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Personal Spending

Number of Existing
Persistent Action Points
0 5,000¥
1 10,000¥
2 15,000¥
etc. +5,000¥

Characters can spend money on things not otherwise covered that are of a more personal nature: luxuries, partying, charity, etc. This should be described in light detail: purchasing a trid system, going to a downtown nightclub, funding a soup kitchen, etc.

Players receive persistent action points when they do so. A persistent action point is like a normal action point except that, while it persists between sessions until spent, it does not count as an action point for determining if a player is out of action points at the start of the session and therefore deserving of the regular free action point.

Persistent action points are purchased one at a time, with a scaling cost determined as the table to the right. Buying a persistent action point requires enough time to perform the described action.

Medical Services

Type Cost Availability Description
Genetic Cleansing 100,000¥ Restricted Repairs damage to the patient's genetic code, such as may occur from toxic or radioactive exposure. Requires a month spent in a medically-induced coma.
Hospitalization 1,000¥ per day Restricted Professional intensive medical care.
Total Rebuild 1,000,000¥ Restricted A vat-grown body to replace a total loss. Growing the replacement requires three months, but this can be performed in advance and the body kept in stasis. Even so, regrowing nerve connections between the vat body and the brain requires an additional week. Most likely to be an option where the patient has a black box. Replacement of unrecovered or destroyed cyberware not included in price.




Don't leave home without it! DocWagon™ offers first-class medical care on a 24-hour, house (or street) call basis. Once a call from a platinum card-holder is confirmed, most DocWagon™ franchises guarantee arrival of a trauma team in less than ten minutes, or else the immediate medical care is free.

On-sight resuscitation (OSR) service, for dead but retrievable clients, carries a high premium. OSR is required where a client has taken a deadly injury.

High threat response (HTR) service is provided where hostiles need to be cleared for the extraction. HTR costs increase based upon the degree of response required.

The client (or his heirs) is expected to pay any required employee death compensation (EDC) for DocWagon™ personnel killed during a retrieval.

A DocWagon™ contract requires the filing of tissue samples (held in a secure vault staffed by bonded guards, spiders, and mages) and comes with a biomonitor RFID tag implant or wristband that can be activated to call for help and then to serve as a homing beacon for DocWagon™ armed ambulances and fast-response choppers in the area. Rupture of the band will also alert DocWagon™ representatives. Registration with DocWagon™ replaces the normal identity check for restricted items, which has made them a popular service with shadowrunners, along with their armed response coverage in areas most emergency services won't go to.

DocWagon™ does not respond to calls on extraterritorial government or corporate property without permission from the controlling authority.

Type Cost Maximum Response Time HTR OSR Hospitalization
DocWagon Basic Contract 500¥ per month 30 minutes 100% 100% 100%
DocWagon Gold Contract 2,000¥ per month 20 minutes 50% 90% 90%
DocWagon Platinum Contract 5,000¥ per month 10 minutes 0% 50% 50%

Type Cost Description
On-Sight Resuscitation (OSR) 8,000¥ For dead but revivable clients.
Employee Death Compensation (EDC) 20,000¥ For each DocWagon employee that dies in an extraction.

Type Level
4 5 6 7 8 9 10
High Threat Response (HTR) 5,000¥ 10,000¥ 15,000¥ 23,000¥ 31,000¥ 40,000¥ 50,000¥

Special Vendors

These are sellers that have special goods or services, or goods or services at particularly low prices, available to the runners thanks to connections that the runners have built and maintained. Goods and services sold be these sellers don't have availability (e.g., controlled or restricted) limitations. In general, prices are listed for purchases for personal use, not bunk resale.

The Brain Eaters


The runners helped the Brain Eaters take control of a prime trading spot in a small city park near Glow City. As long as they maintain the relationship they have access to various decker services.

Forged Credentials
Type Cost Description
Fake SIN 2,000¥ A SIN good enough to pass a field check, but not an extended examination. Can be used once to access a lightly-secured facility, pass a routine police stop, etc. Would normally be paired with a SINRFID to be of practical value. Good for one use.
Registered SIN 20,000¥ A SIN identifying you as a citizen of somewhere that someone actually gives a shit about, with a biometric profile you can actually pass. Until blown, sufficient to travel internationally, purchase equipment listed as restricted, enter highly-secured publicly-accessible facilities, and pass a thorough police stop. Good until blown.
Fake Vehicle Registration 2,000¥ A VIN valid to a vehicle, that hasn't been blown yet. Good enough to pass a casual check, such as might be used to access lightly-secured facilities or during a routine police stop. Good for one use.
Valid Vehicle Registration 20,000¥ A VIN that's as good as real. Good until blown.

One-shot Operational Utilities
Type Cost Description
Camo 50,000¥ Removes one or more subjects from a surveillance system.
Crash 10,000¥ Take a whole security system down as if it suffered a catastrophic crash.
Defuse 10,000¥ Prevent the enactment of self-erasure security methods on a system.
Doorstop 10,000¥ Keeps a system from engaging a physical security lockdown.
Encrypt 10,000¥ Encrypts the data of a system with a specified key to prevent the owner from accessing it.
Evaluate 10,000¥ Searches a system for valuable paydata.
Mirrors 10,000¥ Loops a surveillance system.
Purge 2,000¥ Destroy all the data on a system.
Redecorate 50,000¥ Provides complete domination over a system to an external controller.
Sniffer 10,000¥ Extracts data based on predefined parameters.
Snooper 10,000¥ Allows remote monitoring of the system.
Swerve 10,000¥ A local security system neither alerts nor suspiciously falls silent to an external monitor.
Triangulation 1,000¥ Allows for a system to be located externally in the Matrix.
Validate 10,000¥ Inserts one or more security credentials.

These one-shot utilities require physical or otherwise privileged access to a system to operate.

The Plastic Jungle


The runners control the water plant in the jungle, which gives them influence and rep among the people who live there. These will be available as long as they keep paying the people who actually operate and guard the plant, at a current rate of 100,000¥ a month.

Type Cost Description
Basic Lifestyle 0 The runners can always find basic food and accommodation at a Squatter lifestyle level in the Plastic Jungles, including at the Ape House.
Basic Healthcare 0 The runners, if injured, can always find low-quality healthcare from Mama Palazzo, equivalent to a Middle lifestyle.

The Red Hot Nukes


Maniac helped the Nukes take out some convoys that Lone Star was running through Redmond, which threatened their protection racket. As long as he stays close to the go gang, they'll offer a good deal on the vehicles that move through their chop shop.

Type Cost Description
Stolen Vehicle 5,000¥ A stolen restricted-availability cost-2 subcompact, sedan, or van.
Stolen Vehicle 10,000¥ A stolen restricted-availability cost-2 chopper, SUV, or medium transport.

Stolen vehicles do not come with VINs good enough to pass even a basic check.

The Wizards of the Coast


Mac has built a relationship with this group of wizards on a farming commune in Snohomish. He can maintain it be being available to do jobs when needed.

Type Cost Description
Initiation - The wizards can perform an initiation at the cost listed for it, removing availability limitations.
Watcher Trap 10,000¥ A one-use fetish that makes it easier to subdue a watcher spirit.