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LAV Systems Access.png
LAV Systems Access Screen

LAV-103 line drawing.gif
LAV-103 Striker Light Tank

Kenneth Brackhaven
7th President of the UCAS

~13,000 BC - 2057



General Franklin Yeats
1998 - 2057




Session Report

We're in the middle of pulling off a data heist against an Ares subsidiary. The planning and infiltration were (mostly) pretty mirrorshades in spirit...a combination of free-jumping onto the roof of the building from an overhead tourist monorail after some magically-enhanced fast talking to clear the car of passengers, some grappling gun action to help get the less athletic hacker in with the rest of us, and a conveniently timed distraction in a nearby shopping complex to get the guards focused on other things while we sneak in, grab what we came for (and maybe some extra goodies on the side), and get out.

Currently the shopping complex is on fire, a panicked mob of proud firearm owners have had a brutal shootout with panicking security forces and there are probably at least a dozen fatalities, the data-hub is filling up with dangerous hyper-freon gas after a tased security nerd collided with some OSHA non-compliant coolant ducts, we have a rescued sasquatch in tow after freeing it from a live-fire weapons testing range where we liberated a prototype assault rifle and a stock of vicious corrosive chemical rounds, and we have two HRT teams inbound by helicopter, one of which is likely to be eaten by the devil rats we released from the testing range's cages before gluing the door shut behind us. Oh, and the lobby's security turrets are currently being cleared with grenades by the guy who charged a Firewatch sergeant equipped with an Ares Alpha using nothing but a survival knife and barely came out on top.

But we did get the data we came for which means that technically we've hit all of our primary objectives.

That was actually the groundwork job. The actual job that we did this one to get intel for is extracting a high-value asset off of an inbound prisoner transport coming in by sea. So imagine all of this happening again in an enclosed space surrounded by the ocean. At least with the IFF security codes we're significantly less likely to be shot at by automated point-defense guns as we board.

Pictures of the Future