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5 gadget uses per space.

Name Uses Description
All-terrain Bike 3 25 mph base speed, has equivalent of four wheel drive. Use Athletics (Agility) for maneuvers and Athletics (Vigor) for long-distance travel.
Chemical Light 1 casts comfortable viewing light in a 10y radius or cone, -2 Notice light 20y beyond that; lasts for four hours
Crash Pad 1 produces an air-filled bag which reduces the damage taken from a fall for a single person. Requires an action to deploy, Athletics (Agility) with difficulty 4+ based on conditions, so will only be practical for falls longer than the distance fallen in a two-second round: sixty-five feet.
Electromagnetic Unit (E.U.) 1 A multi-sensor communications device, a smartphone bolted to a tricorder. Usable with Tech (Smarts) for reasonable tasks, including extended (10-fold increase) communications ranges, hacking, and gathering information.
Explosive Breach 1 creates a man-sized hole across one hex through up to Knowledge [appropriate] armor
Portable Cover 1 produces a barrier with 2 Armor along three sides of a hex.
Radio Flare 1 a single-use flare (Shooting(Smarts) or Tech(Smarts)) that releases a cloud of micro radio transmitters into the air that will transmit for approximately fifteen minutes. Cheaper ones transmit garbage data on a generic frequency, better ones can be set to one signal from a set of pre-programmed messages (target below, please extract, etc.), military models often include frequency-hopping encryption.
Rocket Relay 2 A single-use rocket capable of storing an encrypted message, launching itself into orbit (a Tech (Smarts) check), connecting to a satellite communications network, sending the message, waiting for a response, and carrying the response down to its point of origin (guided by a radio beacon). Used in the Waste by operatives to exchange very-high-priority messages with their commanding executives.
Supplies 1 A mundane piece of equipment which enables a task.