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Mountain's Reach

Fan Factor 7
Assistant Coaches 8
Beer Mavens
Underworld Operative
Apothecary Assistants
Apothecary Recruited
Team Rerolls 2
Stadium Verjigorm’s Doom
Security Gate
Team Value 1880

The largest and most populated city in the badlands, set along the broad banks of the Neise River, Mountain's Reach was the first permanent settlement founded by the orcs from the nearby Dark Tooth Mountain enclave, though it now also features a modest population of goblins, skaven, dwarves, bull centaurs, and other peoples common in the area. As the parent city of Mercato, the two maintain strong diplomatic and economic relations.

The dragon Mountainshadow, keeper of the Dark Tooth Mountain enclave that now serves as his lair, retains significant influence over the city, primarily expressed through his elf-voice Gaessandror.

In recent years the city has faced pressure from multiple angles, including encroachment by the expanding Theran Empire to the west, increasing conflict with raiders from the badlands to the southeast, and the growing status of Mercato as the center of trade in the region.

While Mountain's Reach and Mercato maintain a friendly relationship, as the biggest city with the most respected blood bowl team in the region, defeating Mountain's Reach in a match would be a unifying moment for Mercato (allowing for an additional team reroll) and represent its entrance onto a wider diplomatic stage (making more far-ranging opponents available). In addition, an impressive performance might convince one or more of their players to switch over.

Name Position Base Team Learned Skills Default Skills MA ST AG AV Injuries Cost
Kurtrak Blitzer Orc Mighty Blow, Tackle, Piling On, Jump Up Block 5 3 3 9 -MA 170
Muckteef Bull Centaur Chaos Dwarf Break Tackle, Frenzy, Juggernaut Sprint, Sure Feet, Thick Skull 6 4 1 9 -AG 190
Ratgear Linerat Skaven Wrestle, Strip Ball 7 3 3 7 Niggle 90
Ogstuff Thrower Orc +AG, Block, Dodge, Leader Pass, Sure Hands 5 3 4 8 180
Vomislik Thrower Skaven Kick-Off Return Pass, Sure Hands 7 3 3 6 -AV 90
Eeza Black Orc Orc Block, Guard, Stand Firm 3 4 2 9 -MA 140
Gorgutz Black Orc Orc Block, Guard 4 4 1 9 -AG 120
Galnak Black Orc Orc 4 4 2 9 80
Slothrot Troll Orc Stand Firm Loner, Really Stupid, Always Hungry, Mighty Blow, Regeneration, Throw Team-Mate 3 5 1 8 -AV, -MA 130
Mugoz Lineorc Orc Block, Fend 4 3 3 9 -MA 90
Bambrag Lineorc Orc Guard 5 3 2 9 -AG 80
Baduum Lineorc Orc 5 3 3 9 50
Fumpa Lineorc Orc Kick 5 3 3 9 70
Sleesniker Looney Goblin Chainsaw, Secret Weapon, Stunty 5 2 3 7 -MA 40
Mokurran Goblin Goblin Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff 6 3 3 7 Niggle 40

The Necromantic Tower

Fan Factor 3
Assistant Coaches 5
Team Rerolls
Team Value 1460-1660

The barons of a collection of badlands plantations are considering augmenting their warbands with undead hired from a nearby necromancer's tower, but want their skill proven before coming to terms. In return for playing a satisfactory game of blood bowl against a team created by the necromancer, the barons will agree to a favorable contract for supplying Mercato with beer, which will provide the Mercato team a duo of beer mavens and the option to install a beer stand in their home stadium. The barons will only consider the game a sufficiently impressive test if at least one of the teams scores a touchdown and if at least one player on either team suffers a casualty (even if it regenerates).

Further, at the barons' insistence that the challenging team have an incentive to compete, the necromancer has agreed—in haste to demonstrate his willingness to prove the quality of his merchandise—that he will serve as an available wizard for Mercato home games if his team is defeated.

Count Position Base Team Learned Skills Default Skills MA ST AG AV Injuries Cost
2 Flesh Golem Necromantic –Normal– Regeneration, Stand Firm, Thick Skull 4 4 2 9 260
2 Wight Necromantic –Normal– Block, Regeneration 6 3 3 8 220
2 Wight Undead –Normal– Block, Regeneration 6 3 3 8 220
2 Ghoul Necromantic –Normal– Dodge 7 3 3 7 180
Skeleton Undead –Normal– Regeneration, Thick Skull 5 3 2 7 60
Zombie Necromantic –Normal– Regeneration 4 3 2 8 60
Zombie Necromantic Regeneration 4 3 2 8 40

Remnants of the Southern Horde

Fan Factor
Assistant Coaches
Team Rerolls
Stadium The Bronze Fortress
Team Value 1490-1690

With raiding parties growing in size and ferocity, better relations with the few stable badlands outposts would be helpful. The fallen Bloodletter Khatan Stonehoof has encamped his warhorde at the ruins of the Bronze Fortress, where he and his men have devoted themselves to worship of the Bloodthirster, a powerful Minotaur they believe to be a chosen of the chaos dragon Khorne. As unpredictable as they can be, given the orphic importance the chaos tribes place on the game of blood bowl, beating a team of their bloodwarriors in a match could provide an opportunity for building a productive relationship.

Based on his history, our diplomat believes that if we can prove our ability, the Bloodletter will encourage one of his disciples to join our team as a show of respect.

Name Position Base Team Learned Skills Default Skills MA ST AG AV Injuries Cost
Bloodthirster Minotaur Chaos +ST,..
Loner, Wild Animal, Thick Skull, Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Horns 5 6 2 8
Bloodletter Khatan Bull Centaur Chaos Dwarf Frenzy, Guard, Mighty Blow Sprint, Sure Feet, Thick Skull 5 4 1 8 -MA, -AV, -AG 190k
Khorne Herald Blocker Chaos Dwarf Frenzy,.. Block, Tackle, Thick Skull 4 3 2 9
High Disciple Blocker Chaos Dwarf Frenzy,.. Block, Tackle, Thick Skull 4 3 2 9
Low Disciple Blocker Chaos Dwarf Frenzy,.. Block, Tackle, Thick Skull 4 3 2 9
Blood-drinker Hobgoblin Chaos Dwarf Frenzy,..
Blood-drinker Thrall Vampire Frenzy,..
Blood-drinker Bretonnian Frenzy,..

Saugha Trading Post

Fan Factor
Assistant Coaches
Beer Mavens
Team Rerolls
Stadium The Pit
Beer Stand
Team Value 1610-1810

A Theran mercenary crew has set up shop at the Saugha Trading Post upriver from Mountain's Reach, a waystation for lumber, pelts, and other products of Dark Tooth Mountain and the forest at its base. They're attempting to establish themselves as a town guard—and take a cut of all trade through the post—much to the consternation of nearby Mountain's Reach. They've even gone so far as to assemble a blood bowl team and challenge all comers, agreeing to leave if they can be defeated. However, while the Mountain's Reach team could easily go beat them themselves, they think it will provide a stronger message to the Theran Empire and its catspaws if a lesser orc team beats them. They're willing to provide an apothecary and a rookie black orc player to the Mercato team if it can beat the Theran mercenaries.

Name Position Base Team Learned Skills Default Skills MA ST AG AV Injuries Cost