or powerful magic
  72. Leviathan cocoon at bottom of the ocean
  73. Remains of powerful magic figure from an earlier age
  74. When you visit a dragon, you need to bring a gift
  75. 100 klicks of subway tunnels excavated but never finished when funding cut
  76. High class restaurant you need a reservation 2 weeks in advance for, shadowrunners would stick out, dress code
  77. Restaurant whose owner hides bugs under all the tables, collects info from patrons
  78. Get someone who's in a hospital, guarded, life support, has data in head
  79. Simsense theme park, studios seat 100, shows like Roller Coasters of the World and Desert Wars Commander and Speed!
  80. Casino intrigue, place for meet, gambling, contacts, heist
  81. Scientists capture powerful fire elemental, try to drain its power through technological means, free spirit hires runners to unbind the spirit
  82. Introduce flaw in product blueprint, causing 10% to explode or battery overheating to force product recall and tank stock price
  83. Arson insurance fraud, 12 charred bodies of kids, cover up
  84. Perfume made from protected or sentient species
  85. Some big shot's Pocket Secretary
  86. Abduct daughter of target from private school, take advantage of monthly visit to the opera
  87. School of Shamanic and Metaplanar Studies
  88. Corporate outfit exploiting a sacred site
  89. Briefcase with hard copy blueprint of prototype attack aircraft and dozens of experimental BTLs
  90. Involuntary organ donors
  91. Nasty mutant virus tearing through orks in the Underground, need black market meds
  92. Tickets to a big sporting event or concert
  93. Urban Brawl reconnaissance run, 24 hours before zone gets activated, leave cache of equipment for hiring team
  94. Blow up fabrication plant or assassinate executive to drive down stock price prior to hostile takeover
  95. Stow aboard cargo ship or plane to cross border, cargo manifests record mass of cargo to such exact tolerance, they would need altered
  96. Johnson needs a short hop aerial carrier hijacked and its passengers delivered across the border
  97. Collateral damage from police is charged to criminals who precipitate the response
  98. Remote activated shaped charge bracelets, anti augmentation restraints for obviously cybered air line passengers
  99. 40 story building, abandoned, broken elevators but someone's hiding at the top--looks like the stairs, chummers
  100. Hijack news chopper to get into area where disaster just occurred
  101. Exquisite dueling rapier from the 16th century, worth a lot but how do the runners move it?
  102. Steal art or artifacts from well secured museum or private collection
  103. Protection racket run by a free hearth spirit named Etna
  104. Lifesaving prescription drug in short supply due to runners torching warehouse stockpile, letting corp gouge
  105. Natural foods, not soy-based, synthetic, or vat grown
  106. Want to retrieve corpse of powerful paranormal critter for research lab, like a dragon killed over Puget Sound
  107. Ork Underground industry is salvage and agriculture, mushrooms they sell to fancy restaurants who think they come from California
  108. A coffin motel run by a vampire
  109. Pay squatters 50 nuyen to cause distraction
  110. The Redbrick behind the Neon
  111. The Plastic Jungles
  112. Shaman lions, awakened critters capable of casting illusions
  113. Rehab clinic that uses magic or technology
  114. Blew up school to hit Don who was attending his kid's parent teacher night
  115. Outfit a small private security force with 'cold iron', untraceable weapons
  116. Surveillance chip implanted near spinal ganglia
  117. Three Naga emeralds as payment
  118. Guy who wants his ashes scattered in three dangerous, exotic places
  119. Two drones connected by monowire cut a guy in half as he flees a casino
  120. Hack school system to get student's schedule so you know where he'll be at a certain time
  121. Locking automatic doors, emergency override blocked to trap people in a department store
  122. Hotel haunted by 24 different spirits
  123. Teenage gangs obsessed with flashy foreign technoculture
  124. Hack the Grid Guide system downtown
  125. Theatre show involving savage audience participation and confrontation, challenging work
  126. A bottle of ice wine from 2023
  127. Make the crowd panic like a fucking bomb threat
  128. Transport a steel coffin shaped box from the airport to the harbor, no questions asked
  129. Pay someone to keep a door unlocked
  130. A major fiber option relay station
  131. Gang territory like Somalia, the system has failed
  132. Product testing facility
  133. Illegal underground museum where art stolen from corporations who stole it from public museums when funding and insurance stopped is displayed
  134. Lake with tons of free water and air spirits, strange weather
  135. Custom designed color-changing fish that cost thousands of nuyen each, swimming in fountain of corp lobby
  136. Multi-level subbasements
  137. Stealth VTOL with a low signature
  138. Ambient Veracity Evaluator detects unusual stress in person's voice and walk, often used in banks
  139. Take over a limousine or private short hop taxi to kidnap exec
  140. To kill a troublesome free spirit for good, plan is to send it on a rocket ship beyond the earth's manasphere
  141. Activists chain themselves to a business's fence
  142. If the runners don't help, she'll probably kill her ex or herself
  143. A nuclear power plant
  144. The sybaritic pleasures of the ultra rich and powerful
  145. Locker in the monorail station with something valuable stashed inside
  146. Group rates at the cemetery
  147. A frag grenade tossed into the mayor's hoverlimo
  148. In the presence of great spirits
  149. River streaked with a half dozen poison bright chemical strands
  150. The One Star Hotel
  151. Urban Brawl trading cards
  152. Developing or regressing nations use plutonium or uranium for fission instead of fusion
  153. An incumbent politician running a last-minute smear campaign to fight off a surging challenger.
  154. Hacking a geolocation-based game to lure rich kids to dangerous places in the barrens.
  155. Running guard duty while a contact picks up a batch of illegal simsynth chips he's getting paid to settle a debt.
  156. The Seahawks are trying to recruit a Troll running back, but he's asking for too much money. Get or fabricate some dirt on him so he'll lower his price.
  157. Renraku is testing a new, cheaper kind of implanted simsense rig in the Seattle area.
  158. The Yakuza at the Wet Tooth unknowingly bought a Mafia capo's niece as part of a group of bunraku girls.
  159. A high-end black market street doc is getting more business than she can handle and would pay for leverage over a medical technician she could pressure to work for her.
  160. The homeless community is abandoning a formerly-popular campground as people have been going missing.
  161. A Yakuza soldier is desperate to buy out the contract of a bunraku girl before an upcoming surgery to install an even more intrusive personality control module.
  162. Vidstar Europa Universalis is coming to the Sprawl, and so is her stalker.
  163. A group of elven sport hunters from Tir Tairngire are hunting an ork through the Redmond Barrens.
  164. Someone is interfering with the rituals being cast by a group of dog shamen.
  165. A now-famous ex-shadowrunner named "Rainslicker" is staying at the just-opened Arcology Bay Hotel downtown.
  166. A researcher at University of Washington is testing a bioware mnemonic enhancer on himself.
  167. The pack of stray dogs that hunts Maymoor Park has gone missing.
  168. Humanis Policlub has set up a recruiting office on the border between Redmond and Bellevue.
  169. The Elvish-American Public Affairs Society is holding a charity auction in downtown Seattle with valuable items from their rich donors.


  1. Handsome Jack is Back
    1. Former leader of gang who was ousted some time back. He’s returned, not very handsome anymore, but with some real ugly muscle. 
  2. Escalating Prank War Between Trickers and Treaters, junior member factions fighting for spots in the gang, kids 8-12 generally
  3. Current leader Mister Bones gets a new pet, a <y> stolen from the nature preserve, and he’s having trouble training it
  4. Lt. Shark Fin got messed up on some new upper drug, wound up caught by Lone Star—leader Mister Bones needs him back or silenced
  5. Developers moving in traditional gang zone, bringing bulldozers and permits—can you fight City Hall?
    1. Might push gang into conflict with rival orc gang, the Pogos, causing violent eruption
  6. Chemists selling new ‘candy’, quite addictive and dangerous—slumming tourists and teenagers venturing into dangerous gang turf to get their fix
  7. Open warfare between Pogos and Halloweeners after Pogo leader "The Orkin Man" dies in suspicious car crash, making the streets even more dangerous, canceling the truce
  8. Awakened preacher opens magic healing clinic for orphans, gang members insist he also heal their wounded
  9. Gang offers safe houses, places for people to disappear for awhile
  10. Corporate plot to create major social disruptions in neighborhood to enhance sales of their security equipment, hired rioters to cause trouble
  11. The Flames, all girl criminal gang operating out of a half way house for women coming out of prison, whom they try to recruit, alliance with Halloweeners for now
  12. An undercover Lone Star agent in a gang whose cover might be compromised, needs extraction before it's too late
  13. Bughunters, not really a gang, but group whose hobby is destroying any remote piloted drones they see buzzing around, don't care who owns them
  14. To join the gang, you have to steal a gun from a cop
  15. Hideout is an old fallout shelter / abandoned prison

Black Market Squatter Mall

  1. New weapon shipment from Japan / Russia
    1. Means ‘low class’ enemies may be armed with rocket launchers or sniper rifles or gas grenades or some other type of new tech—would be noticeable if encountering gangers before, armed with pistols, and after, armed with rifles, something like that
  2. Lone Star Raids—team’s fixer gets captured/injured/forced underground, ability to get resources/fence goods limited for a while, or raid could happen while PCs there, obvious conflict with consequences
  3. Counterfeit software programs and electronics—cheaper items but with specific flaws that could be fun, I liked the break on 1 example in the book, but there could be so many fun flaws
  4. Old timey ‘leader’ of the markets, Old Joe, needs a hand with new gang / yakuza leader who is insisting on protection money when the mall was always neutral ground in the past
  5. Awakened animal pit fights, like dog fighting or cock fighting, can get out of hand i.e. escaped animals or just be a moral type issue, or allow players to bet—would have it not be to death, otherwise the only way PCs could interact would be shutting it down (the Katie factor)
  6. Destructive sims being sold, turn users into addicts with superpowers, but seller has some kind of leverage on Old Joe, who won’t interfere. Possibly gov’t op/experiment. 
  7. Unusual illness sweeping squatters, threatens to spread to the rest of the city if quarantine not observed or cure found. Will devastate community. 
  8. Liberated animals from private zoo end up for sale at Marty’s Exotic Pets / Marty needs new stock and has an idea where to get it…
  9. Team or single killer who hunts down street samurai to remove their spines, harvesting cyberware for resale (She glanced at him and glazed his eyes / He died - struck blind by unicorns / And from his spine his code was torn / For secondary service drives)
  10. Old ice rink used for gang duels in abandoned mall, knife fights, fist fights, guns, audience and bets
  11. Crooked street doc rumored to install extra hardware while patient under the laser, tracking stuff he can then sell to police or corps
  12. Spirits attracted to the passions put out by a rock band's concerts in old movie theater
  13. Corp dumping waste in squatter community, wants them wiped out before they get sick and attract attention
  14. Gus is always buying prerelease simsense and trids to sell bootleg
  15. Someone is selling forged Lone Star ID Badges

Nature Preserve

  1. Middle class family took trip, lost child in dangerous woods—pooled money to Johnson to hopefully get their child back
  2. Native American criminal Jason Twofoxes wanted for arson, suspected to be in hiding here, may have set traps
  3. Scientist publishes a paper describing a rare endangered specimen she found while studying in the preserve—creature has valuable tusks/antlers, or magic totem potential, will be sought after by the unscrupulous 
  4. Buyer wants an exotic animal, willing to pay for a young specimen—buyer’s background should be non-abusive, would give it good home, to anticipate Katie effect
  5. Forest fire/some other threat forces dangerous animals out into the nearby neighborhoods, causing problems
  6. Park ranger is murdered by suspected poacher group
  7. Campers left behind something extremely valuable to them by mistake and now the preserve is off limits for <x> mating season, when the males are hyper aggressive
  8. Plane disappears flying over preserve, VIP / interesting cargo on board
  9. Smugglers bringing in Awakened critters, one gets loose, leads to discovering operations
  10. Paranormal critters exist here that exists no where else in the world, why?

Ghoul Enclave

  1. Promising researcher working on artificial flesh is kidnapped, leading ghoul citizens will pay to have her rescued and her research returned
  2. Horrific murders being blamed on ghouls, who are under increasing persecution and victims of hate crimes. Actual murderer could be wild animal from preserve or deranged serial spree killer
  3. Rising pop star actually a ghoul, needs discreet delivery of food supplies. If found out, career will be ruined. Certain ghouls angry that the guy they grew up with is hiding true identity, potential blackmailer. 
  4. Mob has been disposing of bodies by paying group of thug-like ghouls who devour the victims. Someone is unhappy with this arrangement. 
  5. White-hot decker SirKodiak rumored to live among the ghouls, who protect him in exchange for his help in finding a cure for an engineered virus which turned ghouls into cannibals and threatened to destroy their society. 
  6. A socialite obsessed with cars heard a rumor that there’s a vintage <some cool car from our time> in a storage space in Ghoul Town. He wants it delivered by midnight.
  7. A free spirit has been preying on ghouls 
  8. Pirate broadcast signal originates from somewhere in the enclave
  9. Society for Traditional Values protest ghoul town
  10. Open invitation to people who want to become a ghoul, recruitment drives


  1. Dockworker and fisherman who longs to catch a spitting pike
  2. Burn victim with plasticy artificial skin
  3. Scandalous lives of twin simsense stars
  4. Elf metal band who only sing in Sperethiel
  5. Idiot savant chess master, in street gang
  6. Farrel the Barrel, fattest ork in the city
  7. Troll named Hammerhead for pounding 5 nails into a concrete wall with his forehead to win a 50 nuyen bet
  8. Preacher with a bible in one hand, an SMG in the other
  9. Medical interrogator who buys protection from yak gang, uses blades, drugs, biofeedback probes, friendly attitude like a family doctor, often contracted for his services
  10. Sushi Chef with wired reflexes, fastest in town
  11. Dancer with chipped reflexes and a cybernetic snake
  12. Warehouse run by Troll named Goob who rents out the rafters to squatters on the side
  13. Tactical commander of a flashpoint enforcement team
  14. Silicon Ma, triad leader
  15. The Professor, a troll biologist
  16. The Twins, 2 identical, heavily cybered street sams
  17. Green 4800, ecoterrorist group
  18. Mr. Johnson meets in public library, church, graveyard, parking garage, rooftop, on private plane that flies around airport, then lands again
  19. Proprietor of the Troll Roll which specializes in Troll massage
  20. Street gang of dwarfs who tattoo faces and dye hair red
  21. The taekwondo ork, Kung fu master who can kick a security door off its hinges
  22. The Neon Chrysanthemum, yakuza with bio-luminescent body decorations
  23. Street doc with shaky hands and a veterinary degree
  24. Man with no vocal chords who speaks through a cybercomm link
  25. PTSD (Pete), Troll mercenary
  26. The Trolls, a gang of Trolls who collect a toll for crossing a bridge
  27. Vinyl record collector, has thousands
  28. Armored bus painted in psychedelic colors, the Happy Family gang
  29. Lady Deathstroke, has a monowhip in each fingertip
  30. Tattoo Artist named Green Lucifer, Green Lucy for her friends
  31. Street photographer who takes pictures of runners and other criminals for zine, not Lone Star
  32. Dude with 3 foot dreads with sharp blades tied in, uses as surprise weapon
  33. Vending machine business owner, widespread throughout city
  34. Devout Jew, won't use magic on the Sabbath
  35. The Knight, rumored to have survived being thrown into a giant turbine at the hydroelectric plant
  36. The Duke of Muscles
  37. A pair of dwarfs who rob banks
  38. Jimmy Jazz, a chem dealer