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Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Dodge Scoot 1 Always Yamaha Star, Messerschmidt-Kawasaki Chi, Honda Sprite environmentally friendly
The Scoot is an electrically powered scooter. Designed for urban commuting, the Scott is an inexpensive option to public transportation that is affordable and ecologically friendly. Among young upwardly mobile urban professionals, it is the best selling bike on the market.
Entertainment Systems Papoose 1 Always Mitsuhama Kestrel, Hyundai Clarion, Suzuki Metro peppy
The Papoose is an unusual vehicle: an electric racing cycle. While it can't compete with a combustion engine for speed or acceleration, the Papoose can achieve up to 30 kpm more than other vehicles of its class. Designed for crowded city streets, its surprising power and performance make it a good compromise for those who have an ecological conscience but still desire some speed.
Mitsubishi Runabout 1 Always Volkswagen Elektro comfortable
For those without the skill to manage a two-wheeler, or looking for a little more storage space, this sleek trike is designed for commuters and short-distance trips and still offers great fuel efficiency.


Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
BMW Blitzen 2057 3 Restricted Yamaha Sprint, Honda Banshee, Harley-Davidson Diablo fast, maneuverable, impressive
Though unarmed, the Blitzen is a high-performance combat bike. Continuing the tradition of state-of-the-art performance bikes from the creators of the motorcycle, the Blitzen is used in combat bike competitions around the globe. Seen as the ultimate in design, speed, and handling, it is the bike of the corporate elite – and those who want to pretend they are.
Harley-Davidson Electroglide 3 Controlled Dodge Guardian, Honda Cerebus, Nissan Stealth fast, maneuverable, tough
The Electroglide is the vehicle of choice for Lone Star bike patrols in cities across the UCAS. In keeping with its reputation for being able to take overwhelming punishment and keep going, it comes standard with runflat tires, off-road suspension, communications equipment, and a weapon mount, allowing security forces to take the chase to the perpetrators no matter where they run.
Harley-Davidson Scorpion 2 Restricted Triumph RK30, Nissan Khan, Honda Duke reliable, popular
The Scorpion is a classic road hog. The folks at Harley-Davidson have taken years of experience in what bikers dream about and distilled it into the Scorpion design. A heavy chassis and powerful engine, combined with the Harley-Davidson reputation for quality, make this bike the most popular model on the road toad.
Honda Viking 2 Restricted Mitsuhama Reckoning, Yamatetsu Predator, Harley-Davidson Gideon heavy, tough
The other major candidate for road hog of the century, the Viking supports optional reinforced seating for troll-sized riders, giving even the largest rider the freedom of the road. Honda has taken advantage of the strengths inherent in the chopper chassis to create the most meta-friendly vehicle to hit the market since the Awakening.

Off-Road Bikes

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Gaz-Niki White Eagle 2 Controlled Harley-Davidson Wolverine, BMW Starfire, Hyundai Marauder durable, repairable
The White Eagle is an off-road cycle, designed for durability and easy maintenance. Given the amount of punishment an off-road bike takes, the creators of the White Eagle designed a bike that could not only function in the outdoors but also be easy to service and repair. In addition, it can also mount a weapon, making for an excellent rural or urban security vehicle.
Hyundai Offroader 2 Restricted Opel Nacht, Dodge Gauntlet, Yamaha Growler long-range, reliable
This all-terrain cycle is one of the best in the off-road market. Voted Best for Off-Road Terrain by Easy Rider magazine, the Offroader has made huge inroads into the competition. It is surprisingly quiet for a vehicle of this type and has earned a reputation for reliable off-road performance, earning military contracts in many North American countries.
Thundercloud Pinto 2 Restricted Jeep Rover, EUC Veldt, Nissan Tornado semi-amphibious, cargo containers
The Pinto is manufactured in Pueblo, and their attention to detail and focus in creating a design that could flourish across the untamed wilds of their nation has paid off. Technically a trike, the vehicle's tri-wheel base and balloon tires enable the Pinto to handle almost any terrain it finds.

Racing Bikes

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Suzuki Aurora 2 Restricted Yamaha Katana, BMW Victory, Mitsuhama Blaze fast, maneuverable
When Suzuki designed the Aurora, they wanted a vehicle that would cement their hold on the top-end racing market. The Aurora does all that and more. It's the definitive speed machine, with superior handling and maneuverability for challenging roads. Add that to the high level of performance the Aurora provides, and it's little wonder that the Aurora is the preferred model of the racing circuit.
Yamaha Rapier 2 Restricted Suzuki Mirage, Honda Zephyr, Dodge G6000 fast, maneuverable
Yamaha created the Rapier to give racing performance in a real-world environment. Taking a different tack from its competitors, it decided to build a bike with premium performance, acceleration, and handling for the street instead of the racecourse. While this does give it a slightly lower maximum speed, its lightweight design makes it a pleasure to ride.



Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Chrysler-Nissan Jackrabbit 2 Restricted Citroën Ztana, Ford Swift, Dodge Glow popular, repairable
The option for either methane or electric engines in the Jackrabbit is one of the most popular choices on the market, and the Jackrabbit's ease of repair and readily available aftermarket parts make it one of the most common cars among the masses. There are a number of vehicles on the market which share similar parts, making repair times remarkably short. This availability has unfortunately also led to the Jackrabbit being one of the most frequently stolen cars on the streets, flooding the black market with cheap stolen parts.
Leyland-Zil Tsarina 2 Restricted Open Rana, Kia Zephyr, Volkswagen Messenger distinctive, cargo space
This car has an unusual seating arrangement, with the driver's seat slightly above and to the rear of the passengers. This car also comes with cargo space and a luggage rack, both rarities in the subcompact class. While Leyland-Zil has a reputation for putting economy above quality, the Tsarina has held its ground in the market nonetheless.


Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Chrysler-Nissan Patrol-1 2 Restricted Ford Marshal, Kia Justice, Mazda XZ250 quick, armored
The P-1 is the most common urban patrol car in use today. It is based on the Chrysler-Nissan Skyline GTR, one of the quickest sedans on the road. The P-1 package keeps the GTR's powerful engine and adds both armor and plenty of space for locking up criminals, options which keep law-enforcement agencies coming back.
Ford Americar 2 Restricted Chrysler-Nissan Sentra XI, Mercury Comet, Honda Accord reliable, popular
Though it has gone through many changes and modifications over the years, the Americar remains Ford's best-selling car. The alterations have eliminated most of the problems and bugs, making it Ford's most reliable car. Its price has stayed competitive for years and continues to be the benchmark for low-priced sedans on the road today.
General Products COP 2 Restricted Ford Mule, Mitsuhama Chariot, Renraku Sai reliable, unassuming
The City Operations Patroller (COP) is a common alternative to a full-size patrol car. Though not as big and armored as most other patrol cars, it is a cheaper option for rural precincts to consider. Civilian versions without armor or weapons are commonly used by delivery services across the UCAS.
Toyota Elite 2 Restricted Buick Park Avenue, Saab 10-6, Citroen Xhen spacious, comfortable
The Elite is a full-size luxury car with a relatively average price for a power sedan. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this vehicle. Surprisingly nimble for a car of its size, the Elite's vast amount of headroom and comfortable interior make it a favorite among trolls and orcs.

Sports Cars

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Eurocar Westwind 2000 3 Restricted Ferrari 700 Spider, BMW 3420LS, Citron 1030 fast, beautiful, agile
The Westwind 2K is the product of some of the most talented designers in Europe, with a body that says Porsche and an engine that screams Ferrari. Arguably the most beautiful sports car on the road today, it's a classic blend of form and function. The twin turbo model offers the same quality with the extra speed that some customers require.
Ferrari Open-Wheel Racer 3 Restricted Peugeot AP75, Daimler-Benz MP6-17, Mazda Star 303 fast, renowned, agile
This car was designed with a specific audience in mind, and it was never meant for the street. The Ferrari racer was a concept car, created for collectors and auto eccentrics. Many owners won't drive this open-wheeled one-seater on the open road for legal reasons if nothing else, choosing to keep the vehicle on display or garaged. Those who do dare travel the road in this masterpiece leave everything else in the dust.
Honda-GM 3220 2 Restricted Ford Mustang, Toyota 660 Arachnid, Chrysler Menace quick, popular
Honda-GM has cornered the market on the low-price sports cars and the 3220 has remained popular throughout all its model changes. With all the aftermarket products that are made for the 3220s, it's no wonder that there are so many different kinds on the streets. The thirty-Two Hundreds, a popular owners club with chapters across the UCAS, even has a convention every year in Milwaukee to celebrate the car they have come to love. Lone Star uses a lightly armored version on assignments that need something more capable than the average auto.
Saab Dynamit 778 TI 3 Restricted Porsche Winter, Mitsubishi Shadow, Peugeot RM780 fast, agile, safe
With its amazing new Mitsuhama sensory active traction accelerator (SATA), the 778 TI is one of the fastest things on the road today. It takes quick reflexes and a lot of money to pilot this land rocket. Roll bars and a 6-point seat harness are standard, as Saab does its best to help you feel safer at speeds over 300 kph.

Sport Utility Vehicles

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Gaz-Willys Nomad 2 Restricted Ford Survivor, Citroën Jumpy, Mitsuhama Tanto popular, cargo space
The Gaz is a favorite among professional riggers. Its versatility and numerous options make it one of the most widely used vehicles on the road. Whether you use it for hauling soy beans or blasting through a go-ganger roadblock, it is equally capable. And, with plenty of cargo space, there is plenty of room for either groceries or heavy ordnance, take your pick.
GMC MPUV 3 Controlled Ford Workhorse, Volkswagen Wildnis, Renraku Bear armored, popular, quick
The versatile GMC multi-purpose utility vehicle (MPUV) is a very popular light-combat SUV. As opposed to the Gaz-Willys, this truck has nothing to hide. Heavy armor and weapon mounts come as standard equipment. Its low price for a vehicle of its class makes it a common sight around the world.
Land Rover Model 2046
2 Restricted Saab Auslander, Suzuki Sporty, Celebrian Terrain sturdy, dependable
This legendary 4-wheel drive SUV is the latest descendant in Land Rover's long line of off-road vehicles. From the deserts of north Africa to the streets of Seattle, the 2046 is as sturdy and dependable as any vehicle on the road. The 2046 is available as a van or pickup.
Nissan-Holden Brumby 2 Restricted
Land Rover Model 2067
compact, reliable
The Brumby is a smaller 4-wheel drive SUV. If you don't need all that space, but still want a diesel engine and all-terrain suspension, it can pull you out of some very difficult situations. The Brumby receives excellent reviews from automative magazines and other consumer reports as an affordable performance SUV.
Toyota Gopher 2 Restricted Ford Texan, Nissan Rebel, GMC B150 cargo space, reliable
The Gopher is a classic pickup truck with great off-road suspension, superior handling, and a loyal customer base. It comes with a built-in gun safe and an impressive warranty, but the Gopher's low price and huge cargo space are its best features.

Sand Buggies

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Lockheed-Chenowth Light Strike Vehicle 2 Restricted VW Sandstorm, Suzuki Dune, Yamaha Sahara quick, dependable
The Lockheed-Chenowth LSV is a four-person dune buggy commonly used by mercenaries, security agencies, and special forces operating on long-range reconnaissance missions. Lockheed uses its knowledge of lightweight aircraft materials to make a quick and dependable buggy. Titanium alloy allows for solid support with only half the weight.


Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
DocWagon SRT Ambulance 3 Restricted Ford Medivan, Modified Chrysler-Nissan VS 780, Renraku ParaMed common, quick, ambulance
Nothing says "Something has gone horribly wrong" like the appearance of the DocWagon SRT. Designed to accommodate one patient, this vehicle patrols a regular beat in order to respond quickly to calls. Over years of tweaking and upgrading its fleet of vehicles, DocWagon is emerging as the standard for medical vans and trucks.
GMC Bulldog Step-Van 3 Restricted Dodge Ram, Ford F350, Chrysler-Nissan Packer common, armored, cargo space
The Bulldog is an updated version of the standard delivery truck. It is the most common truck in the delivery business and its base model comes with concealed armor, which has kept many packages safe that otherwise might not have been.
Leyland-Rover Transport 2 Restricted Nissan Coda, Dodge Caravan, Mitsuhama Shogun spacious, inconspicuous
This sturdy, medium-sized van has plenty of interior space for transporting people or cargo. The electric engine responds well to the GridLink system, but the gasoline engine offers more power. A good suburban vehicle to have for a very inconspicuous look.
Lone Star Black Mariah USPTV 3 Restricted Knight Errant Securivan, Sioux Modified Nissan Sheriff, Celebrian Conscript secure, armored, intimidating
The Black Mariah is the modern version of the celebrated "paddywagon." One part prison cell, one part tank, and several parts oppressive vehicle of the Man. The Black Mariah can be seen rounding up gang members or quelling rioting mobs. It has enough armor and security features to keep suspects in and harmful elements out.
Renault-Fiat Eurovan 2 Restricted Volkswagen Superkombi V, Ford Engineer, Renraku Busman modifiable, repairable
The Eurovan introduces a revolutionary concept in vehicle design. While the frame and chassis remain the same, the vehicle configuration is simply a body alteration. This allows Renault-Fiat to use one basic design to produce six different vehicles: any combination of camper, covered bed or pickup, and gasoline or electric engine.


Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Mitsubishi Nightsky 3 Restricted Lincoln Mark V. Buick Broadway, Renraku Honor large, fun, comfortable
The Nightsky is the favored limo among both corporate ladder-climbers and celebrities. Its plush interior made from all-natural materials along with a cornucopia of communication and entertainment gadgets make getting there more fun. Customization is par for the course, and a stock Nightsky screams "rental."
Rolls-Royce Phaeton 3 Restricted Bentlet Verde, BMW Exeter 960, Daimler-Benz Ambassador secure, connected, luxurious
The Rolls lime is the most spectacularly decadent, secure, and high-tech vehicle on the road today. Its Satellite uplink, multi-electronic data ports, wet bar, and tridscreen are standard features, just to name a few. While popular with top corp executives and government officials, most people can't afford to rent one.


Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Ford-Canada Bison 3 Restricted Dodge Wanderer, Winnebago Sojourner, Renraku Typhoon large, powerful, go-anywhere
The Bison is a favorite for those who enjoy experiencing the power of a vehicle first hand. It's large and powerful enough to haul just about anything or anyone. The Bison's excellent off-road suspension and balloon tires make it a go-anywhere vehicle, and its powerful engine is ripe for rigger modification. Size and power, thy name is Bison.
Rolls-Royce Prairie Cat 3 Restricted Itasca Limitless, Dodge California, Celebrian Celestine amphibious, luxurious, off-road
A 4x4 with an amphibious propulsion system has very few terrain limits. This unusual vehicle combines luxurious amenities with the toughness and capabilities of a sturdy four-wheel-drive off-roader. Though the Prairie Cat has a heavy price tag, this RV is equipped with every entertainment, communication, and safety feature you can jam into a vehicle.

Medium Transports

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Ares Citymaster 3 Controlled VW Urbano armored, life support, communications
The Citymaster urban riot-control vehicle functions as a mobile command post. This modern transport comes fully loaded and generally is outfitted with additional weapons and armor. The Citymaster is a formidable foe and a very expensive law-enforcement toy.
Ares Roadmaster 2 Restricted VW Brüllen cargo capacity, customizable
The Roadmaster is the basic model for the Ares Master series. Many runners modify Roadmasters rather than seeking out the more expensive and hard-to-obtain Master models. This large cargo transport can become a security vehicle or a mobile rigger's "captain's chair" with just a few modifications of easily interchangeable parts.
DocWagon Citymaster Variant 3 Controlled none armed, armored, mobile clinic
DocWagon uses the best vehicles by necessity. When they put their stamp of approval on the versatile Ares Citymaster, it gave the Citymaster a significant sales boost. DocWagon outfits the Citymaster with enough medical equipment to make this truck into a mobile hospital, as well as outfitting it with two light machine guns to protect the patients and crew.
DocWagon CRT Ambulance 3 Controlled none secure, famous, mobile clinic
DocWagon's staple vehicle is the CRT ambulance, a design that has become associated the world over with the DocWagon name. It is the workhorse of DocWagon's fleet and is immediately recognizable due to the unique reflective paint scheme used by the corp.

Heavy Transports

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
GMC 4201 3 Restricted Ford F500, Dodge Ram Industrial, VW X600 reliable, powerful, stable
This heavily-built, box-like transport is known for its solid workmanship and reliability. Its very powerful engine can haul anything that can fit inside the 4201. It is unusually stable off-road as well, and it has a huge cargo and load capacity. Not surprisingly, the 4201 is popular in nations where civilized areas are rare but the transport of goods is common.

Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs)

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Ferrari Appaloosa Light Scout 4 Controlled Dodge APC750, Lockheed-Chenowth Protector speed, maneuverability, sensors, stealth
The Appaloosa goes to prove that Ferrari can turn its hand to anything it wishes and come out with a superior product. Commissioned by Italy during the Euro Wars, the Appaloosa is a light, fast vehicle that can carry six along with their gear through moderate to heavy fire. While not as tough as some APCs, it is well worth its purchase price for the armies lucky enough to have it.
LAV-93 Devil Rat 3 Controlled Salish-Sidhe Warrior amphibious, spacious, reliable
The Devil Rat is a vehicle that knows its job and does it well, making it popular across the globe. Designed to be one of the premier armored personnel carriers in military service today, its affordable price combined with its superior performance ensure its presence in the modern military.
LAV-103 Striker Light Tank 3 Controlled Lockheed-Chenowth Defender, UCAS A1098 armed, armored, powerful
The Striker is LAV's interpretation of the need for light tanks in today's infantry. It's a favorite with megacorporations because of its affordable firepower. While there are only a few manufacturers of light tanks today, the competition is fierce for military contracts. It remains to be seen if LAV's traditional yet reliable designs can keep up with the innovative engineers at Lockheed-Chenowth.


Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Conestoga Trailblazer 3 Restricted GMC Hauler dependable, comfortable, powerful
The birth of the NAN nations saw the end of trucking in the West as the primary means of transporting goods, but the professional still lives throughout the UCAS and CAS states. Of those tractors that lead the smaller truck market, the Trailblazer is at the head of the class. With a reputation for dependability combined with a surprising amount of speed, Conestoga is likely to remain at the forefront of the industry for some time to come.


Light Hovercraft

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Sikorsky-Bell Red Ranger 3 Restricted Fed-Boeing Dragonfly, Renraku KX-55R3 fast, impressive, sensor equipment
This speed-demon of a hovercraft is put to good use as a reconnaissance and scouting craft. The craft is popular in the private sector as well, getting lots of attention from weekend sportsmen. Unmodified, the Red Ranger wins tournament races regularly with its stock Fed-Boeing GS-1000 jet turbine engine. Seats two.

Medium Hovercraft

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Chrysler-Nissan G12A 2 Restricted GMC Everglades, Celebrian Columbia reliable, flexible
The G12A is an inexpensive mid-line hovercraft for those who just want to hover. Used for cargo routes that require some special consideration or passenger carriers, the Chrysler-Nissan craft is considered a reliable, moderate alternative to the other highly specialized, more expensive hovercraft on the market. Seats two to ten based on passenger or cargo configuration.
GMC Beachcraft Patroller 3 AVAILABILITY Ford Seaguard, Mostrans KVP-27S fast, tough, armed
Coast guards, harbor patrol, and Lone Star agencies all have hovercraft because pirates, smugglers, and runners have hovercraft. The Beachcraft Patroller is fast enough to keep pace with smaller crafts and tough enough to take a beating. The Patroller model is a souped-up version of the Vacationer, which was produced first. Seats two.
GMC Beachcraft Vacationer 3 Restricted Mostrans KVP-20T, Novatech Hummingbird comfortable, reliable, living quarters
The Vacationer is the first GMC hovercraft to find commercial success. GMC marketed the Vacationer to families and well-to-do bachelors with swinging lifestyles, and it paid off. WIth space for six passengers and room to socialize, the Vacationer is an interesting alternative to your everyday yacht or motorboat.
Lone Star SWAT Hovertruck 3 Controlled Knight Errant Modified Mostrans KVP-27S, Yamatetsu Harbinger large, armed, armored
While Lone Star typically contracts modifications to pre-existing vehicles, they found most hovercraft were not well suited to security work. With parts and an engine from various European corporations and assembled by Aztechnology, the SWAT has the versatility and armor that Lone Star desired. Seats twelve.
Mostrans KVP-14T 3 Restricted Sikorsky-Bell Hoveround, Chrysler-Nissan Missoury large, weather resilient, tough
Specially designed for harsh winter climates, the "Ivan" is produced by Mostrans of Moscow. Popular throughout Europe, the VKP-14T has caught on recently in North America. The recent addition of a water-tight boat hull makes the craft more suited for land/water terrain, although that isn't intended to be a primary function. Available in standard (seats two) and passenger (seats twenty) models.

Heavy Hovercraft

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
GMC-Nissan Hovertruck 3 Restricted Mostrans KVP-14XXL, Sikorsky-Bell HP Hovercraft tough, big, reliable
The behemoth of hovercraft, the GMC-Nissan Hovertruck enjoys the distinction of being the largest hovercraft on the market. Its competitors offer a few more whistles and bells than the hovertruck, but none has its raw size. Seats four with lots of cargo space.


Water Scooters

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Suzuki Watersport 2 Always SeaDoo Arrow, Kawasaki Aqualisk, Aztechnology Maya fun, maneuverable
The Watersport offers all the maneuverability and speed of a Suzuki motorcycle on the wide-open sea. Suzuki has definitely aimed the Watersport at the recreational crowd, offering several dynamic paint scheme and minor body modification options to personalize each one.


Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Aztechnology Nightrunner 2 Restricted Kawasaki Interloper, GMC Heron, Suzuki Skimmer efficient, comfortable
The aptly named Nightrunner is a small, efficient skiff for two that can keep up with watercraft twice its size. The model is also available in an electric model for the ultimate in a quiet, peaceful ride.
Sendako Marlin 2 Restricted Surfstar Liberty, Celebrian Seagull, JY Splash silent, classic
Whether you're a weekend sailor or weekday smuggler, the Marlin is a silent, affordable, and inconspicuous alternative to a traditionally-powered vessel. While many of Sendako's competitors have gone to sleeker, more modern designs, the Marlin retains a traditional, classic look. Last year, dilettante Mortimer Profacas won the Chicago Mackinac race in a humble marlin, increasing its popularity among boat enthusiasts. Seats four.
Surfstar Marine Seacop 3 Controlled GMC Merrow, Suzuki Sea Lion, Renraku CK7250 fast, tough, patrol sensors
Coastal Lone Star branches use the Seacop as their standard patrol boat. While generally utilized for routine search-and-seizure duty, its speed comes into play when criminals think they can outrun the smaller craft. Including a firmpoint, spotlight, and communications gear, Surfstar has fine-tuned the Seacop for law-enforcement use and thereby ensured their contract with Lone Star. Seats five.


Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Colorado Craft Cigarette Hydrofoil 3 Restricted Suzuki Tsunami, Yamatetsu Jet Stream fast, maneuverable, sleek
Colorado Craft has surpassed itself, coming back from a dry design spell to breeze past its competitors with the Cigarette Hydrofoil, so named because of its distinctive slim design. The boat itself is fast becoming a fixture on the racing circuit, and with the improvements that have been made to the latest model it is sure to keep Colorado Craft afloat for years to come. Seats two.

Sport Cruisers

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Aztechnology Tiburón Patrol Boat 4 Controlled GMC Avenger, Criscraft Patroller, Zemlya-Poltava Militant armed, stealthy, reliable, impressive
The impressive performance and success of the Aztech Tiburón has resulted in the production of this patrol model. A high-quality stealth cruiser, the Tiburón seems to enjoy a strong presence in all markets: military, corps, private owners, and especially overseas. Proud owners often quote the cruiser's reliability and plethora of options as their reasons for purchasing the boat, feature that help increase Aztech's market share across the board. Comes equipped with multiple mini- and micro-turrets fully covering the environment around the watercraft.
Blohm & Voss River Commander 3 Controlled GMC Harbormaster, Aztechnology Serpiente, Celebrian Striker armored, cargo space, weapons
The River Commander is one of the largest boats in its class, having comparably devoted much of its space to cargo. Surprisingly, the expected sacrifice in speed and power is not as significant as one would expect. The spacious design of the Biohm & Voss craft is unique and obviously inspired the derivative Aztechnology Serpiente. Comes equipped with multiple mini- and micro-turrets.
GMC Riverine 3 Controlled Criscraft Tidal, Kawasaki Gendarmerie, Mitsuhama Tigershark large, armed, modern
This popular patrol boat is large and well-armed. GMC is very responsive to customer recommendations, altering the Riverine significantly each year of its production. The Riverine is known for its on-board accommodations, accommodating a small crew in relative comfort.
Samuvani-Criscraft Otter 2 Restricted Suzuki Hannibal, Yamatetsu Shadowcat, GMC Imperator reliable, popular
This widely copied utility vessel is used largely for river and inshore operations. The Otter features an open-hull fiberglass body, making it both light and affordable. While fishermen and sportsmen purchase the majority of these boats, it's not uncommon to see security officers, port authority, or even smugglers using a heavily modified but still unassuming Otter.
Zemlya-Poltava Swordsman 2 Restricted Surfstar Marine Mer-Warrior, Yamatetsu Valkyrie, Biohm & Voss Seneschal comfortable, spacious
The modestly priced pleasure craft is the way to go if you're looking for the most boat for the nuyen. The Swordsman comfortably seats eight, with two bunks located in the bow. It is commonly outfitted with either a more powerful Euronav "Poseidon" motor or an Acced Marine electric drive for a smooth boating experience.


Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Harland & Wolff Classique 4 Restricted Yamatetsu Genéve, Marine Technologies Sea Nymph, Celebrian Galahad lavish, massive, awe-inspiring, self-sufficient
There's no luxury that isn't part of this floating mansion: cabin space for twenty passengers with five bathrooms, a cabin unit for a crew of eight, two VIP suites with private bath, a four-room owner's unit with master bath, large living space, and galley. The standard features on this yacht are considered opulent, making this boat the premier choice among those who wish to sail in style.
Marine Technologies Dolphin II 3 Restricted Greater Victoria Patrician, Yamatetsu Princessa, Celebrian Mallornica luxurious, impressive, common
Common to marine rental companies and the executive on the rise, the Dolphin II is 10 meters of seaworth style and class. Below decks are the galley, lounge, six comfortable cabins, and toilet facilities, while above deck are a partially covered bridge, seating for five, and a flying deck above. Tell the word you're somebody by owning a seaworth work of art.



Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Cunard Princess Victoria Liner 5 - Mitsuhama Calypso Liner, Princess Cruises Fairy Princess Ocean Liner cruise ship
Cruise lines across the globe employ the Princess Victoria to wine and dine their passengers and clients. While no single individual can vouch for the joys of owning one of these ships, a few of the Big Ten own them, just in case. A skeleton crew of 30 is the bare minimum required to operate this vessel.
Kvainer-Maersk Jorgensen-Class Merchantman 5 - Wuxing Zhen Lao-CLass cargo ship
This smaller cargo liner is used for every sort of cross-continental cargo; cars, fruit, textiles, raw materials, or any other import or export. The ship has limited sensor and sonar capabilities for negotiating iceberg-laden waters. Wuxing owns a fleet of these ships for its expansive transport business.


Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
CSS Stuart-Class Corvette 5 - USS Ohio-Class Corvette, BAA Jade Shark-Class Corvette military patrol boat
This Ares-made vessel is produced in large numbers for the CAS navy. They're used primarily for coastal partol or defense, but also provide supporting fire for surface action groups. Some special-mission Stuarts designated for anti-submarine missions carry MADCAPS in place of their typical load of Block II Outlaw missiles.


Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Shiaware Aohana-Class Frigate 6 - Wuxing Zhenn Wu'-Class Frigate military frigate
After the establishment of corporate extraterritoriality, the Shiawase Aohana was one of the first corporate waarships to hit the seas. The vessel was designed as a corporate escort, accompanying Shiawase convoys across dangerous waters. Since it's debut, the Aohana has become a more popular vessel, with some foreign military powers purchasing teh ship.

Aircraft Carrier

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
MF Akihito-Class Supercarrier 7 - USS Powell-Class Supercarrier, SKS Seemacht-Class Supercarrier aircraft carrier
There are only six Akihitos currently in commission. The nuclear aircraft carrier is the flagship of the Japanese Imperial Navy, and a powerful reminder of the Empire's naval superiority in the Pacific. These ships are powered by three reactors and can carry up to 80 planes.


Sea Sled

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Mitsuhama Anago 2 Always Yamatetsu Tagalong, Proteus AG Porpoise sea sled
Originally marketed to coastal resorts and scuba tours, the Mitsuhama Anago quickly found a second market in security work as waterways were an often-overlooked security matter for corporations and wealthy waterfront property-owners. The Anago can pull up to six "passengers" in addition to the two seats on the jet ski-style frame.


Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Saeder-Krupp D. J. Locker 3 Restricted Yamatetsu Selkie, Renraku ZT72 mechanical claw, cargo hold, reliable
Keeping Lowfyr's hand in land, air, and sea transport, Saeder-Krupp produces this two-person sub for exploration, retrieval, and rescue missions. The D. J. Locker comes with a spotlight and mechanical claw as standard features, typically used for underwater loading of the sub's isolated cargo hold. This sub looks deceptively large from the outside; the cargo holds and engine configuration take up an unwarranted amount of space.
Vulkan Delphin RQ7 Patrol 4 Controlled Renraku Manta Ray, Yamatetsu Fathom armed, armored, long-range, long-range sensors
A larger, lightly-armed version of the Electronaut, the Delphin can hold up to eight people with suitable accommodations. The RQ7 operates on electric batteries while submerged. When surfaced, it uses a diesel engine, which recharges batteries, allowing extensive travel between refueling stops. The Delphin isn't built to take on a real military vessel, but adds an edge to harbor patrols and can be used for covert insertion and extraction.
Vulkan Electronaut 2 Restricted Proteus AG Diver, Yamatetsu Sea Horse small, popular
This sub was initially built for recovery missions to the submerged cities of North Germany and the United Netherlands. Produced by the Allied German States, the two-person mini-sub is available in a wide selection of utility models, making it very popular across the board. Its relatively low price tag and effective marketing has made the minisub a well-received recreational craft as well.

Patrol Submarine

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Krasnaya Sormova Vaneyev-Class 5 - USS Columbia-Class, CSS Savannah-Class military patrol submarine
Produced in the shipyards of Komsomolsk by the Krasnay Sormova Shipbuilding Company. The Vaneyev was designed with economy and practically in mind. It operates with a diesel/electric engine combination much like the Vulkan Delphin series of subs. The sub also comes equipped with a electrolytic oxygen generator, making extended voyages possible.

Attack Submarines

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
USS New Hampshire-Class Attack Sub 6 - BAA Watersnake-Class, HMS Windsor-Class nuclear attack sub
The New Hampshire-class sub is the latest design developed by the UCAS to replace the aging fleet of Seawolf II and Toronto attack subs. There are thirteen subs commissioned thus far, with plans to continue a regular bi-annual production schedule. Specifically designed for precise strike missions, the New Hampshire excels at insertion and extraction of SEAL divers and general search-and-destroy assignments.

Commercial Boats

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Kvainer-Maersk Triton-Class 6 - Yamatetsu Jonah, Renraku Oyster Shell commercial transport sub
The Triton' is the most common commercial-transport sub around. The bubble-fusion reactor provides the sub with more than enough power while the oxygen generator operates when the sub is submerged, allowing it to stay underwater almost indefinitely. The Triton requires overhaul maintenance every twelve years.

Fixed-Wing Aircraft


Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Artemis Industries Nightglider 2 Always Fed-Boeing XC270, Lockheed Sparrow popular, silent
Artemis Industries felt there was a void to be filled in the ultralight aircraft category, which prompted the firm to create the Nightglider. Despite other ultralights being on the market, the Nightglider's non-reflective mesh skin, silent electric engine, and marketing campaign made it a moderately popular craft. The Nightglider has a deceptively large cargo area for a craft its size and is capable of carrying 200kg. Seats one.
Moonlight Aerospace Avenger 2 Restricted IFMU Einbruch, Bac-Dassault Stealth 4650 stealthed, STOL
The Avenger is a multipurpose paramilitary aircraft featuring enhanced STOL capabilities. This ultralight has been used successfully in large-scale military operations, private infiltrations, and corporate espionage. On the other hand, an avid fly-boy that can't afford a larger aircraft can still get in the air with one of these planes. Seats one.

Single-Engine Aircraft

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Fiat-Fokker Cloud Nine 3 Controlled Cessna PR370, Lockheed Skylark amphibious, reliable, popular
This turboprop plane is an amphibious vehicle that seats six and provides a bit of space for cargo and luggage. The Cloud Nine's ability to land in the water makes it popular on the coasts and in remote areas without landing strips. Fiat-Fokker does well overseas by way of the Cloud Nine.

Twin-Engine Aircraft

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
CASA-J-229 Raven 3 Controlled Lockheed Arrowflight 324, Bac-Dassault Faucon small, agile, STOL
The Raven is among the smallest of twin-engine aircraft, featuring twin micro-turbine engines. The body is actually a reinforced glider airframe, which accounts for its small size while allowing for more maneuverability. That added agility is crucial to the survival of the plane, considering its lack of armor. Seats two.
Cessna C750 3 Controlled Fed-Boeing P3SQ4, Ares Mercury reliable, repairable, popular
The Cessna C750 is a regular sight in hangars across the world. This classic craft can be outfitted as a cargo or passenger plane and serves as both on every continent. The Cessna's easy maintenance and infrequent problems make it a desirable craft commercially and privately. Seats two or four, depending on configuration.
Embraer-Dassault Mistral 3 Controlled Cessna C860, CASA J-329 Kestrel mid-sized, popular, VSTOL
This mid-sized twin-engine plane serves as a puddle-jumper and private plane for industries and individuals. The plane seats 17, so feel free to bring the co-habital partner on that business trip. This Mistral bears a striking resemblance to the discontinued Ares Daytripper, from whom Embraer-Dassault bought the design. Seats seventeen.
Lear-Cessna Platinum 3 Controlled Gulfstream V-WL, Ares Galaxy VI luxurious, long-range, STOL
The Platinum is a luxurious transport plane, usually well out of the price range of most ordinary citizens. It tends to carry only the corporate elite and eccentric venture capitalists. The Platinum seats four in absolute comfort, in addition to the pilot and co-pilot seats.


Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Hawker-Ridley HS-895 Skytruck 3 Controlled S-K Flugzeug, Ares TransSky common, reliable, repairable
The all-purpose Skytruck has a basic airframe that is often reconfigured by buyers to better suit their needs. Hawker-Ridley offers some basic configurations, but if anything more exotic is desired, a third party is generally contracted for the final refitting. Seats four to eighty, depending on configuration.
Lockheed C-260 Transport 4 Controlled Fed-Boeing Aerovan 8975, Aztechnology Accareo enormous, armored, modifiable, reliable
The Lockheed C-260 is a heavily armored multi-purpose transport commonly seen in military and mercenary circles. The plane's cargo space is enormous, capable of accommodating several vehicles and several thousand kilograms of equipment. Some of these craft get turned into flying headquarters, and the cargo space is turned into a living space or base of operations. Seats five.

High-Speed Commercial Transports

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Lockheed "Arrow" HSCT 4 Controlled British Airline Concorde 3000 fast, new, large, comfortable
The Lockheed "Arrow" was plagued with setbacks during its development stage. Eventually the plane made it to the production line, and the craft was well-received. The Arrow is used for regular trans-Atlantic flights from the UCAS to various parts of Europe. Seats 204.
Airbus A 1570 HSCT 4 Controlled S-K Stern fast, established, large, comfortable
The A 1570 was one of the early HSCTs on the market and has survived despite declined use in recent years. The newer HSCTs are more fuel efficient and are generally larger, allowing airlines to make more nuyen per trip. The future of the A 1570 is uncertain, but efforts are being made to update the aging plane. Seats 124.

Jet Fighters

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Aztechnology Halcón Ground-Attack Aircraft 4 Controlled Ares Penetrator XV, Fed-Boeing Lightning 4000 fast, maneuverable, armored, advanced electronics
Designed as a "tank killer," the Halcón generally sports twin Vigilant Autocannons and a grab-bag of rockets, unguided, and guided missiles. The use of ground-following radar and autopilot allows the Halcón to fly at a very low altitude at top speeds. The Halcón has been around a few years and has proven itself in conflicts all over the globe.
Bac-Dessault-MBB EFA Variants 4 Controlled ATT Wespe, Lockheed A-3200 fast, maneuverable, reliable, STOL
The Bac-Dessault-MBB EFA is a stock jet fighter for several militaries worldwide. Corporate armies generally have models one generation behind those being used in the military, but certainly not from lack of trying. The EFA is the second-oldest EuroFighter design still being produced.

Rotor Craft


Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Northrup Wasp PRC-42F 2 Controlled Sikorsky-Bell Stinger, Ares GCR-22S lightly armed, lightly armored
This small craft was designed for police and military service. It has grown in popularity in corporate security circles, where smaller corps want to flex some extra muscle. The new 42F version offers an improved engine, upgraded handling, and enhanced armor. Seats one.

Utility Helicopters

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Augusta-Cierva Plutocrat 3 Restricted Sikorsky-Bell Luxura, Rolls-Royce Golden Arrow luxurious, impressive, armored
The Plutocrat is designed to get those with the nuyen where they need to be in a hurry. With leather seats, wood panelling, and soundproofed walls, the Plutocrat can transport up to four people and their luggage in style.
DocWagon SRT Helicopter 3 Controlled Daf Traumma Vaggon-modified IWS Kommando ambulance, agile, heavy lift
The standard response team (SRT) helicopter is DocWagon's standard air ambulance. A common sight for runners or even average city dwellers, the SRT is an agile and steady craft. Many SRT pilots are considered the best urban helicopter pilots in the world.
Hughes WK-2 Stallion 3 Restricted IWS Kommanda, Sikorsky-Bell Clydesdale popular, reliable, maintainable
Hughes allows the WIK-2's demand to speak for itself; it is the most widely produced helicopter in the world. It appears in numerous internal configurations as a transport or craft craft or something in between. Spare parts and maintenance are never a concern, due to the sheer number of Stallions in operation.

Cargo Helicopters

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Ares Dragon 3 Restricted Sikorsky-Bell Behemoth, Fed-Boeing CG-220R heavy lifting, reliable, repairable
The Dragon is a solid, versatile cargo helicopter capable of accepting extra cargo containers. Ares still produces the Dragon, although few are made currently, due to early over-production. Corps with short-range delivery needs generally have a Dragon or three in their hangars.
Hughes Aerospace Airstar 2050 4 Restricted Rolls-Royce Aristo, Fed-Boeing Senator luxurious, heavy lifting, significant cargo space, armored
The Airstar is known as the "corporate shuttle" among megacorporations that spare no expense for their upper management. Between its armored body and luxurious trappings, the Airstar is sure to spoil any lucky enough to need frequent rides.

Attack Helicopters

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Aztechnology Aguilar-EX 4 Controlled Ares Avenger, Sikorsky-Bell Peacekeeper fast, maneuverable, armed, armored
This is the premiere VTOL weapons platform featured by Aztechnology. The Aguilar-EX has received nothing but rave reviews and praise from those that use it for its specialized task of blowing things up. It has enough armor, speed, maneuverability, and ordnance capacity for even the most discriminating buyer.

Tilt-Wing Airplanes

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Ares TR-55 E Class 3 Restricted Hughes TW-3 Pearl luxurious, impressive, fast
The luxurious TR-55 E is an impressive vehicle that executives and high-rollers display like an expensive watch. The base model seats eleven, but Ares accept special orders for customizations that allow various tradeoffs between the number of passengers accommodated and their degree of luxury.
DocWagon CRT Air Unit 3 Restricted Daf Traumma Vaggon AeroMed mobile clinic, maneuverable, reliable
The DocWagon crisis-response-team air unit is capable of touch-and-go extraction for incidents with multiple casualties. DocWagon purchases their air units from Hughes, who continues to produce certain models almost exclusively for DocWagon. The CRT is used when the DocWagon SRT helicopter lacks sufficient range, or if a full mobile clinic is needed and sufficient landing space is available.
DocWagon Osprey II 3 Controlled Fed-Boeing RXT Unit, Daf Traumma Vaggon Blitz mobile clinic, armed, armored
In "heightened circumstances," a regular DocWagon air unit will not suffice. In hot zones and firefights, the DocWagon Osprey II is an appropriate alternative. DocWagon can no longer have these vehicles insured, so DocWagon contracts now have clauses for repairs to an Osprey II if used to retrieve a client.
Fed-Boeing Commuter 3 Restricted Mitsuhama Jumper, IWS Aerobus reliable, common, comfortable
This tilt-wing plane is commonly used as a city-airport shuttlecraft. Extravagant vacation resorts or corps employ Commuters for carting around guests, clients, and VIPs. The Commuter is also a common sight for locales with limited runway space. Seats seventeen.
Sikorsky-Bell Athena 3 Restricted Fed-Boeing Turboriders modifiable, reliable, cargo space
The Sikorsky-Bell Athena allows mid-range cargo transport where runways aren't available, seating two pilots with three additional bench seats.

Tilt-wing aircraft are fixed-wing aircraft that can alter the incidence of their wings and perform vertical take-offs and landings. These craft have traveling ranges comparable to traditional fixed-wing aircraft, yet they can hover and make vertical landings like helicopters.

Vector Thrust Craft


Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Aztechnology Lobo Medium Scout LAV 4 Controlled McDonnell-Douglas Precursor LAV heavily armored, well-armed, advanced electronics, intimidating
This low altitude vehicle functions as a scout, but it's more than capable of taking care of itself. The heavily armored, well-armed craft has taken out or evaded craft well out of its class. The Lobo made its debut in the UCAS, and models were purchased by several corps and paramilitary organizations within a few years.
GMC Banshee 4 Controlled Ares Firebird, McDonnell-Douglas Interceptor high-speed, maneuverable, sensor equipment, reliable
The Banshee is a light thunderbird, designed and used as a reconnaissance and courier vehicle. Despite early fuel injection problems, the line was well-received by the industrial and military industries. The Banshee can outrun everything in the sky short of a tactical fighter.
GMC "Harpy Scout" LAV 4 Controlled Ares DR-270, USS Caravan-Class maneuverable, long-range sensors, advanced electronics, repairable
The Harpy Scout is somewhat misnamed as a "scout." It can certainly fulfill that role but is more often used for security patrol or deployed when unauthorized aircraft enter claimed airspace or "no-fly" zones. The Harpy is particularly popular in South America, where older aircraft tend to be the status quo and the newer Harpy has a sizeable advantage.

Also known as low-altitude vehicles (LAVs) or "t-birds," thunderbirds have no wings and rely entirely on jet propulsion to provide life and thrust. Without adequate power, t-birds become flying (or more precisely falling) bricks. Consequently, thunderbirds generally have short ranges and tremendous fuel requirements. In most militaries, thunderbirds are used for short-range close air support, as well as armor support in terrain not suited to tank maneuvers.

Jump-Jet Fighters

Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Federated-Boeing Eagle 5 - Sikorsky-Bell Rapier military jump jet
Designed to play many roles, the Fed-Boeing Eagle is generally classified as a VTOL mid-range tactical fighter/bomber. The jet has enough speed and precision to tangle with most high-performance fighters, while retaining the carrying capacity for a respectable bomb payload. Currently, the UCAS has the largest number of Eagles in their arsenal.

Jump-jet fighters are similar to standard fixed-wing jet fighters, but have additional vertical vents for vertical landings and takeoffs and hovering

Special Vehicles


Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Airship Industries Skyswimmer 3 Restricted Sikorsky-Bell Mississippi Belle small, unlimited range, VSTOL
Airship Industries' Skyswimmer is a jaunty little dirigible designed for recreational use. The Skyswimmer's ducted-fan engines are powered by solar cells that provide the craft with a virtually unlimited range. The design also features VSTOL capabilities and a unique folding-wingtip design that enable Skyswimmers to land virtually anywhere.
Goodyear Commuter-47 3 Restricted Wuxing Pelican relatively high-speed, relatively maneuverable, comfortable
The Commuter-47 is a small, jet-powered dirigible designed for executive transport or personal use. The Commuter features fully enclosed passenger facilities and a triangular lifting-body shape. The design's glass-enclosed control cabin, located in the nose of the Commuter-47, provides pilots with wide, unobstructed views of the surrounding sky.
Luftschiffbau Zeppelin LA-2051-C 3 Restricted Ares Daedelus economical, reliable, durable
Based on the same general construction principles as the LZ-2049, with a lifting-body airfoil design and an airframe constructed of reinforced carbon-fiber composites, the 2051-C was designed with economy in mind. The 2051-C weighs less, carries more fuel, and can carry more total weight than the 2049. The newer craft also has lower maintenance costs, despite being a larger craft than its predecessor. The control section and passenger-cargo decks are built directly into the wing section.


Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Nordkap-Conestoga Bergen 4 Restricted Amtrak Ameritrain, TGV Bullet articulated road train
The Nordkapp-Conestoga Bergen is a diesel-powered articulated vehicle designed to serve isolated areas that lack rail transportation. A Bergen tractor module can be connected with up to five additional trailer modules to create a modern-day "road train" for hauling freight or the occasional passenger. The Bergen has proved popular in Eastern Europe, various Asian nations, North America's Midwest, and the Australian outback.


Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Aerospatiale/Saeder-Krupp "Grande Concorde" Semiballistic 5 - none semiballistic transport
This joint product of the French aircraft manufacturer and Europe's industrial powerhouse is indicative of Lofwyr's newfound interest in space. The Grande Concorde is used largely in the corporate sector, although pricey commercial tickets are available to those who can afford them.
General Dynamics SV250 Semiballistic 5 - none semiballistic transport
Semiballistic aircraft are a relatively recent development and are certainly new as a commercial flight option. Like most semiballistics, the General Dynamics SV250 looks more like a rocket than a plane and follows a parabolic-arc flight path in order to reach its destination. The SV250 is occasionally augmented with booster rockets and external fuel tanks for the trip into outer space.


Type Cost Availability Similar Models Advantages
Federated Boeing "China Cliipper" Suborbital 5 - none suborbital transport
The China Clipper is a commonly used carrier for trans-Pacific flights between the Far East and North America. While no longer the latest version of the suborbital class, the Clipper is still a mainstay of many fleets.
Ilyushin IL-159 "Moiniya" Suborbital 5 - none suborbital transport
The Moiniya is a new ship, created in a joint effort between Ilyushin and Yamatetsu. The ship is unusual as it caters to the Awakened traveler, with comfortable and secure sleeping berths as well as an on-board physician specifically trained to work with the magically active.